How To Install and Use Discord on PS5 – Quick Easy Guide

Discord is probably a gamer’s favorite application to utilize for chatting, texting, and staying connected with their fellow gamers. Other than that, it can also be used for everyday purposes and is the easiest way to keep in touch with everyone.

If you have gotten your hands on a PlayStation 5 and you’ve been wondering if it’s possible to run Discord on your new Console to enjoy your gameplays with your friends, this is where you are supposed to be.

So, fasten your seatbelt as we have some good news for you. This ultimate guide will walk you through everything you need to be able to use Discord on your PlayStation 5. So, without having to do anything else, let us get started.

What does the PS5 Offer for Chats?

Although the PS5 lacks any official Discord app, it is still possible to use it through a couple of easy methods. However, PlayStation has been working hard to push its gamers to start using PlayStation Network and PlayStation Party Chat over any other application.

PlayStation has developed PlayStation party chat to keep its users linked and connected with each other in a PlayStation Ecosystem rather than indulging Third Party applications. This application features allowing gamers to voice chat privately with each other using any in-game system for chatting. Check this guide on PS5 Won’t Start Game.

Why Gamers Prefer Discord

Although the PlayStation Party Chat offers excellent features to get you connected with your friends through your gaming journey, Discord is still preferred by most users as it has been in the game for a long time and has established its throne when it comes to chatting.

Discord might as well be one of the biggest communicating apps used by gamers all over the world and has all the necessary requirements and features to make your gaming journey great by linking you with your friends. Discord has become so prevalent that most gamers can’t even think of living without it.

Moreover, Discord is way more valuable and efficient when it comes to various gaming networks for chatting. Check this article If you have an issue with with Discord Stream no Sound.

Is It Possible to Use Discord on PS5?

There is no direct method to use Discord while playing PlayStation 5 as the Console does not support it currently. And on the PlayStation 4, people would use it on the web browser. However, the thing is that the PlayStation 5 does not have a built-in web browser, so you can not get the application installed on your Console.

But, it would be best if you did not worry, as two easy and simple methods will allow you to use Discord on your Console. One approach is as easy as sending a text message, while the other one is also quite simple. So make sure you follow each step carefully to use this fantastic feature.

Methods to Use Discord on PS5 For Chat

The following are the two simple methods that will allow you how to install Discord on PS5. So go on and head in.

Using PS5 Text Message Feature

By utilizing the built-in texting feature, you can easily use Discord through this method. The PlayStation Party application will redirect you to a website if you click on any shared link in your chat. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch the PlayStation Party Application.

Step 2: Once launched, open any friend’s chat and send them the link is your chatbox.

Step 3: Go ahead and click on the link. The Link will take you to the official website of Discord.

Step 4: Instead of downloading Discord, you will be using the web version of it.

Step 5: Now, Sign In to your own account on Discord and get started enjoying your games while staying connected with your friends.

And that’s it, that is how simple it is to use Discord on your PlayStation 5. There is another method available too.

Utilizing a Headset Supporting a USB Connection

For this method, you will need a headset with a proper USB connection and an optical cable, and a MixAmp. You will be creating a cross-platform amongst your PC and PS5. Go through the following steps to use Discord voice chat on your PlayStation 5.

Step 1: Link your PS5 and MixAmp with an optical cable.

Step 2: Now find your way to settings, then Sound and Screen, and there head on to Audio Output Settings.

Step 3: Go ahead and set the Primary output port to digital/optical out.

Step 4: With Discord running in the background, go ahead and plug the USB cable in your PC at one end and PS5 at the other end.

Step 5: Open the Discord application on your PC and in Settings, go to Voice Settings and then to Input Devices to select your MixApm.

Step 6: Now it’s time to connect the MixAmp to the Computer’s Audio jack through a 3.5 mm port.

Step 7: Go to Voice Settings in Discord and switch the output device to the default speakers, and the MixAmp will be selected automatically.

Step 8: Link your headphones to MixAmp and check all connections. After that, go ahead and head into Discord and start your journey.

Using Discord on PS4

There is already a built-in web browser on the PS4, it makes things pretty simple, and you can easily use Discord on it. Check the following steps. We also have detail guide on how to use Discord on PS4:

  1. Launch the PS4 Browser.
  2. Go to, which is the official Discord site.
  3. Log in to your account.
  4. You can now switch amongst the games and browser whenever you have to chat with friends.

And that is how easy it is to use Discord on your PS4.

Discord vs. PlayStation Party Chat

The Following are some of the main differences when comparing Discord and PlayStation Party Chat:

can you install discord on ps5
  • PlayStation Party Chat is used only by PlayStation users, while A range of devices supports Discord.
  • Discord has unique and exciting features that are absent in PlayStation Party Chat.
  • The Users of Discord are a mile high above PlayStation Party Chat users.
  • They are a wide range of things you can do on Discord, such as reacting to unlimited channels, share all sorts of stull, add music bots and do so much more. While in PlayStation, you cannot do anything besides do voice chats and send messages.
  • Your friends might be gamers on other platforms, and voice chat with them can only be supported by Discord as PlayStation Party Chat is only for PlayStation users.

With all these points summed up, you can see why Discord is superior to PlayStation Party Chat and why it is used by millions of users worldwide.

Wrapping it Up

And that’s the end of it, folks. Now you know exactly what to do if you want to use Discord on your PS5. We hope that PlayStation will include a built-in web browser in their new update for the PS5, but until then, you can use the above-mentioned simple procedures to start connecting with friends through Discord.

Make sure you follow each step carefully even though everything is pretty straightforward to get everything done right. Hopefully, this ultimate guide would have addressed your query, and you’re now all set to start using Discord on your PlayStation 5.

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