PS5 Media Remote Not Working (How to Fix)

The PlayStation 5, also known as PS5, is a home video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The launch of PS5 has introduced a new era of gaming consoles. You might be wondering what’s so special about the PS5.

Well, other than being arguably the best gaming console out there, Sony also introduced something different this time. The PS5 can be used as your personal entertainment box. So even if you lack a smart TV, your own television can be converted into one with the PS5 Media Remote.

The PS5 Media Remote is a brilliant gadget that brings single-handed playback controls to your PlayStation 5. This way, with this add-on, you can use your gaming console as your main media streamer. Despite being a successful gadget, users have been complaining about some issues faced while using the remote. If you have been facing issues with your PS5 remote, or you don’t know how to set it up, you are in the right place.

Here, we’ll show you how you can set up your PS5 remote, and we’ll also tackle some common issues faced with this gadget. So, buckle up, and let’s get going.


What Is the PS5 Media Remote?

You might be wondering what significance a media remote has. Well, if you look at the PlayStation 5, it has all sorts of media capabilities. These include all sorts of streaming services and applications. You can also play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and do all sorts of other cool things.

ps5 remote

However, it may become burdensome to use a controller for controlling media as it may become difficult to remember the task of each button.

The Media Remote shows resemblance to the PlayStation 5 but has a smaller and more portable form factor. The remote has a height of 5.7 inches, with the width being 1.6 inches. The remote has a directional pad loaded with pick buttons that allow you to navigate menus.

At the same time, you can also control TV power, volume, and video playbacks. The PlayStation home button is also present on the remote, which loads a bar menu that is the control center for various important tasks.

The bottom of the remote houses four specialized shortcut keys for Spotify, Netflix, Youtube, and Disney+. This makes things super convenient as opening these apps will require only the press of a single button, saving some time for you. Sadly, these buttons cannot be reprogrammed, something Sony should consider in the upcoming models.

Overall, the Media remote is a wonderful gadget. This remote makes it very easy to stream all your favorite content and programs. It is a PS5 remote controller, allowing you the ultimate control over Media on your console. This brilliant add-on can be utilized for loads of stuff and is essential if you plan on using the PS5 as your main media streaming device.

Does PS5 Remote Work On TV?

Yes, the PS5 remote can work on any TV which features HDMI-CEC. HDMI-CEC is a common feature found on most modern televisions. With this, your television can control all the connected devices through HDMI, utilizing your television’s primary remote. This is called HDMI-CEC, but it can be recognized by multiple names based on the manufacturing company.

For example, on LG, it is called Simplink, while on Samsung, it is called Anynet+. On the other hand, Sony callsit Bravia Sync. These are some of the common terms used on different television brands; however, all functions are pretty much the same. By enabling this option from your television’s settings along with the linked devices, you’ll unlock the ability to operate your devices with a single remote at the same time.

PS5 Media Remote – How to Set It Up?

The entire process of configuring and setting up your remote is super easy. To allow the remote you operate, you’ll be required to insert a pair of AA batteries. This way, your remote will become functional. The main menu on your PS5 will have an option to connect the remote. Once you choose it, you’ll only have to press two buttons for a while to finalize the pairing process.

If you’re having trouble with it, we’ll simplify it all for you step by step.

The following are the main steps in setting up a PS5 media remote:

Pairing with PS5

The PS5 Media Remote will not just start working by inserting the batteries. For the remote to function with the console, you’ll have to pair them.

Below are the steps to pair the Media Remote with the PlayStation 5:

  1. Insert both AA batteries inside the Media Remote.
  2. Turn your PS5 on.
  3. Go ahead and link your Dual Sense.
  4. Find your way to settings.
  5. Scroll down and find the accessories option.
  6. Now click on Media Remote.
  7. Once done, press X on the Media Remote and then select next.
  8. Press and hold the PS and Options button on the Media Remote for up to 10 seconds.
  9. Now press X on pair to finish the pairing process.

Now that you have paired your Media Remote with your PlayStation 5, you might also be wondering how to pair it with your television. Scroll down to learn the pairing process.

Pairing with TV

Your PlayStation 5 should be able to automatically recognize your TV. However, if it does not pair automatically, you can follow the simple steps given below.

The following are the steps for pairing the PS5 Media Remote with your TV:

  1. First, navigate your way to accessories.
  2. Next, select the Media Remote option.
  3. Now select your Media Remote in the menu.
  4. Click on next to set it up with your TV.
  5. Select the option which says, Set Up Manually.
  6. You must now search for your TV brand.
  7. Now click on the volume buttons to test if the remote is working or not.
  8. If it’s working fine, select the “it’s working” option to wind up the process.

You might also try different TV brands if your PS5 is having a hard time recognizing your TV.

Fixes for PS5 Media Remote Not Working

Many users have put forward complaints regarding the PS5 Media Remote not functioning properly, claiming it to be broken. However, your remote might not be broken, and the issue may lie in the pairing process you have performed. If you have paired it properly, it should be working perfectly fine.

Even after perfectly following the steps for setting up your remote, if the problem persists, then we have some other fixes for you.

The following are some simple and quick fixes to make your PS5 Media Remote functional:

Battery Check

Even if you’ve got a new pair of batteries, they may be faulty at times. I’ve already experienced something like this in the past with my TV remote control. It was super frustrating to find my remote not working regardless of the new batteries installed. Someone suggested changing the batteries, and it worked perfectly well, to my surprise.

If you consider good quality and standard AA batteries, they’ll have a life of up to 12 hours. This can last you up to 3 or 4 months. However, cheaper AA batteries will have a life of only 12 hours, lasting about 1.5 months or something like that.

Enable Bluetooth on PS5

If your Bluetooth is disabled, that might be the cause of your problems. Follow the steps below to switch on Bluetooth on your PlayStation 5:

  1. First, find your way to the settings.
  2. In settings, go-to accessories.
  3. Now select the Bluetooth option.
  4. Next, go ahead and click turn on Bluetooth.

Now, the PlayStation 5 will restart. Once the console has restarted, pair your Media Remote with it. It should be working perfectly well now.

Even if you have paired your Media Remote with your PS5, it may not be working for your television. On the other hand, your remote might now work for your television. To allow your remote to function properly with your TV, you must turn on the HDMI device link on your PS5 plus the HDMI-CEC on your TV. HDMI-CEC may have different names on different TVs depending on the manufacturers.

Follow the steps below to enable HDMI device link on PlayStation 5:

  1. First, on your PS5, find your way to settings.
  2. In settings, select System.
  3. Once inside System, go to the HDMI menu.
  4. From the HDMI menu, enable HDMI Device Link.
  5. After that, go ahead and enable both one-touch link and Power off-link under the HDMI Device Link option.
  6. Now on your TV, find your way to your TV’s settings.
  7. Search for the HDMI option and menu.
  8. Now go ahead and enable HDMI-CEC on your TV.

Note: HDMI-CEC can be recognized by multiple names based on the manufacturing company. On LG, it is called Simplink, while on Samsung, it is called Anynet+. On the other hand, Sony callsit Bravia Sync.

After going through all the given steps, your PS5 Media Remote should now be functional with your TV. You can now use the remote to power on/off your TV or change your TV’s volume. But, disappointingly, you will not be able to change the channels on your TV.


How do I get my PS5 media remote to work?

To get your PS5 Media Remote to start working, Go to Settings > Accessories > Media Remote > Set Up Media Remote. From here, follow the on-screen instructions. Once pairing is complete, you should be able to use your PS5 Media Remote perfectly well.

How long do batteries last in the PS5 media remote?

If you consider good quality and standard AA batteries, they’ll have a life of up to 12 hours. This can last you up to 3 or 4 months. However, cheaper AA batteries will have a life of only 12 hours, lasting about 1.5 months or something like that.

Does the PS5 media remote turn off?

There are multiple useful buttons on the PS5 Media Remote. These buttons can allow you to switch your TV On and Off and also change the volume.

Wrapping It Up

The PS5 Media Remote is a wonderful gadget that allows users a whole set of brilliant features. The remote makes it super easy to navigate through your console’s settings. This way, you can convert your ordinary television into a smartphone and make Media Streaming on your gaming console a simple task.

This makes it so much easier to watch all sorts of shows and utilize various streaming services. The Media Remote also allows some control over your television, allowing you to turn it on/off and even change the volume buttons. The Media Remote is wonderful and must have an add-on to the PS5 and will make life much easier.

After hearing the complaints of users all around the globe for PS5 Media Remote not working, we took out some time to provide you with some simple fixes. By performing all the steps in the correct manner, you’ll be able to solve any issue in no time. Make sure you pair your Media Remote appropriately, and the batteries are up to date.

Hopefully, after going through this article, you will have found the solution to your problem. We hope this article would have been of help to you.

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