7 Ways to Fix AirPods Not Working with PS5

AirPods can’t readily connect to the PS5, thanks to SONY. To connect AirPods to a PS5, you need a Bluetooth adapter from a third party. To experience AirPods sound in PS5, you can also use a Bluetooth-enabled TV or reroute your connection through your phone.

But folks like us will go above and beyond to improve the fun factor of our game. Therefore, we won’t mind the trouble of AirPods’ PS5 connection.

The AirPods undoubtedly have an excellent sound and can really immerse you in the game. And let’s be honest, buying separate hearing devices for every individual gadget in your house can be pretty expensive.

I am here today to help you get your AirPods up and running with PS5. So, without further ado, let’s begin.


Why isn’t my AirPods working with PS5?

The AirPods and PS5 cannot be directly connected. Therefore, the third-party gadget you are using is probably to blame for the AirPods not working with the PS5 issue.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth wave lacks the strength to pass through solid objects like wooden boards, thick walls, or clothing.

Here are the reasons why your AirPods fail to work with your PS5:

1. Blocked Bluetooth Signal

A third-party Bluetooth connection is one typical way to connect AirPods to a PS5. However, blocking Bluetooth transmissions is simple. You may prevent Bluetooth signals from reaching your AirPods by placing your PS5 beneath your bed, in a box, or covered with a thick fabric.

2. Problem with your TV

Any issue can cause your AirPods audio to be distorted if you connect them via your smart TV. You can experience Bluetooth communication problems with your AirPods while your smart TV is performing multiple tasks simultaneously.

3. Damaged lighting adapter

A 3.5 lightning converter is another way to use AirPods in a PS5. PS5 is compatible with Apple’s 3.5 Lightning Adapter. However, using less expensive knockoffs may prevent your AirPods from receiving audio.

4. Different audio output

You won’t get audio in your AirPods if another device is chosen as the output device. To hear AirPods audio, you must select AirPods as your audio output in the PS5 settings.

5. PS remote play app problem

Your mobile device received Sony’s PS5 menu via the Remote Play software. You can connect your AirPods using that. However, if your program is damaged or has a large cache file, you can experience audio problems with your AirPods.

How to Fix AirPods Not Working with PS5

How To Fix Airpods Not Working With PS5

I will offer the effective fix for AirPods Not Working with PS5 that I have discovered via research and experimentation as a PS5 and AirPods user. To quickly find a solution, read this article.

1. Restart all the devices

First, you must restart all the devices connected to your PS5 when you get an AirPods connectivity issue on that device.

The devices that you need to restart are:

  • Your PS5
  • All the controllers
  • Your TV or monitor used as an output device for PS5
  • Your AirPods
  • Your phone, if you use PS Remote
  • The 3rd party Bluetooth connector

2. Replug the connector

Restart the device, unplug the Bluetooth connector from the USB port, wait a little, and then plug it back in. Do the same as described above if you attach your AirPods using a 3.5 lightning adaptor.

3. Reset your AirPods

Try resetting your AirPods if the earlier solutions don’t work. Your AirPods’ factory settings will be restored if you reset them. Any problems with the software will be resolved by resetting it.

Here’s how you can reset them:

  • Place both your pods back in the charging case. Close and open the lid.
  • Locate the Setup button on the back of the charging case.
  • Press the long button for 30 seconds. The status light will flash.
  • Close the lid.

4. Reinstall PS Remote play

You can utilize the PS5 on your smartphone with PS Play. On the screen of your cell phone, it transmits the PS5 feed. It allows you to play games and change settings as you see suitable. However, faulty cache files or resource-intensive apps can reduce productivity.

Here is how you can reinstall Remote Play:

  • Long press the PS Remote Play app.
  • Then, click on uninstall.
  • Restart your device and go to the play store.
  • Type PS Remote play.
  • Install.

5. Change your lighting adapter.

PS5 is compatible with Apple’s certified Lightning adapter. But it’s expensive for specific individuals. So, they use less costly substitutes. But they might or might not function with your PS5. Therefore, if you experience problems using AirPods in a situation like this, switch to a different lighting adaptor to continue hearing AirPods sounds.

6. Change Audio Output

Here are the steps on how to choose AirPods as an A/O device for PS5:

  • Click on settings on the console’s home screen.
  • Click on sound.
  • Choose Audio Output on the popup menu.
  • Select Output Device on the menu.
  • Choose your Bluetooth device from the output device screen.

7. Change the location of PS5.

Compared to other radio waves, Bluetooth signals are weaker. It won’t be able to go through heavy fabric, wood, or walls.

Your Bluetooth signals may be impeded if your smartphone is stored in a wooden case, under your bed, or elsewhere.

Additionally, sometimes bulky clothing can impede the Bluetooth wave.

Sync AirPods with a Smart TV

You may use a different method to utilize your AirPods with your PS5 if you have a Smart TV and don’t want to purchase a Bluetooth adaptor. Fortunately, you may use your TV instead of your PS5 to connect your AirPods since most Smart TVs allow Bluetooth accessories.

Although the settings on each TV will vary slightly, you should be able to access the Devices or Accessories section from the main Settings menu. When your AirPods are in pairing mode, choose Scan for devices to sync them. You’re ready to go once you change the audio output on your TV to your headphones.

What You Need to Connect AirPods to PS5

Since the PS5 is the newest and finest video game console, it might seem difficult to believe.

Still, when you initially purchased it, it didn’t support Bluetooth audio. Without an attachment, you cannot use any Bluetooth headphones, including AirPods with the PlayStation 5.

Although the PS5 can identify your AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones and does support some Bluetooth devices, the pairing procedure fails at the very end.

You can get around this restriction with a Bluetooth audio adaptor that plugs onto the console. Fortunately, Bluetooth adapters are widely available and reasonably priced.

Adapters can be plugged into your TV’s USB port, the PS5 controller’s headphone jack, or both. Choose the item that catches your attention the most because they all function similarly.

Can You Chat with Other Gamers on PS5 Using AirPods?

There are two significant restrictions when using AirPods and other Bluetooth headphones with the PS5.

First, there is typically some latency between what you hear and what is happening onscreen when using Bluetooth headphones. The way Bluetooth transfers audio to the headphones is the cause of this. The audio delay with AirPods could be intolerable if you expect outstanding performance from your gaming.

Second, even though AirPods contain a microphone (you can use them to answer calls, after all), you can’t use them to communicate with other gamers.

You’ll require either a headset designed for the PS5 or a Bluetooth adapter with a microphone that can be plugged into the PlayStation controller.

Try Apple’s premium AirPods Max headphones if you want to invest in a deluxe set-up. The AirPods Max and PS5 controller can be linked together via a headphone wire.

Just be sure to adjust the audio output and microphone input settings correctly.


In the end, you can experience connectivity problems with AirPods for your third-party device.

In addition, obstructed Bluetooth signals, frayed cords, or broken apps are some critical details about Airpods’ compatibility with the PlayStation 5.

Change your lighting adapter, restart all the devices, or choose Airpods as your audio output to immediately fix this issue.

It’s all done for now. I’m confident that after reading the guide, you can now fix AirPods not working with PS5 on your own.

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