Top 8 Fixes Why Isn’t Discord Letting Me Send Pictures

Discord users have recently claimed that they are having difficulty sharing photos with other users. If you are having the same problem, please keep reading to the conclusion. Because we will aid you in locating some of the greatest solutions to the problem of being unable to send photographs on Discord.

This issue could arise for a number of reasons. First, we’ll go ahead and address those reasons. After that, we’ll proceed toward the definitive fixes.

The solutions are extremely simple, and I promise you’ll have the problem fixed in no time. So, stick with me till the end, and follow the steps carefully. Let’s get started.


Reasons for Discord’s Not Uploading Images

Do you get the notice “Upload Failed” every time you try to share a picture via Discord, or do your photographs, videos, or anything fail to upload?

You may have noticed that, despite your best attempts to re-upload the file, you are still met with an extremely bright red message that appears to mock you. This is the enigmatic “Upload Failed” error message that so many Discord users see while attempting to upload anything:

In some circumstances, the image or media may not upload at all, or it may become stuck while being posted to Discord. The worst-case scenario is that it never sends.

So, you might be wondering, why can’t I send pictures on Discord? There are several reasons why you may be experiencing this issue.

Your internet connection may be unsteady, the file size may be too huge, the user to whom you are trying to send the picture may have activated certain privacy settings, and Discord itself may be having technical difficulties. These are the four most common causes for photos not being received on Discord.

So, stay reading because I’ll go over each of these issues in further detail and show you how to repair them.

How to Fix Discord Not Uploading Images

There have been several complaints from Discord members regarding their photographs not uploading properly. They claim that under no circumstances are their photos posted. They may run out of time or may be unable to load correctly, resulting in a blank screen.

Most gamers are frustrated by their inability to communicate with each other concerning memes.

If you are coping with a situation similar to this one and want to discover a solution, we have some good news for you. We will guide you through the procedures required to remedy the issue where photos are unable to upload to Discord throughout this post.

If you are unable to upload photographs from your Discord client, you must first try restarting the application. If the problem persists, you may try alternate options such as validating Discord’s servers, inspecting the internet connection, downsizing the image, requesting that other users change their privacy settings, and, as a last resort, reinstalling and upgrading Discord.

There are other things to consider, such as using the internet version of Discord instead of the mobile app, and if everything else fails, you can contact customer service.

If you’re having trouble sharing photographs on Discord, we’ll go through each of these approaches in further detail below, along with some extra choices that may be useful.

Now that everything is in place, let’s get started.

Restart Discord

Even without considering the complexity of computer and smartphone operating systems (OS), it is evident that they are extremely tough to use. 

Because there are so many areas where anything might go wrong, the operating system has a probability of loading the erroneous byte of data into the computer’s random-access memory (RAM), resulting in errors being created across the system. That is most likely the reason your photographs and files aren’t uploading to the Discord server.

Fortunately, there is a quick and simple remedy available in just a few clicks. When you reboot the device, the RAM is cleaned, and the system starts over, free of any errors that the preceding action may have produced. In fact, restarting your computer is something even the Discord creators recommend.

Some sections of software or applications may not load correctly when you first start using them. This regulation does not apply to the Discord server. Furthermore, if Discord is not launched successfully, you may encounter bugs and issues when using the software.

If you’re using Discord and experiencing problems, the first thing you should do is restart the app or, if you’re using the website, reload the page. This will just take a few seconds, but it is critical that this be completed before proceeding to the next phases. If restarting Discord does not resolve the issue, proceed to the next step.

Inspect The Servers

There is a chance, although a remote one, that the Discord servers may fall down at some point. If the servers are down or if you’re having problems with Discord in general, this might be the source of your problems. It might possibly be something else entirely.

It’s conceivable that the problem is on Discord’s end, namely with their servers, instead of on your end. Backend issues on Discord can arise for a variety of causes, including routine server maintenance, malicious attacks, or unexpected outages.

Users may encounter issues when using Discord, the most prevalent of which is the difficulty of uploading files or photos owing to a lack of a complete and functional server functioning.

Go to to see whether the Discord servers are offline. You might also follow Discord on Twitter since they normally tweet out if there are big server troubles.

If the servers are working properly, go to the next step.

Compress the File Size

You should be aware that posting large files to Discord is extremely prohibited and should be prevented if at all feasible. You should try to share a photo that is less than 1 megabyte in size. While reading this, you might be thinking, “But what if the file is too large?”

In this case, though, all you will need to do is compress the image. There are probably hundreds of websites on the internet that can help you effectively reduce the size of the file to less than half its original size. You are free to use whatever choice you like.

Examine Your Internet Connection

Your internet connection’s strength might be the cause of why your photographs are not uploading properly. To begin, you should do a speed test to assess the quality of your internet connection. If you’re not getting enough bandwidth or are experiencing latency issues, this might be the cause. You will need to contact your Internet service provider and advise them of your connection.

Even though there are other websites accessible to verify the quality of your Internet connection, we recommend doing the speed test provided by Ookla. You may verify the speed by visiting

After you’ve presented your findings, determine whether the speeds and latency are acceptable. To fully utilize Discord’s services, you need to have a latency of less than 25 milliseconds and download and upload speeds of at least ten megabits per second.

Even if you are confident that nothing is wrong with your internet connection, you should consider using a virtual private network (VPN) or any comparable service. Make sure you’re using a reliable VPN.

Give Discord’s Web Version a Try

Users may be unable to send photographs at times due to technical issues with the Discord app or the Discord web client. When this occurs, users will be unable to transmit photos using Discord.

If you are unable to submit photographs when using the Discord program, you should try using the Discord web client instead. If you are using the desktop version of Discord and are unable to share photographs, you can send the image through the software platform instead.

If you have followed all of the steps listed above and Discord is still not working correctly, it is probable that you should contact the Discord support staff for assistance.

Ask Users to Adjust Privacy Settings

Certain servers and users do not permit the transmission of pornographic photos. In reality, Discord will examine these photographs and reject them if they violate Discord’s community standards. Users and servers can, however, change these settings so that Discord does not scan any photos.

For example, if you tried to send such a picture to a user, they would have to go through their privacy settings and select which messages they want Discord to examine and which should be ignored.

If you wish to change the settings of a server, someone with server access must go into the moderation settings and change what types of messages may be exchanged on the server.

This is a typical reason why users are unable to share photographs with one another. However, go to the following step if the privacy settings have been updated and the Discord images still do not display.

Update Discord

The final option is to update Discord. When problems and faults seep into a platform, corporations create updates to address some of these issues.

If you’re experiencing trouble submitting photos, check sure you’re using the most recent version of Discord.

Contact Discord Support

It’s possible that the answer is really beyond your control, in which case you’ll need Discord’s assistance in resolving the issue. If nothing seems to be working, you should contact the Discord support staff to see if they can help you in any way.

Some Final Words

I realize how inconvenient it is to be unable to send photos on Discord. So, after some investigation, we devised various solutions and gathered them in this guide.

Hopefully, this article has assisted you in resolving your issue with sending images on Discord. You should now be able to freely share photographs and files with the individuals you desire.

Thank you for reading. We wish you all the best.

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