4 Ways to Fix Discord Widget Not Loading

Imagine you’ve gained a great audience, and you have put up a widget on your website to make your webpage more interesting. However, every time you reload the page, the Widget just won’t stop loading. You just lay back and give it some time to load, but frustratingly, the Discord Widget is still not loading.

I know how you feel because I went through the same situation a couple of months ago. It was challenging to get to the bottom of what was causing it, but I was able to find a solution in the end.

Widgets are a fantastic new addition to Discord, as they make using the application so much easier. Adding certain widgets to your webpage can be used by users to gain information about your server. This way, you can use this feature to your benefit and recruit new members for your server. Although very beneficial, the only problem that pops up is when these widgets don’t work as usual.

After going through this guide, you will have found the ultimate solution to your problem. The solution is extremely simple, and I promise you you’ll be enjoying your widgets in no time. So, sit back, buckle up, and get ready for the ride.


What Is Discord Server Widget?

The Discord Server widget is basically a plug-and-play widget. These widgets allow you to build a bridge between your Discord server and the web visitor. You can also check the traffic on Discord or a game without even having to log in to Discord or the game. Discord Server Widgets also allow your viewers to know certain information. Widgets are very beneficial for your webpage and can help you gain an audience.

Reasons For Discord Widgets Not Loading

There could be many reasons why Discord Widgets are failing to load. The main reason why this might be happening is the widgets don’t perfectly set up on your webpage, or maybe you haven’t enabled the server Widget. Another reason for the problem could be failing to adjust the height of the Widget. At times, the browser can also be held responsible. Let’s move on to discussing the reasons in detail. Once we understand the root of the problem, the solution will be at our fingertips.

Browser Problem

At times, the web browser might get infected with bugs and errors due to surfing over a thousand of websites. These bugs and errors may alter the normal functioning of your browser and maybe the reason why your Discord Server Widgets won’t load.

Haven’t Enabled Server Widget Yet

At times, forgetting to enable the server Widget may be the reason why you’re facing such issues. Let’s say you’re trying to set up a registered server on your website without enabling the server widget. Even though it may not make any sense to some users, this could be the reason why your Discord Widgets are failing to load.

Widget Height Not Adjusted Appropriately

Not adjusting your widget height properly could also be a reason for the Discord Server Widget not loading. If you have enabled the server widget, and you also got rid of browser issues, but you’re still facing problems with your Discord Widget, then it is likely you have not adjusted the height of the Widget appropriately. This can be why your Widget keeps loading forever.

How To Fix Discord Widget Not Loading?

Now that we have thoroughly explained all the reasons that could cause the Discord Widget loading problem, we must now work on the solution. To fix Discord widgets not loading once and for all, you must go through the solutions thoroughly, and you’ll have it fixed in no time.

The following are the different methods you can apply to try and fix the Discord Widget not loading problem:

1. Enable Server Widget

When I faced the problem sometime back, I did a lot of research. In the end, I came to know I was facing the problem because I had not enabled the server Widget. After having the server widgets enabled, everything was back to normal. Therefore, before you try any other fix, you must ensure you have enabled server Widgets.

Note: In order to enable Discord Server Widget, you must make sure you possess your own server and a website.

The following is the procedure for how you can enable the server Widget:

  1. First of all, launch Discord.
  2. Right-click on your server and then navigate to Server Settings.
  3. In server settings, find your way to Overview. Go ahead and click on it.
  4. On the left panel, you’ll see the Widget option. You must select it.
  5. Turn on the Enable Server Widget option. It should be present in the top right corner of your display.
  6. Next, copy the specific ID from SERVER ID.
  7. Next, you must visit your website and perform the remaining task of embedding the link into your own website.

Hopefully, this solution would have gotten rid of your problem permanently. If not, do not worry, as we have more fixes left in the bag. Please proceed to the next one.

2. Try A Different Browser

As we have already mentioned, the reason why the Discord widget isn’t loading could be a corrupt or damaged browser. Specific bugs and errors may not let the Widget function properly. Therefore, you can try using an alternative browser to see if that fixes the issue. If the browser is responsible for the problem, switching to a new one will permanently fix the issue.

3. Adjust the Widget Height

At times, if you face the issue of Discord Widget not loading, you must check the height of the Widget. This could be an essential factor in causing the problem you’re experiencing. If the height of the Widget has been set too low or too high, the website will have a hard time loading it appropriately. This may be the reason why you are facing endless loading with your Discord Widget.

You must adjust the Widget height to something appropriate to fix this issue. Keep changing your Widget height to see which one functions perfectly.

4. Try Contacting Discord

If all the solutions mentioned in this article have failed to work for you, then the underlying issue could be something more complex. In such a case, we suggest you try contacting the Discord team and let them know about the problem you are facing. Hopefully, they will be able to come up with a solution that will resolve your Discord Widget problem for good.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do I enable Discord widgets?

To enable Discord Widget, follow the procedure. Launch discord and right-click on your own server. Now navigate to Server Settings. In server settings, go to Overview and select Widget. Switch the toggle on the Enable Server Widget to On. This way, you have just enabled Discord Server Widgets.

Does Discord have a widget?

Yes! Discord indeed does have widgets. You’ll be able to get the Widget from the Widget tab found inside Server settings. Here, you can enable widgets, alter invite settings, and even copy the HTML to have it embedded onto your website.

How do I change the Widget in Discord?

The Widget cannot be customized yet. However, Discord has kept this task on its radar. If you possess Javascript, HTML, or CSS knowledge, you may be able to create your own custom widget. This could be a brilliant way to make widgets of your own liking.

Is there a Discord widget for Android?

As far as my knowledge goes, I don’t think Discord has enrolled a Widget for Android at the moment.


Discord is a brilliant online platform built for communication. You can enjoy gaming sessions with your friends and family or maybe chat for no reason at all. The Discord Widget is a massive addition to a server and a website. This can benefit a user a lot and can also help gather members for your server.

The widgets can be used to display certain information about your server to other users. However, at times, users might face specific issues which lead to continuous and endless loading of the Widget. This is super frustrating when you have no clue about why it’s happening.

In this article, we discussed the reasons why you might be facing this issue. After addressing the causes, we proceeded to provide you with the ultimate fixes you can try out. The fixes include enabling the server widget, changing your web browser, and adjusting the Widget height. Try applying each and every fix to see which one works for you best.

These fixes will definitely help you get rid of the problem. But if the problem still persists, you can always contact Discords customer support to see if they can help you out in any way. We wish you all the best, and we hope this article will have helped you solve your problem.

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