How To Allow Discord Through Firewall 2024 Guide

Have you been facing issues while connecting to Discord? We have received complaints from users saying their Discord is unable to connect to the Internet. This results in Discord being stuck on the connecting screen. This can get extremely frustrating if you have no clue as to what is causing it, regardless of everything being normal.

I myself have been a Discord user for quite some time not. Recently, after updating Discord, I faced issues of the same type that were preventing me from connecting to Discord. After experimenting a little, I found out that it was the Windows Firewall that wasn’t allowing me to enter. Once I dealt with the Firewall, I was back to rocking Discord like before. I promise you; that the process is super easy, and you’ll gain back access in no time.

The Windows firewall is a security service that monitors networks and controls network traffic. It may block a set of data to safeguard your internal network from viruses and hackers. Sometimes, a Firewall may block an application for no reason. You’ll have to perform some manual steps to be able to use that application again.


Why do You Need to Allow Discord Through Firewall?

After Discord received a new update, many users, including myself, started facing issues with Discord. Users weren’t able to get past the connecting screen. This only happens when Discord cannot connect to the Internet.

The new update might contain some settings that may force it to be considered malicious by the Windows Firewall. When the Firewall protection is triggered, it will cut off the network connection from your application. This Is what causes Discord to be stuck on the connecting page. However, you can easily get rid of this issue by allowing Discord to override the Firewall protection. This will allow Discord to start functioning normally, and the servers for communication will be up in no time.

How to Allow Discord Through Firewall

To use every function of Discord to the fullest, you’ll need a steady internet connection all the time. At times, the Windows Firewall may shut off the internet connection from some apps, considering them harmful or malicious. To bring things back to work, you’ll have to bypass a few Firewall rules. This will allow Discord to function properly again and limit the restrictions set by Firewall.

Go through the following steps to allow Discord through the Firewall:

  1. First of all, you must launch the Start Menu. You can do this by clicking on the Windows Key on your keyboard.
  2. Next, search for the Windows Defender Firewall. Once you find it, launch the application.
  3. On the left side of the window, you’ll see Inbound Rules or Outbound Rules.
  4. Search for the option New Rule on the right and click on it.
  5. You must now select Program from the list. Then hit Next.
  6. Under This program path, go ahead and click on Browse.
  7. You must now navigate to the location of the folder where you have installed Discord.
  8. Find the Update.exe file. Now select and open it. Generally, for most users, the installation path will be C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\Discord.
  9. Go ahead and click on next.
  10. You’ll now see three options, one of them being Allow the Connection. Select this option and click the Next button.
  11. You must now check all the boxes reading Domain, Private, and Public. Once done, click on Next.
  12. Under Name, go ahead and type Discord. You can leave the Description empty. Once done, hit Finish to complete it.
  13. Next, go ahead and open the Windows Security from the toolbar.
  14. Find your way to Firewall & Network protection. Here, you must find the option Allow an app through Firewall.
  15. You must now search for and make sure that Discord has been selected. Both the Private and Public boxes must be checked. Select Change Settings and check these boxes immediately if these options aren’t checked. Now click on OK.

And that is it. That’s how you do it. Now your Discord application is ready to go, and you can get back to enjoying chats with friends and family. Remember to restart your computer after changing all these settings. This will remove any chance of malfunction, and Discord will start working normally, just like before. You have successfully bypassed the Firewall to allow Discord to function flawlessly using the Internet.

Remember that if you are using an additional third-party antivirus, you must also allow Discord through the Firewall of that antivirus. The process should be very simple. You can navigate to the help and support option of your antivirus if you cannot find the Firewall. Hopefully, this will get you there.


Why I cannot connect to Discord?

Issues with Discord may arise due to problems with the Internet/router. Moreover, your DNS or Firewall settings may also create problems while connecting to Discord. To solve such an issue, you’ll have to allow Discord through your Firewall.

Why isn’t Discord opening on my laptop?

Discord may not be opening on your laptop for multiple reasons. It is possible there might be a game running in the background, not allowing Discord to function properly. A corrupt or missing file can also be held responsible for this.

Moreover, Discord may be blocked by any other program running on your laptop. Windows related issues can also stop certain apps from launching due to bugs and errors.

Wrapping It Up

Discord is used as a means of enjoying a gaming experience together by gamers all across the globe. Every application could face issues, but you can easily get rid of them most of the time.

In this guide, we showed you the role of a Firewall in providing you with network security. After going through all the steps, your Discord application should normally be functioning again. Remember to restart your computer first to get the best results. We wish you all the best, and we hope this article would have helped you.

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