How To Use Keyboard and Mouse on A PlayStation 5

Did you know you can use a keyboard and mouse with the PS5? Indeed, it is! Although you might be puzzled as to why you would want to use two external peripherals over the conventional DualSense controller, there are benefits to doing so.

The PlayStation 5 can detect all of the popular keyboard and mouse brands that are currently on the market. You may work more effectively by using Bluetooth to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to your computer.

If your keyboard and mouse are both wired, you might be able to use both simultaneously by connecting them to the PS5 USB port on your computer.

In this article, we will provide you with all the details along with the advantages and disadvantages of using a mouse and keyboard on the PlayStation 5. So, stick with me till the end to learn how you can use a mouse and keyboard to play games on your console. Let’s get started.


Can You Use a Mouse and Keyboard on a PS5?

A first-person shooter (FPS) game may be difficult for certain PC gamers to play with a controller, despite the fact that the majority of PC games are made to be played with a controller.

The great majority of first-person shooters on consoles accept mouse and keyboard input, so you can rapidly skip the learning curve and get back to the fundamentals even if you can become used to playing first-person shooters on consoles with a controller.

First-person shooters will be easier to play for gamers who have spent decades gaming with a mouse and keyboard since the fact that you are playing games on your console will give the impression that you are back on your PC.

In the PS5 warzone, it is now possible to utilize a keyboard and mouse, which is a major improvement. You may immediately begin playing games on the PlayStation 5 by swiftly connecting it to a well-known keyboard and mouse from a well-known manufacturer. This is a common query from new console players who are just getting started in the gaming industry.

For instance, if you have lived your whole life using a computer keyboard and mouse, it will be obvious. It took me a little bit to get used to gamepads when I first started using one, in part because they are much harder to come by than a keyboard and mouse.

Everyone has the ability to type on a keyboard, even if they are not focused on the work at hand. The WASD keys and the Space button are also only used out of muscle memory when playing video games.

Depending on their level of expertise, competitive players can press every one of them in a matter of seconds, if not less. We can now clearly see why PC gamers are so passionate about avoiding using gamepads in the first place. I don’t get the idea of using a stick to form a target. Even though shooter games are usually fun, playing them in a competitive setting may make them downright scary.

It should be mentioned that there is a lot of disagreement over this issue as well. Players on PC have claimed that a cross-play platform for competitive gaming should not be made available to them because they are amassing all of the kills with relative ease in the name of aiding consoles.

Many gamers who use gamepads often struggle to aim without an aiming aid, which is reasonable considering how challenging it is to place your thumb and shoot with a gamepad in this situation. Having the focus to stay on the goal while using the thumbstick. Every time you fire anything in my direction, it appears as though the world is whirling around me.

To assist the player in aiming and capturing targets in console games is one of the most crucial reasons Aim Aid is included. The fact is that you can easily point your gun in the desired direction by utilizing the aim assist feature on your controller.

On the other side, when you use Aim help in conjunction with another feature, you won’t be able to complete an immediate kill or land a headshot. To be able to focus exclusively on your body and nothing else throughout the workout, you will want the aim help. Aim aid is not seen as cheating or online bullying, despite the fact that it occasionally gives console gamers an advantage.

Keyboard and Mouse Compatibility with PS5

Fortunately, you can use any common keyboard and mouse, either wirelessly through Bluetooth or tethered via USB. The following are some of the top PS4 and PS5 keyboards that we suggest:

Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard

You need go no further than this wired alternative if you’re serious about your PS5 gaming and want a keyboard to benefit from PS5 titles that are keyboard compatible on PS5. There are programmable keys, two USB connections for connecting a mouse and a headset, and an LCD display screen for gaming statistics (only for supported titles).

Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810

The wireless keyboard from Logitech works with Windows, iOS, and Android devices in addition to PS4 and PS5. You can move around with it effortlessly, and it works well for conversation and navigation.

The smooth, rounded edges of the keys and the quiet keystrokes make typing incredibly comfortable. It is ideal for gaming in low light because the backlighting is also adjustable.

HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro (HAC)

This is the official PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 first-person shooter keyboard. The design is distinctive from a conventional keyboard and is specifically intended for PS5 and PS4 gamers.

You may remap the keys on this little keyboard to incorporate functions for the share button or touchpad in addition to the analog sticks and buttons of the DualShock 4.

List of Compatible Games with Keyboard and Mouse on PS5

There are many games available now that work with both the keyboard and the mouse. There are now 15 PlayStation 5 titles that support keyboard and mouse play in addition to the controller. The development of additional games that support both the keyboard and mouse interfaces is anticipated.

If you’re excited about playing FIFA on the PlayStation 5 using a keyboard and mouse, you might be let down to hear that you can’t do so. A substantially larger percentage of players prefer keyboard and mouse interaction with the game than any other type of player interaction.

I’m still baffled as to why EA hasn’t been able to support Apex Legends and offer keyboard and mouse compatibility for the PlayStation 4.

The following games may be played on a PS5 using a keyboard and mouse:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • DayZ
  • Planet Coaster
  • They Are Billions
  • War Thunder
  • Warframe
  • Fortnite
  • Neverwinter
  • Overwatch
  • Paragon
  • DC Universe Online
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • Final Fantasy XIV

You can play all of these titles with your PlayStation 5 gaming system in conjunction with a keyboard and mouse. There will be less motivation to play multiplayer mode if you perform poorly, which is a good thing. We are trying to downplay the problem.

Hopefully, from now on, you’ll be able to navigate with a mouse rather than a thumbstick.

How to Use Keyboard and Mouse on PS5

For the simple reason that PlayStation 5 is compatible with practically every keyboard and mouse on the market, you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues if you use a reliable keyboard and mouse combination.

However, not every game you play will allow you to utilize your keyboard and mouse. On the PlayStation 5, the great majority of shooters can be played using just a keyboard and mouse.

The only other step is to connect your mouse and keyboard to your computer, assuming that the game you’re going to play will support them. It is not surprising that Sony has consistently outperformed Microsoft in terms of innovation when it comes to mouse and keyboard compatibility.

It’s possible that your PlayStation 5 won’t immediately recognize your mouse and keyboard, so you might have to wait a little bit longer than you anticipate. You have two options: restart your system, or unplug and reconnect your gadgets.

Connect Via USB Port

If you’re using a wired mouse and keyboard, there won’t be any issues connecting to the computer. The situation is more plug-and-play in nature. There are several ways to connect a mouse and keyboard to a PlayStation 5 through the USB port:

  1. Start by turning on your PlayStation 5.
  2. You may use the USB connector on the back of the keyboard to connect your keyboard to your computer.
  3. You should connect your computer’s USB A port and your mouse’s USB A port.

Now to check if your keyboard and mouse are working properly, try playing any PS5 games that call for the use of a keyboard and mouse.

Connect via Bluetooth.

Instead of having a cable connection, Bluetooth lets you wirelessly connect your wireless keyboard and mouse to your PlayStation 5. To use Bluetooth to connect your keyboard and mouse to your PlayStation 5, follow these instructions:

  1. Use the ESC key to access the settings menu.
  2. Visit the website’s devices section.
  3. The following is a list of Bluetooth devices that you might want to use.
  4. Put your computer’s pairing mode on your mouse and keyboard to start using them together.
  5. You must connect your keyboard and mouse to your computer before using PS5.

In this case, a Dual Sense controller connected to your PlayStation 5 will do. We advise using a cable connection rather than a wireless connection when gaming on the PS5. This is a smart move because there will be a delay while connecting over Bluetooth.

Is it Possible to Use a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard on a PS5?

In terms of functionality, wireless mouse and keyboards aren’t all that different from their tethered counterparts. They come with USB transmitters that handle all data transfer, and your console will handle them the same way it handles your wired peripherals.

The majority of wireless keyboards and mice that use the same transmitter will work with your PS5, but those that do not will occasionally catch you off guard.

The quality of the transmitter will have the biggest impact on your whole experience because it often shares a mix of wireless mouse and keyboard devices. While a gaming-ready, certified wireless mouse and keyboard will work without a hitch, over-the-counter equipment might not perform up to your standards.

If things don’t work out the way you planned, you may still return them. No matter if your preferred mouse and keyboard are wired or wireless in the setup, the process will be the same.

To use your wireless gaming equipment with your console, you must do the following steps:

  1. Start up your PlayStation 5 system.
  2. Your PC and the wireless keyboard and mouse transmitters must be connected.
  3. Give your console a few seconds to identify the connected devices before using them.
  4. If you wish to make any other changes to your settings, go to the Settings menu.
  5. You may find devices by swiping down and clicking on them.
  6. Make your mouse and keyboard settings specific to your requirements.

Disadvantages of Using a Mouse and Keyboard on PS5

You won’t be able to play against people who utilize controllers even though the majority of games accept gaming mice and keyboards as input devices. While you’ll be able to speak, navigate, and utilize your console more quickly, the cross-play function in your game is more likely to pit you against PC players.

You’ll be removed from the console matchmaking pool if you plug in your mouse and keyboard because nearly all shooter games can detect the type of input device you’re using.

A significant portion of PC users will have better frame rates than you, especially if you’re competing in games, even though it’s difficult to call this a disadvantage given the PS5’s capacity to play any game at smooth frame rates. Most gamers build their PCs to support frame rates higher than 120 in order to use high-refresh-rate displays.

Despite the little difference, in-game events will seem faster on a screen with a refresh rate of more than 120 Hz than they would on a screen with a 60 Hz refresh rate. Even though the distinction is negligible and might not even be noticeable, it is important to consider if you wish to use the graded ladders.

We strongly advise you to research how your favorite game handles cross-play and how it compares to mouse-and-keyboard and PC players because this could not be the case for the game you wish to play.

Are Keybinds Going to Reset After Switching Back to PS5 Controller?

Sony does a great job of keeping track of your preferences for in-game settings. Both Sony and the game you’re playing will store your key bindings either in the cloud or to user data on your console, ensuring that you always have access to them.

Your mouse and keyboard keybinds could vanish when you reconnect your controller, but they will resurface the next time you need them.

The same is true for your controller’s keybindings. Your personalized controller settings will be restored to their default state when you unplug your keyboard and mouse.

Can You Use a Mouse and Keyboard to Play Unsupported Games on PS5?

Others may decide to skip this step if it is not required, despite the fact that some game designers will go to considerable pains to make their game mouse and keyboard compatible. Although you can’t use your mouse or keyboard to play a game that requires controllers, there is a solution.

The mouse and keyboard adapters can allow you to play unsupported games using your chosen input method, despite their notoriety in the console community for enabling mouse-and-keyboard players to participate in lobby games that need only controllers.

If you’re a keyboard-and-mouse player in a controller lobby, having them offers you an unfair advantage, but you can also use their strength for good.

Due to their ability to convert mouse and keyboard motions and activities into controller inputs, these devices can circumvent input detection systems. As a result, your console will continue to believe that you are using a controller.

You may customize the layout of the settings for your favorite game with these adapters, which are included with their Windows or mobile program. Members made the great majority of pre-adjusted keybindings of the community.

These volunteers put in a lot of work to make sure that the gameplay feels just like it does on PC. Although Sony does not formally endorse this technique, anyone wishing to convert their PlayStation into a portable PC replacement might certainly consider it. Given the hardware capabilities of consoles, they’ll almost definitely rise to the situation and attempt to convince you to give up your gaming PC.

PS5 Adapters for Keyboard and Mouse

There are several PS5 adapters available that connect wirelessly to your console and let you configure your preferences and program your keyboard. As a result, you can play PS4 games just like a PC gamer. The following PS5 adapters are suggested:

  • Xim 4 adapter

You can use a keyboard and mouse to play any PS4 game on a PS5 using these techniques.

It’s vital to keep in mind that PS5 and PS4 games are specially made to be played with DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers, respectively. Thus it will be challenging to perfectly imitate a PC player’s keyboard and mouse experience.


With this segment of the text, it is time we conclude our in-depth article about using a keyboard and mouse for playing games on the PS5. We have covered a lot of ground in this article, and we’ve explained every aspect of using these peripherals for PS5 gaming.

Hopefully, after going through this article, all your queries will have been answered. We wish you all the best.

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