6 Ways to Fix MSI Mystic Light Not Working

When you are unable to adjust or regulate RGG lights using MSI Mystic Light, an error will occur, and MSI Mystic Light will stop working. Why does this problem occur? How do I fix the MSI Mystic Light not working problem? You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for answers to these questions.

All MSI laptop and desktop customers use Dragon Center, an all-in-one gaming and hardware monitoring program that was created by MSI. Additionally, those who own custom-built PCs with MSI motherboards utilize it. The software lets you take full control of your hardware.

The program does have a few issues. However, most users find them annoying. It’s a good thing you found this site because with the steps I’ve provided, you can solve the issue right now. I’ve been in the same situation myself, and after digging into it, I was able to find ways to get rid of this problem. So stick with me till the end, and we’ll have your issue resolved in no time.


How Does Mystic Light Function?

MSI Mystic Light Program is a useful software that MSI has officially published for your PC’s RGB lighting. This app allows you to alter and control all of your RGB lights. The Mystic Light Program includes an easy-to-use interface for controlling your PC’s RGB lights. The software allows you to instantly modify or pick the colors for your gear.

Game synchronization allows you to sync the color of your game with your hardware. You may sync your in-game colors with your PC to provide a high-quality gaming experience. The MSI Mystic light extension is one of the software’s features. It allows you to customize the lighting of your computer’s LED strips and other components.

The Mystic program is an amazing tool for customizing your RGB lighting and having the best lighting for your PC.

Potential problems with the MSI Mystic Light software

There are several causes of your problem. Typically, the program does not function effectively due to one or two difficulties that obstruct the software processes. As a result, the software displays various issues and detection failures when operating.

Here are some of the issues you may encounter when operating the software:

Mystic Light Won’t Launch

When you click on your software, it may not always open. This issue arises because the dragon center is corrupted. The software will not open if your dragon center is corrupted or out of date.

Check to see if you have the most recent version of the Dragon Center and if it has the necessary files. The program will then open correctly. Other issues may arise, such as not having the right version of the software or having corrupted data.

Download MSI Afterburner if you want the most popular GPU overclocking, tuning, hardware monitoring, and customizable utility program.

MSI Mystic Light Unable to Detect RAM

The software may occasionally fail to recognize your computer’s RAM. This problem is seen while changing or customizing the lighting. It might occur as a result of damaged data or device management issues.

Check to see whether your software has any corrupted files. You should also double-check your hardware to ensure that everything is in place. BIOS settings and other difficulties are frequently to blame for your RAM not being identified.

MSI Mystic Light Unable to Detect Fans

Your program may occasionally fail to identify your computer’s fans. It might be caused by device problems or hardware management difficulties. Connect one of your ARGB devices to the JRAINBOW header and try controlling it in Dragon Center.

Go to Mystic Light > Motherboards Models > drop-down menu and choose JRAINBOW1 > select a lighting effect and apply. One fan or two fans stacked works. However, it still does not appear detected on top, but adjusting JRAINBOW1 does.

MSI Mystic Light Unable to Detect GPU

The program may occasionally fail to recognize the GPU after startup. This is a rather typical problem. It is frequently due to a configuration that prevents the app from detecting your GPU.

The GPU cannot be recognized due to corrupt data and BIOS settings. To rapidly solve this problem, go to the settings and disable the ground. Updating the device driver should also help you resolve the problem.

MSI Mystic Light Unable to Change Colors

Because of a glitch in the system, the software may make errors while adjusting the lights. This problem might occur as a result of faulty BIOS settings. You can help yourself by enabling or deactivating the scenarios.

You can surely solve the error if you deactivate or enable the BIOS options that are causing the problem. If this does not solve your problem, you may need to hunt for additional solutions inside the software or on your computer.

Fixes for MSI Mystic Light Not Working Problems

If your MSI Dragon Center has stopped working or has been stuck displaying messages like “waiting for SDK launch,” this is the last time it will do so.

The following are the ways to resolve MSI Mystic Light not working:

Update Dragon Center to the latest version

The Dragon Center and MSI Mystic Light programs are routinely updated to provide new features and repair any detected issues. If you are using an older version of the program, your MSI Mystic Light or Dragon Center may not function properly.

In this case, installing the most recent version of the MSI Mystic Light and Dragon Center software may be sufficient to resolve the issue.

This is how you can accomplish it:

  1. Launch the MSI Dragon Center and head to the Live Updates area to see what’s new.
  2. After you’ve performed the preceding steps, click the Scan button to check if there are any latest updates for the Dragon Center and Mystic Light.
  3. If this is the case, choose the updates and then click the Install button to initiate the installation process. MSI Dragon Center and Mystic Light have been updated to the most recent versions in that scenario.
  4. If Mystic Light is still not operating properly after upgrading Dragon Center, reboot your computer and double-check.

Disable and Enable RGB Lights Using System BIOS

A momentary fault in the system components or RGB lights might also be to blame for the Mystic Light malfunctioning. This suggests that disabling and reactivating the RGB lights via the machine’s BIOS may be enough to eliminate the bug and, as a consequence, resolve the issue with your mystical light.

You may need to explore a little farther afield to find a suitable answer because instructions change between manufacturers and models.

Here’s how to use BIOS to enable or disable the lights:

  1. Restart your computer and enter your system’s BIOS setup to complete the procedure.
  2. You should now disable the RGB lights in the system’s BIOS. You may turn off the RGB lights on your system by pushing the physical switch on the device.
  3. Switch off the RGB lights on the BIOS settings page of your computer’s motherboard.
  4. Save your adjustments and reboot your computer to confirm they take effect.
  5. To allow your machine to boot into its BIOS, turn it off and then switch it back on when it restarts.
  6. Now, switch on your RGB lighting and restart your computer.
  7. Check to see if the MSI Mystic Light is still functioning after restarting the machine.

Update System BIOS to the Latest Version

When you turn on your system, the BIOS is updated to keep up with the newest technical breakthroughs and to fix any known problems. Your system’s BIOS may be out of date if it hasn’t been updated to the most recent build, which might be causing the issue you’re having. This is because it has the potential to cause incompatibility between the system’s numerous modules.

In this instance, upgrading the BIOS to the most recent build may be required to resolve the issue. We ask that you continue at your own risk, considering replacing the BIOS needs some knowledge. If done incorrectly, you risk bricking your machine and causing irreversible harm.

Try to revert your BIOS to factory defaults before updating. This will help you to discover whether any of your modified BIOS settings were the source of the issue. If this is the case, you will need to replace the BIOS on your system by following the directions that are specific to your computer’s make and model.

After you have upgraded the BIOS on your computer, you should check to see if the MSI Mystic Light is operating properly.

Uninstall Conflicting Apps

On a Windows-based computer, applications coexist and exchange system resources. Rival apps (such as Valorant’s Riot Vanguard anti-cheat program) may cause the mystic light program to fail as a result of having accessibility to the system’s BIOS.

In this scenario, simply removing the incompatible software may be enough to resolve the issue. This strategy is effective in the great majority of scenarios where the issue is triggered by corruption in the system. Restore can be received by clicking on the provided link.

Here are the ways to remove the conflicting app:

  1. A menu will appear when you press the Windows + X keys simultaneously. From the selection that opens, choose Apps & Features.
  2. A list of the program and features that are available for use will appear.
  3. Check to see if any program is in conflict with each other. In this case, they should also be deleted.
  4. Once that, restart your computer to see if MSI Mystic Light is still operational after it has been renewed.
  5. To test whether this is the case, reinstall MSI Mystic Light or Dragon Center (as indicated in the answer) and see if the problem persists.

Reinstall MSI Dragon Center or Mystic Light

The MSI Mystic Light may not function properly due to a corrupted MSI Mystic Light or Dragon Center installation. If this is the case, it may be necessary to reinstall MSI Mystic Light or Dragon Center to resolve the issue.

Here’s how to reinstall Mystic Light software:

  1. To access the Settings menu, first press the Windows button, followed by the Gear symbol in the pop-up menu that displays to the right of the screen.
  2. Select Apps from the drop-down menu after entering Windows Settings, and then Mystic Light from the column of selections.
  3. Then, from the drop-down box, select Uninstall and confirm that you want to remove Mystic Light from your computer.
  4. Follow the on-screen directions to remove Mystic Light and the Dragon Center, and afterward, reboot your computer. Remove the MSI SDK as well (if installed). You may also employ a third-party uninstaller to simply eliminate the software from your computer.
  5. Install the most recent software from the official website.

Windows Update/Reinstallation

If the problem with the MSI Mystic Light persists after attempting the solutions listed above, it is most likely due to poor Windows installation on your computer. If you are experiencing Windows problems, you will need to reset or reinstall the operating system.

You may easily modify your Windows by the steps below:

  1. By tapping the Windows key + the, I key on your keyboard together, navigate to the Update & Security section of Settings. Select Recovery from the left-hand pane then proceeds to the right side of the window to complete the operation. In the left-hand navigation bar, select Get started from the drop-down menu underneath the heading Reset this PC.
  2. Choose “Keep my files” from the drop-down menu that opens in the next window.
  3. However, you must only do this if you have a backup of every one of your important data on the computer, to begin with.
  4. It is possible that you will be displayed in the notification window shown below. To proceed, press the Next key on your keyboard.
  5. To begin, select Reset from the Reset this PC box, and afterward, click OK to confirm your option. When you’re through with the Reset, your system will restart automatically. All you need to do now is relax and observe how the process unfolds.

Reinstalling the operating system is the most comprehensive method of repairing a damaged Windows installation. Regardless, if you reinstall your version of windows, you will most probably lose access to the entire data on your computer. As a result, you are strongly advised to create a backup before reinstalling the program.

Fix: MSI Dragon Center Stopped Working?

You will need to switch to a more stable version of this program if your MSI Dragon Center frequently crashes or stops working after a set amount of time. Customers often enter their laptop or desktop model number on the official website to get this utility software.

It is a problem that the majority of the application files are incompatible with your laptop. For this reason, you should use the application’s offline version. You can fix roughly 80% of the program’s problems if you purchase the offline version of the MSI Dragon Center software.

We have the latest, fully functioning version of this free application. Therefore, don’t waste any more time and download MSI Dragon Center right away to start enjoying a nice time with your gaming setup!

The steps to download the offline edition of MSI Dragon Center are as follows:

  1. Download the offline installer for Dragon Center.
  2. You should cut off the Internet connection on your machine.
  3. From the Windows settings or control panel, remove the previously installed MSI Dragon Center program.
  4. Double-click it by going to C: Program Files (x86) and doing so.
  5. You should delete Dragon Center and One Dragon Center from your computer.
  6. Unzip the downloaded file after that.
  7. Ensure that you are logged in as an administrator when you access the setup file.
  8. You should use t
  9. he recommended/express installation parameters to install the software.
  10. Switch off your computer.
  11. Launch the program. And it will work perfectly.

You can connect your computer to the internet once you’ve finished these procedures. It won’t have an impact on the app once the offline version has been correctly installed.

Fix MSI Dragon Center Blocked by Firewall

A message indicating that a firewall, antivirus is prohibiting it, or any other background application often appears when MSI Dragon Center stalls. You can fix this absurd scenario with a few simple changes to your computer’s settings. If your firewall has blocked MSI Dragon Center, it is rather easy to unblock it.

To finish the procedure, proceed to C: Program Files (x86) MSIOne Dragon Center and run the MSI.CentralServer.exe file as an administrator. After that, restart MSI Dragon Center to ensure that the issue is fixed.

Make sure that C: Program Files (x86) your antivirus program does not scan MSI One Dragon Center in order to fix the problem. Ensure it is not included in your antivirus program’s scanning if you continue seeing the error notice. The MSI Dragon Center application seldom clashes with other programs.

However, suppose you have any software installed on your computer that controls RGB lighting in addition to the MSI Dragon Center. In that case, I strongly advise that you delete it or, at the absolute least, close it from the task manager when using the MSI Dragon Center.

As a consequence, these utility apps operate in the background and must be finished by selecting End task from the context menu when right-clicking on them in the task manager.

Alternatives for MSI Dragon Center

The fact that MSI Dragon Center has so many important features makes it a wonderful application. This program makes everything possible, from managing your RGB lights to overclocking your Parts (which is hard to accomplish manually). However, it is not worth your time to utilize the app if your smartphone cannot run it due to hardware compatibility issues.

In order to control the RGB lighting on your PC, we advise using the MSI mystic light sync program. The MSI afterburner should also be utilized for overclocking and monitoring hardware. You can trust that these two open MSI programs will succeed in their respective functions since they are both open MSI applications.

Customers using MSI laptops or desktops have a great alternative to MSI Dragon Center when they use MSI Mystic light sync and MSI afterburner together. An easy-to-use program called MSI Mystic Light Sync lets you change the RGB lighting of various parts of your computer.

You will have access to many lovely lighting options with this app. Additionally, it is possible to individually alter each PC component’s lighting, effects, and color. However, the most widely used program for overclocking computers is MSI Afterburner.

Users use this program to custom tune (overclock) their graphics card, CPU, case fans, and computers. Even better, virtually every GPU released to date may be perfectly overclocked with this application. As a result, MSI Afterburner is unquestionably the king of all overclocking tools.

Can Mystic Light Control Corsair?

Mystic Light does really work with Corsair. ICUE has the ability to manage Corsair hardware attached to a certain model.

The Mystic light will work with Corsair products since it is compatible with RGB lights linked to Corsair and other versions. Get up-to-date data on your battery use, fan speed, clock time, and the temperatures of your Corsair hardware by downloading Corsair ICUE.

You may easily register and use the tool if you own a Corsair gadget and link it to the mysterious light program.

Wrapping It Up

Although Mystic Light is a great program, it occasionally has a lot of issues that are annoying to deal with. The problems are all small enough for you to handle on your own. You can solve the problems easily by going through this guide.

In this article, we went through the different problems that may be related to mystic light. Next, we proceeded to provide all the possible fixes that can be utilized to get rid of this problem. Hopefully, after going through this guide, you will have understood how simple it is to resolve the issue of mystic light not working.

Thank you for reading. We wish you all the best.

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