3 ways to Fix MSI Dragon Center Not Working [Solution] 2024

The MSI Dragon Center is a brilliant all-in-one interface to control various settings of your PC. This software is used by PC enthusiasts all over the world to get the best performance out of their MSI components. This can dramatically enhance performance and make controlling your PC much easier.

If your MSI Dragon Center has suddenly stopped working or you’re facing certain issues with the software, you have come to the right place. Here, we will investigate your problem to find out what might be causing the issue. After that, we’ll provide the possible fixes to get you going. So, hang with us to fix your MSI Dragon Center in no time.


What Is MSI Dragon Center?

The MSI Dragon Center is an all-in-one interface that allows you to control the real-time performance of all the compatible MSI components linked to your PC. This brilliant software can handle it all, whether it’s system tuning or just adjusting your fan speed. The MSI Dragon Center is the only interface you will need to have full control over your MSI components. It also works with MSI laptops, allowing you to enhance performance.

The latest version of the software, the MSI Dragon Center 2.0, has everything you’re even going to need. With this, you can customize all sorts of settings such as custom cooling, keyboard backlighting, various system settings, and so much more. In addition, you can enhance your gaming performance by miles with this software using the gaming mode. Moreover, features like the MSI companion make life so much easier. This allows you to toggle with your settings whenever you want, even during a gameplay.

The MSI Dragon Center is a PC enthusiast’s best friend. You can optimize all sorts of settings with this interface. Moreover, you can also check the performance of various components such as the CPU, GPU, memory information, and so much more. All of these features make it so much easier to grab full control of your PC. So, get ready to take your performance to the next level.

Is The Dragon Center Safe to Use?

The MSI Dragon Center is completely safe to use. This software does not require any personal information from you about your PC. Moreover, it has no malware-related issues. This makes the MSI Dragon Center a completely safe option for tweaking around with your PC.

Coming from my personal experience with the software, I just have to say this software is brilliant. You won’t face any issues with malware or viruses. Moreover, the data on your computer will be completely safe. Other than that, the MSI Dragon Center is considered safe by the best antiviruses out there.

You don’t have to worry about any privacy violations or data loss with the MSI Dragon Center. MSI is a very respectable PC manufacturing company and has never disappointed its users. Therefore, you can stay assured the MSI Dragon Center is totally safe to use.

Possible issues with MSI Dragon Center Software

Although there can be many causes to the problems you’re facing, the software usually fails to function properly due to a couple of issues. As a result, you might face various problems and errors with the functioning of the app.

The following are some of the main problems faced by users with the MSI Dragon Center:

Waiting for SDK Initialization

A very common error faced by users is the SDK initialization error. The problem usually arises because the MSI Dragon Center software might have improper service permissions or files. You won’t be facing this issue if you install appropriate files and set the correct permissions.

One more thing you should know is the MSI Dragon Center requires the MSI central service to function properly. Without its functioning, the Dragon Center won’t function properly either. At times, your Windows settings might not allow the central service to operate, leading to errors with the MSI Dragon Center. You can check your Windows services and also enable MSI central service. This will help avoid such errors.

You must make sure you have the appropriate and latest SDK file install. If you don’t have the proper file installed, you won’t be able to resolve the issue.

MSI Dragon center stopped working

At times, your MSI Dragon Center might not function properly when you open it. This might be due to many reasons, most commonly due to corrupted files. If your software has been corrupted or is out of date, the software won’t work properly.

Make sure you are using the latest version of the MSI Dragon Center, and also make certain it has the correct files. This can cause the software to work properly.

Fixes For MSI Dragon Center Issues

The following segment contains the possible fixes you can use to address the MSI Dragon Center issues.

How to Fix Waiting for SDK Initialization

How to Fix Waiting for SDK Initialization

At times, users might face the message Waiting for SDK initialization after launching the MSI Dragon Center. This might remain stuck like that, preventing you from using the software. This issue can be fixed easily by having the offline version of MSI Dragon Center installed.

However, if you want the online version of the MSI Dragon Center to be fixed, you’ll have to change some settings and allow a few permissions from Windows. This will correct the error and get you going. This process is quite simple and won’t take much time. Moreover, you’ll get the functioning online version of the MSI Dragon Center, which is far more superior to the offline version.

Before you proceed to fix the issue, you are highly recommended to download the latest version of MSI Dragon Center for the best results.

The following are the simple steps for fixing the MSI Dragon Center issue stuck as waiting for SDK initialization:

  1. Completely close the MSI Dragon Center application from the task manager. At times, simply closing the app by clicking the cross doesn’t completely shut down the app. This is why you must use the task manager to close the application completely.
  2. Now go ahead and press the buttons Ctrl+S to search for services.
  3. Next, open services and find your way to MSI Central Services.
  4. Once you find MSI central services, right-click on it and open the properties.
  5. In the properties, open the General tab and find Startup Type. Set the Startup Type to Automatic.
  6. Once done, click on apply, and then select okay.
  7. Next, right-click on the MSI central service again and select Start.
  8. Now you must copy everything present inside the Dragon Center folder.
  9. Once copied, make your way to C:\Program Files (x86) \MSI\One Dragon Center.
  10. Paste the files you have copied in this destination.
  11. Now you can launch the MSI Dragon Center application again. The software should be running smoothly and crisp now.

And there you go, that’s how simple it is to fixMSI Dragon Center Waiting for SDK initialization issue.

Fixes For MSI Dragon Centre stopped working

Mostly, users download the MSI Dragon Center from the official website by selecting their desktop/laptop model number. However, a problem faced at times is the incompatibility of certain application files with your desktop/laptop. You can fix this issue simply by downloading the offline version of the application.

By downloading the offline version of the MSI Dragon Center, you can highly eliminate the chances of facing errors. So, to get rid of those issues, stick with us, and download the offline version of MSI Dragon Center to enjoy an enhanced performance with your PC setup.

The following are the steps for installing the offline version of MSI Dragon Center:

  1. First, download the offline version of MSI Dragon Center.
  2. Once done, disconnect the internet connection.
  3. Next, you have to uninstall any MSI Dragon Center app installed previously. Again, you can do this from the Window settings or Control panel.
  4. Now find your way to C:\Program files (x86) \MSI.
  5. After reaching the destination, you’ll see files named dragon center and One dragon center. Go ahead and delete these.
  6. Next, you have to extract the downloaded file.
  7. After extraction is complete, run the setup file as an administrator.
  8. Now install the application in the recommended/express settings.
  9. Once complete, reboot your PC to launch your PC with a clean slate.
  10. Go ahead and launch the app now. Then, it should be working perfectly smoothly.

Once you have completed these steps, you can reconnect your PC to the internet. The internet won’t be affecting the MSI Dragon Center once the offline version of the software has been installed.

Fix MSI Dragon Center Blocked by Firewall

Fix MSI Dragon Center Blocked by Firewall

At times, MSI Dragon Center might stop working and show the message that it’s being blocked by antivirus, firewall, or some other application. This problem can be fixed very easily with a few simple adjustments. It’s super easy to fix MSI Dragon Center blocked by a firewall. The only thing you need to do is navigate toC:\Program Files (x86) \MSI\One Dragon Center. At this destination, run the file named MSI.CentralServer.exe as the administrator. Once done, you can launch the MSI Dragon Center. Everything should be working fine now.

If you still face the same problem, your antivirus might be responsible for it. To fix this, exclude the folder C:\Program Files (x86) \MSI\One Dragon Center from being scanned by the antivirus. This should solve the problem.

At times, some applications might interfere with the MSI Dragon Center software. These include applications of the same category and some RGB controlling software. You should uninstall such software or have them completely shut down by the task manager to avoid interferences. These softwares tend to run in the background and may interfere with the MSI Dragon Center to cause problems. So, disabling or uninstalling them should fix any issues of such kind.

MSI Dragon Center Alternatives

The MSI Dragon Center is a wonderfully built app that provides you everything you need to control a PC on a single platform. This makes life easier, allowing you to perform complex tasks such as overclocking with a few simple clicks. However, if you’re facing issues with the app or you have hardware incompatibility, then looking for alternatives won’t be a bad idea at all.

If you want an alternative for controlling your RGB lighting, the MSI Mystic light sync application is the best choice to go with. This is a wonderful, user-friendly application that gives you full control over the RGB lighting of your PC. You can customize lighting colors and set various effects and modes to improve aesthetics. Moreover, you can also synchronize the lighting of your hardware, greatly enhancing aesthetics.

On top of that, if you’re looking for an app to monitor and overclock your PC, the MSI Afterburner is the one to get the job done. This is one of the best apps for overclocking and will greatly improve your PC performance. Additionally, this app is able to overclock almost any GPU released. Therefore, the afterburner is the best software you can go with if you want ultimate overclocking utilities.

These are official MSI apps and will suit the respective tasks perfectly well.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do I reset my MSI Dragon Center?

You will have to uninstall device options by following the uninstallation process through the control panel. If that fails to work, launch your device manager, and update the drive or have it reset manually. It is recommended to download the correct version of the app from the official website.

How do I fix the MSI Dragon center blocked by firewall?

It’s super easy to fix MSI Dragon Center blocked by a firewall. The only thing you need to do is navigate toC:\Program Files (x86) \MSI\One Dragon Center. At this destination, run the file named MSI.CentralServer.exe as the administrator. Once done, you can launch the MSI Dragon Center.

Can I use the MSI Dragon Center app on my custom-made PC?

It is possible to use the MSI Dragon Centre on the PC only when you have the MSI motherboard and compatible hardware.

What does MSI Dragon Center gaming mode do?

The gaming mode on the MSI Dragon Center greatly enhances your gaming performance. It clears RAM and disables any unwanted processes. The gaming mode provides you with appropriate frame rates and clock time to enhance performance.

Wrapping It Up

The MSI Dragon Center is a brilliant All-In-One interface that gives you full control over your PC. However, it is normal to face certain issues while using a software. Just like that, users at times report issues with the Dragon center. These problems can be quite frustrating and will surely ruin your run time mood. However, the issues can be fixed, and you can get the application back on track.

The fixes that have been stated are guaranteed to give great results corresponding to the cause of the problem. Before you attempt fixing the software, it’s essential you find out the cause of the issue. This makes fixing things much easier. Make sure to follow each step thoroughly to get the desired result. We hope this article will solve your MSI Dragon Center related issues, and you can get back to using the app properly.

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