How To Use and Download MSI Dragon Center

If you’re looking for a software that integrates all your MSI devices on a single platform, the MSI Dragon Center is what you need. This brilliant interface will allow you to control all compatible hardware, accessories, and devices all in one place. In addition, peripheral components and desktop systems can be tuned from the Dragon Center, and you can optimize all your hardware for the best possible performance.

Along with all that, you are going to get all sorts of other exciting features, all of which we are going to cover in this text. So, if you want to know how to download the latest version of MSI Dragon Center and all that comes with it, you’re at the right place. Let’s get started.


MSI Dragon Center – What Is It?

The MSI Dragon Center is an all-in-one interface that allows you to control the real-time performance of all the compatible MSI components linked to your PC. This brilliant software can handle it all, whether its system tuning or just adjusting your fan speed. The MSI Dragon Center is the only interface you will need to have full control over your MSI components. It also works with MSI laptops, allowing you to enhance performance.

How to download MSI Dragon Center

The latest version of the software, the MSI Dragon Center 2.0, has everything you’re even going to need. With this, you can customize all sorts of settings such as custom cooling, keyboard backlighting, various system settings, and so much more.

In addition, you can enhance your gaming performance by miles with this software using the gaming mode. Moreover, features like the MSI companion make life so much easier. This allows you to toggle with your settings whenever you want, even during gameplay.

The MSI Dragon Center is a PC enthusiast’s best friend. You can optimize all sorts of settings with this interface. Moreover, you can also check the performance of various components such as the CPU, GPU, memory information, and so much more. All of these features make it so much easier to grab full control of your PC. And take your performance to the next level.

Tip: If you’re looking for an interface that allows you to control RGB illuminations only, then you can download the MSI Mystic Light RGB Utility for the job.

MSI Dragon Center – Features

The MSI Dragon Center is loaded with all sorts of amazing features to give you the ultimate control over your PC performance. This allows you to extract the best from your hardware. However, you must know that this software only works with MSI-compatible products and will be useless for other products.

The following are some of the key features of the MSI Dragon Center:

  • System tuner
  • System Monitor
  • Gaming Mode
  • LED Wizard
  • Voice Wizard
  • Mobile Center tools and help
  • SHIFT Technology

Getting all these amazing features in a single application cannot get easier for a PC user to gain full control over their PC. However, the features mentioned above still don’t elaborate on all the exciting stuff the MSI Dragon Center is loaded with. So, let’s proceed on to the download process.

How To Download MSI Dragon Center

The download and installation process for the MSI Dragon Center is very simple, and you’ll have it working in no time. We have provided you the official link for the latest version of MSI Dragon Center below, i.e., the MSI Dragon Center 2.0.

With the following download link, you can have the latest version of MSI Dragon Center download with a few clicks:

The link above will take you to the official download site for the MSI Dragon Center. This way, you can download the official and latest version in the safest way possible. Once downloaded, you have to go through the installation process, which we have mentioned in the following section. So make sure to follow the steps thoroughly to download the MSI Dragon Center software properly. So follow through to install the MSI Dragon Center.

How To Install MSI Dragon Center

The following are the simple steps for installing the MSI Dragon Center 2.0:

  1. First, download the MSI Dragon Center from the official website.
  2. Once downloaded, extract the downloaded file to a preferred folder.
  3. Inside that folder, launch the MSI Dragon Center setup file to get the installation started.
  4. Next, you can browse to the folder to select where you want to install the application.
  5. Once done, click on the Install button to start the installation.
  6. Once the installation is complete, you can hit finish.

And there you go, that’s how easy it is to have MSI Dragon Center downloaded on your PC.

On the MSI Dragon Center SDK setup wizard, click on the continue option. Next, check the box for I agree the agreement and continue with the whole process. You should have all other applications shut down before you continue with the process to avoid any unnecessary interference with the whole installation process. When using it the first time, users will have to register their products in order to receive the member-exclusive services.

Once the software has been installed, you can easily find it on your PC. Once you launch the app, all the MSI products linked to your device will automatically be picked and synced by the software.

However, you must make sure your devices are all MSI compatible. If not, the devices won’t work with the MSI Dragon Center, and the app would be of no use to you. At times, a new version of the software might not be compatible with outdated hardware. You can check out the official MSI website to know if your hardware is compatible with the software.

MSI Dragon Center – Tutorial

This section will provide awareness of all the exciting features and everything you need to know to run MSI Dragon Center properly. The MSI Dragon Center provides a single platform to control all sorts of functions. Moreover, it provides access to various software settings to get optimized performance. By going through the following text, you’ll get to know everything the MSI Dragon Center has in store for you.

MSI Dragon Center Software Control Mode

The MSI Dragon Center will allow you to select a User. You can turn this on and off. After that, make way to the Scenario modes tab to save the applied settings. You can find this option in the top right corner of your screen.

MSI Dragon Center RGB Control

With the MSI Dragon Center, you can adjust and control all your RGB settings easily. This gives you full control over your RGB customization. In addition, you can choose amongst different LED styles and modes to enhance your aesthetics to new levels.

MSI Dragon Center Gaming Mode

With the MSI Dragon Center gaming mode, you can optimize for better performance with a single click. This clears your RAM and makes functioning much smoother. Besides the system, you can also check up on other components such as coolers, monitors, and various peripherals. All of this, without the need for any extra settings for different games, makes life a lot easier.

However, it’s a bummer that the PRO series motherboards lack support for the gaming mode. Regardless of that, you can enjoy the ultimate gaming performance by syncing your games with different types of settings. This can have a huge impact on your gaming.

MSI Dragon Center Mystic Light

All the different utilities by MSI have been integrated into the MSI Dragon Center. In addition, you can use Mystic Light to adjust and customize the display and effects of your RGB components. The “Link Icon” option also allows you to synchronize the RGB settings of your device. This can greatly improve the lighting performance of your device, and you can get the best aesthetics.

MSI Dragon Center Turbo Mode

The MSI Dragon Center Turbo mode allows you to boost your performance by manually overclocking your CPU and GPU. This can greatly enhance the performance of your setup and also increase power usage a lot. Other than that, there are other modes available too, such as Eco and Comfort. These modes allow you to save power and provide a mediated lowered system performance.

MSI Dragon Center Mobile

With the MSI Dragon Center Mobile, you can control your MSI components through your smartphone. Utilizing the Wi-Fi connection, you can take control of your computer components or an MSI laptop straight from your mobile device. All you have to do is download the MSI Dragon Dashboard on your mobile to gain full control of your MSI Dragon Center software.

MSI Dragon Center Battery Calibration

Another brilliant feature the MSI Dragon Center provides is battery calibration. Launch the MSI Dragon Center software and choose the battery calibration icon. If you can’t find it that easily, search for it in the Tools and Help section. Make sure all other applications running on your computer have been closed to get the best possible results. Once ready, click the Start button to commence the calibration process.

The MSI Dragon Center battery hearth option will permit you to choose various options for charging. This can have a dramatic impact on extending your battery life and will certainly enhance longevity. You will find the following three options to charge your device according to your preference:

  1. Balanced
  2. Best for Mobility
  3. Best for Battery

MSI Dragon Center User Scenario

You can find the User Scenario icon just below the Gaming Mode option. This option provides you different features through which you can set up your desired performance settings. The following text provides insight into these features.

MSI Dragon Center Extreme Performance

The MSI Dragon Center Extreme Performance is a brilliant feature. It permits you to add extra clock offsets to your VRAM and GPU.

Moreover, with a balanced preset, you can get optimized performance and prevent overheating.

Super Battery

The MSI Dragon Center Super Battery option gives the most optimized performance while prioritizing your battery life. It can perform this feat by taking some extreme measures such as cutting off unnecessary power usage. This can include disabling the RGB backlighting of your keyboard to save power and extend battery life.


The Silent option of the MSI Dragon Center allows you to control your fan speed. This can lower the fan speed for a quieter experience.

General Settings

This function can allow you to enable product-specific functions, including activating or deactivating your webcam, Display Overdrive for a smoother image, and also Crosshair Display. Moreover, you can also enable certain keys or also have them disabled.


With the MSI Dragon Center User mode, you can change your Fan speed manually. Moreover, you can also adjust co-existing power levels manually according to your preference.

True Color

One of the most exciting features of the MSI Dragon Center is the True Color. This allows you to choose various profiles for different functions. For example, with the gamer icon, you can customize the RGB settings of your games and your laptop’s panel.

Gaming Highlights

The Gaming Highlights feature on the MSI Dragon Center allows automatic capture of your gameplay highlights. Before anything, you must enable the recording function in the settings. The software will then record your gaming highlights automatically, and you can directly share them on social media.

Duet Display

The Duet Display allows you to project various sections of the screen of your device onto other devices. This way, you can link your laptop or even your TV to the device, allowing you to project your screen onto it. It is also possible to connect your phone with an iOS device that is compatible.

By taping on the Ambient Link, you can customize and sync various peripherals. You can also create all sorts of profiles, each unique, with this tab. Furthermore, you can choose amongst various RGB effects such as Campfire, Meteor Shower, Sky, Forest, etc., to greatly enhance aesthetics. You also get a speaker isolation option to cancel out any unwanted noise. Moreover, you can link different games from your library with the RGB.

MSI Dragon Center vs. Afterburner

The MSI Dragon Center is like an all-in-one interface that provides you all the settings for customization in one place. With this software, you can gain control over various characteristics of your MSI hardware.

The MSI Dragon Center allows you to customize RGB, toggle with Fan speed, overclock GPU and CPU, and so much more. You can do all sorts of stuff with this software. It provides an interface to enhance the performance of your computer through a few simple clicks.

On the other hand, the MSI Afterburner is mainly meant for GPU overclocking. Moreover, the software can also be used as a hardware monitoring tool. Regardless of the, it explicitly overclocks graphic cards.


Does MSI Dragon Center control fan speed?

Yes, the MSI Dragon Center can control your PC’s Fan speed and all the other brilliant features it provides.

Can I sync my phone with MSI Dragon Center?

Yes, you can. By installing the MSI Dashboard Center application on your mobile device, you can monitor and control the performance of your PC.

Can I use MSI Dragon Center with every device?

Sadly, No. The MSI dragon center is only compatible with MSI products.

Why is my MSI Dragon Center blocked?

At times, the MSI Dragon Center might be blocked due to a Firewall. You can unblock it by disabling the firewall.

Wrapping It Up

After going through the article and reaching this segment of the text, you now know everything there is about the MSI Dragon Center. The MSI Dragon Center is a brilliant software that allows you to take full control over your PC. From changing the fan speed to overclocking GPU and CPU, plus customizing RGB lighting, it can do it all. You can now easily download and install this brilliant interface and grab full control of your PC.

Along with the installation procedure, we have also provided an insight into what the MSI Dragon Center offers. With this, you can now be aware of all the possibilities you can achieve with this brilliant all-in-one interface. This will make using the Dragon Center a lot easier, and you’ll be able to greatly enhance your performance. We wish you the best of luck with the software, and we hope this article will have helped you out.

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