[Fixed] Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 Not Working – Ultimate Fix

The Gigabyte RGB Fusion is a wonderful application compatible with Gigabyte Motherboards that gives you complete control over your PC’s RGB components. You can customize your RGB lightings the way you want with this utility. But Users have reported some issues related to this software which causes a hindrance in enhancing your experience.

If you have been facing issues with the Gigabyte RGB Fusion and you’re looking to find a solution, you have come to the right place. The problems can be resolved very quickly. All you must do is go thoroughly through this ultimate guide, and you’ll be all set. So go on and get started.


What Is Gigabyte RGB Fusion?

The Gigabyte RGB Fusion Is a software or application, as you may call it, which allows you to take complete control of your RGB components such as the motherboard, CPU cooler, chassis, RAM, Keyboard, and other RGB Hardware. This software is compatible with all the latest RGB components by Gigabyte.

With the Gigabyte RGB Fusion App, you can easily customize the RGB lighting to your personal likings. You can set various colors of different PC components manually to improve the aesthetics of your gaming rig, taking your gaming experience to the next level. There is also a super cool light syncing game mode, which provides constant syncing of lights while you play your games.

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Most Common Issues with Gigabyte RGB Fusion

The following are some of the most common issues reported by users of Gigabyte RGB Fusion. These might be caused by different reasons, and we will show you how to fix them.

Gigabyte RGB Fusion Not Detecting GPU

If your software is unable to detect your GPU, it’s probably because there’s some issue in your software. Or maybe your software is not compatible with your GPU. If you’re using the Gigabyte RGB Fusion, make sure your GPU is also manufactured by Gigabyte.

Overclocked RAM Not Running at Full Speed

Sometimes the software might cause a hindrance in extracting the best out of your overclocked RAM. For example, the Gigabyte RGB Fusion might be causing this issue. You can check it by ending the RGB Fusion app through the task manager and then monitoring your performance.

Gigabyte RGB Fusion App Not Opening

Many other applications might negate the performance of the RGB Fusion app and will not allow it to open. This problem can be solved by ending or uninstalling that application.

RGB LED Lighting Is Getting Stuck

Sometimes, the LED lighting can get stuck in a specific color, which is a default color such as blue or red. This might occur due to errors in some settings or maybe due to not refreshing BIOS settings.

Facing Problems with Gskill Trident Z Series RGB RAM

At times, the popular Gskill Trident Z Series RGB RAM might have a hard time syncing with your Gigabyte RGB Fusion application. This might usually occur if the software is corrupt or due to some bugs.

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Fixing The Gigabyte RGB Fusion Not Working

The following text addresses some of the most common problems faced by users and reveals the definitive solutions to these problems. But before you attempt any fix, there are some things you must consider beforehand as that might be the underlying problem.

gigabyte RGB fusion not working

Things To Consider Before Attempting Any Fix

Before you attempt any fix, make sure you have performed the below tasks:

Check Compatibility Of Hardware

The Gigabyte RGB Fusion software is never going to function if your hardware is not compatible with it. In order to use the Gigabyte RGB Fusion, all your RGB components must be compatible with it, or else you won’t be able to use the RGB settings.

Uninstall Any Interfering Application

Many apps like the ICUE, ASRock Polychrome, and Aura Sync might interfere with the performance of this software as it produces clashes. Therefore, it is recommended to uninstall such software to avoid issues and enjoy a smooth performance.

Now that we have everything covered let’s head on to the fixes.

Fix Gigabyte RGB Fusion Not Detecting GPU

It might get frustrating if you are using a beautiful RGB GPU, but your software isn’t detecting it. First, you must check the compatibility. If the compatibility isn’t a problem, you can try the fix below to start rocking your RGB GPU.

Gigabyte Fusion GPU

The following are the steps for fixing Gigabyte RGB Fusion not detecting GPU:

  1. First, uninstall Geforce Experience.
  2. From the Nvidia control panel, change all the settings to default.
  3. To check the video card’s compatibility, open the official website results.
  4. The official site will show the software it is compatible with. So go ahead and install the software.
  5. Now launch the Gigabyte RGB Fusion and begin customizing your RGB illuminations to your own will.

Users might sometimes be using the RGB Fusion application, but their motherboard supports the latest Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0. So updating the software can fix your issue.

Fix Gigabyte Fusion Interfering with Overclocking Of RAM

This issue is a bit unique but does occur for users. The RGB Fusion software can occupy your PC’s memory which might interfere with RAM overclocking.

You can fix this issue by following the steps given below:

  1. But, first, find your way to the Peripherals tab and open RGB Fusion.
  2. Turn the RGB Fusion off so it can not cause any interference.
  3. Navigate to the Power tab in your BIOS.
  4. Now you must enable ErP to avoid RGB lighting when the PC is switched off yet plugged into power.
  5. Save your new settings and exit the menu.
  6. Unplug and then plug back in your PC to the power source to allow ErP to function correctly.

This should fix your overclocking issues.

Fix Gigabyte RGB Fusion Not Detecting RAM

This is a common issue faced by users. The Gigabyte RGB Fusion will not detect RAM only if the RAM is not compatible with the software. Even popular RAM like the Gskill Trident Z series is incompatible with the Gigabyte RGB Fusion. In order to run RAMs like there, they must be synced with the Trident Z Lighting Control Application separately.

RAM overclocking

But there is one problem. The Trident Z Lighting control app crashes with the Gigabyte RGB Fusion, which hampers its performance. But you can fix this by following the steps below:

  1. Open the folder where the RGB Fusion is installed. This is usually the C:\Program Files (x86)\Gigabyte\RGB fusion.
  2. Delete two files that are the Spddupm and the SPD_Dump. These are responsible for creating clashes between the Trident Z Lighting Control and the RGB Fusion.
  3. Now install the most updated version of the Trident Z Lighting Control application, which will allow you to sync the RGB illumination of your RAM.

Fix Gigabyte RGB Fusion Not Changing Colors

Due to the RGB Fusion App malfunction, the RGB component might get stuck in a single default color. This can get frustrating as you are stuck with a single color, and you can’t customize it the way you want.

RGB Fusion Not Changing Colors

The following steps will fix this problem for you:

  1. First, we have to enter the computer BIOS. To do that, restart your computer and press on Del or F2. This will lead you to BIOS.
  2. Find the Peripheral tab and click on RGB Fusion to open it.
  3. Disable RGB Fusion. Once done, save the settings and exit from there.
  4. Repeat the same step, but you will be enabling the RGB Fusion from the BIOS this time. When done, save those settings and exit.
  5. Now when you launch the RGB Fusion application, you will find it functioning normally, and now you can change colors and set different effects on your RGB components.

How to clear out CMOS

The motherboard contains a CMOS chip. This holds various types of data, such as RGB profiles. By clearing the CMOS, the computer will boot with all BIOS settings set to default. You can easily remove your CMOS by clicking on the CMOS button, which is present in the Highest-end motherboards. Another procedure is to take out the CMOS battery, and this will get the job done.

If there is no CMOS button with your motherboard, follow the steps below to reset your motherboard’s CMOS alternatively:

  1. Power off your computer and pull the plug from the power source.
  2. Have the power supply switched off for safety.
  3. Take off the side panel of your PC Case, which is covering everything.
  4. Locate the battery on your motherboard.
  5. Take the battery out by pulling the clip that holds it.
  6. Let the battery stay out for up to 10 minutes or more, and then put it back in.
  7. Power On your computer, and you will find the CMOS cleared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Gigabyte RGB Fusion safe to use?

Answer: The Gigabyte RGB Fusion software is entirely safe to use and is free from any sort of malware when downloaded from the official site.

Is The Trident Z RGB RAM compatible with RGB Fusion?

Answer: No, the Trident Z RGB RAM is not compatible with the Gigabyte RGB Fusion software. You will need the Trident Z Lighting Control application to sync it.

Some Final Words

By reaching this segment of the text, everything must be clear to you now. The Gigabyte RGB fusion is a fantastic software that does wonders with your RGB illuminations when matched with all compatible devices.

In addition, this provides you with a range of options to customize according to your liking. After going through this guide, you probably know everything you need to tackle the issues you face with the RGB Fusion software. We hope this guide would have helped you in every way and your problem would be solved.

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