Best Desktop Computers for Video Editing – Top 8 Picks

Almost any computer these days can edit simple videos. However, if you plan to take the editing to a professional level, you’ll need a major upgrade.

Lucky for you, there are numerous computers up to the task, both Mac and Windows. Powerful components like a high-end graphics card, plenty of RAM, a powerful processor, and a high-end monitor, all combined, will get the job done for you.

Professional video editing requires powerful hardware to process all the gobs of information put into it. Dealing with 4k, 6k, and 8k videos requires a very powerful computer to prevent the crash of your computer every few minutes.

A robust computer can make your job more efficient, and you’ll enjoy a smooth and swift experience.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best desktop computers for video editing. A desktop computer can be the best choice for video editing if you have the space for it. Each computer is built differently, and it can get difficult to choose which machine would be the best option to go with.

Therefore, to simplify things for you, we have shortlisted eight top-notch desktop computers to give you the best video editing experience. These include both macOS and Windows to satisfy both users.


The 8 Best Video Editing Desktop Computers

The following are the eight best video editing desktop computers on the market. Each computer has been chosen after in-depth testing and research. This list contains computers of different types to accommodate different choices and budgets.

The Apple iMac (27-inch)

Although the 2020 iMac may not be as good looking as its latest successor, and even though it lacks the Apple M1 chip, it still serves to be a super-powerful computer with many perks of its own, including a few features the latest models lack.

The iMac 2020 is a brilliant all-in-one machine best for creative tasks and has a cutting-edge performance. The iconic design and brilliant features make it worth being listed in the top 8 video editing desktop computers.

Starting off with the display, the Apple iMac (27-inch, 2020) has a 27-inch screen with a Retina 5K display hailing with a 5120 x 2880 resolution. This provides users with impressive bright and vivid image quality, something you’ll love the most about this computer.

On top of the brilliant display, the iMac 2020 has its own high-end graphics card in the name of AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT. The graphics card features 16 GB of GDDR6 memory.

This provides a major edge in handling graphically intense tasks such as video editing, 3D animation, 3D rendering, and so much more.

After throwing super intensive tasks on the processor, the iMac still didn’t compromise the performance and functioned effortlessly. Although it may lack the Apple M1 chipset present in the latest models, the 10th generation Inter i9 processor still gets the job done brilliantly.

If you look at the highest-end model with maximum features, you’ll be enjoying the perks of a whopping 128 GB ram and 8 TB of SSD storage. On top of that, you get a 10 gigabit Ethernet. The Apple iMac (27-inch, 2020) is one of the best in the game and is a brilliant PC for video editing.


  • Powerful specifications
  • slim and sleek design.
  • great configuration
  • Improved Webcam


  • Design is getting outdated
  • Has only two Thunderbolt ports

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

If you prefer Windows over Mac, the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is a brilliant option. The Surface Studio 2 is a wonderful desktop computer for video editing and has every feature up to its mark.

The design deserves full marks for all the innovation, especially the hinge that allows easy screen flipping. The Surface Studio 2 lets you switch color profiles from sRGB to DCI-P3, which may be useful for professional video editing.

Moving on to features, the display never fails to grab the spotlight. The Surface Studio 2 features a large 28-inch PixelSense touch display with a 4500 x 3000 pixel resolution. The touch screen will allow you to drag clips more tactilely.

The standard setup also has a keyboard and a mouse, which is handy for standard professional work. The Surface Studio 2 comes with either a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or GeForce GTX 1070, both providing mesmerizing graphics performance. which lets you handle tasks like video editing, 3D animation, rendering, etc. super smoothly.

This computer features a very powerful processor in the form of the 7th generation Intel Core i7. The Surface Studio 2 features 32 GB of DDR4 RAM and has up to 2 TB of internal SSD storage. While the Mac is ahead of the Surface Studio 2 when it comes to certain specs, if you want to go the Windows way, the Surface Studio 2 is the way to go.


  • All-in-one features
  • Powerful graphics
  • Levelled Up Performance
  • Tilt screen


  • No upgradability options
  • The pen is less sensitive
  • Super expensive

The Apple iMac (24-inch)

The 2021 Apple iMac is Apple’s slender machine that will give you the experience of a lifetime. Although the screen is a bit small, the computer is super speedy and has multiple improvements in terms of speakers, webcam, and display.

This iMac is one of the best options for video editing as it provides a balance between price, performance, and power. The powerful hardware allows the device to handle any intensive task you throw at it.

Starting with the display, the 2021 Apple iMac features a brilliant 24-inch display sporting a 4480 x 2520 resolution and having up to 218 pixels per inch. The 4.5K resolution makes this iMac brilliant for watching movies and playing games. Moreover, it makes video editing a treat.

Sadly, this iMac will not make your list for those looking for a device that supports 8K. However, 4.5K is more than enough for most users, and the 2021 Apple iMac will serve you best.

The 2021 Apple iMac is Apple’s first iMac to feature the brand new, powerful M1 chip. The chip features an 8-core CPU with an 8-core GPU on the highest model. The M1 chip has proven to deliver outstanding CPU performance and will take care of all your tasks without a single lag.

However, as iMacs aren’t meant for gaming, the M1 does slip a little when it comes to playing the latest games. Other than that, it has enough power for super speedy multitasking and is very quick and responsive. The iMac has its own built-in graphics card that handles video editing tasks, including 3D animations and rendering perfectly well.

Other than all that, the 2021 Apple iMac has up to 16 GB of RAM and 2 TB of maximum SSD storage on the most expensive models. The computer also features 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports, Wi-Fi, and a configurable Gigabit Ethernet port.


  • Mesmerizing display
  • 1080p webcam
  • Brand new M1 chip will powerful performance
  • Rich and vibrant speakers


  • The entry-level model has very limited features
  • Lacks vertical height adjustment
  • Ports are located on the back

Dell XPS 8940

The Dell XPS 8940 is a brilliant alternative for users on a budget. Even if you take a look at its highest models, you’ll find them reasonably priced with all the brilliant specs. It may not be the most powerful desktop on the market, but it surely stands out from the competition with its smart design.

However, even with all the amazing features, the Dell XPS 8940 still feels a little underpowered when compared to some of the top desktop computers for video editing. Regardless, it still gets the job done brilliantly and is worth mentioning here.

The design of the Dell XPS 8940 may seem a little odd. While it may not have a futuristic modern design, it perfectly fits homes and offices with a standard office design. The computer does not come with a screen like the ones mentioned previously. The computer is pretty small and allows you that extra desk space you may need.

When it comes to performance, the Dell XPS 8940 does extremely well. This brilliant computer features the Intel Core i9-10900 processor with 10 cores and 20 threads. This powerful processor allows you to handle intensive tasks with ease.

Moreover, multitasking is also a piece of cake for this computer. The Dell XPS 8940 has the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super for graphics, which provides wonderful performance and lets you handle intensive tasks like video editing and animations smoothly.

The Dell XPS 8940 features a whopping 64 GB DDR4 RAM. For storage, this computer houses 1 TB of NVMe SSD, and 2 TB of HDD, giving you abundant storage options. On top of that, the multiple USB ports, wireless connectivity, and all the other brilliant features add up to make the Dell XPS 8940 one of the best desktop computers for video editing.


  • Compact and straightforward design
  • Multiple ports
  • Brilliant performance


  • Lacks extremely powerful configurations
  • It can’t be overclocked

Acer Aspire C27-1655-UA93

The Acer Aspire C27-1655-UA93 is another worthy and capable video editing desktop we have for you. The computer is sturdy, looks pretty good, has a lot of fast storage, and is equipped with powerful hardware. This all-in-one desktop is up for any task, but the display could have been and should have been better.

The Acer Aspire C27-1655-UA93 allows users to enjoy crisp colours on the 27-inch full HD IPS display. This computer features an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor with 4 cores and 8 threads and handles multitasking very well. The NVIDIA GeForce MX330 graphics card featuring 2 GB of GDDR5 VRAM provides wonderful graphics and handles graphics-intensive tasks pretty well.

The Acer Aspire C27-1655-UA93 features up to 16 GB of DDR4 RAM that keeps everything running smooth and crisp. Moreover, you also get decent storage options with a 512 GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD. On top of that, the computer features Intel wireless Wi-Fi 6 along with a Gigabit Ethernet LAN for fast internet connectivity. The Acer Aspire C27-1655-UA93 features multiple USB ports but sadly lacks a USB Type C port, a major letdown for this computer.

Overall, this is a decent and budget-friendly computer with great features and specs that will allow you to enjoy your video editing experience. Although it may not have premium specs like the iMac and Surface Studio 2, it still has enough for the price it comes in.


  • Compact design
  • Great performance for the price
  • Dual storage drives


  • Lacks USB-C ports
  • Dim display


The CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR is another wonderful option you can go for. The PC features a minimalistic and beautiful design, along with powerful hardware, and is VR-ready. Moreover, it is hustled with a gaming keyboard and mouse, making the deal sweeter.

The Gamer Xtreme VR houses a wonderful design which combines high build quality with aesthetics. The RGBs are customizable with the provided software to make things even better. The transparent tempered glass side panel on the computer showcases the interior and allows enthusiasts easy access to the internal components. Moreover, the PC features a total of four cooling fans, beautifully lit with RGB illumination that adds to aesthetics.

The Gamer Xtreme VR houses the 9th Gen Intel Core i5-10400F processor, featuring 6 cores and 12 threads. With hyperthreading enabled, you’ll be able to enjoy a greater range of enhanced performance. The processor of this computer has a base clock speed of 2.9 GHz and can be overclocked to higher clock speeds. For graphics, the Gamer Xtreme VR features the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super, which is a brilliant graphics card, and you’ll love the performance it puts out.

For storage, the Gamer Xtreme VR houses up to 500 GB of SSD storage. This is a major letdown as 500 GB is not enough these days, especially for heavy tasks such as video editing, which may require way more space storage on a professional level. Other than that, the PC features 8GB of DDR4 RAM, which should be enough for beginners in video editing and other tasks like 3D modelling and rendering.

The connectivity options this PC offers are great. The Gamer Xtreme VR provides up to 6 USB 3.1 Type-A ports, included on both the front and back. Two USB 2.0 ports are also available. Moreover, you have built-in Wi-Fi along with Ethernet connectivity to ensure decent bandwidth. Overall, this is a brilliant PC for video editing on a lower level and will handle your tasks very well.


  • VR ready
  • Great build quality and design
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Bundles keyboard and mouse


  • Low storage options

HP 27 Pavilion

The HP 27 Pavilion is an absolutely magnificent and feature-packed desktop computer that will suit your video editing work perfectly. Moreover, it serves as a brilliant alternative to the iMac and Surface Studio 2. The 2 Pavilion features an all-in-one design with strong performance and good looks.

The display of the HP 27 Pavilion is brilliant. The 27-inch touch screen provides a wonderful experience with wide viewing angles and decent contrast. The colours may not be of the best range, but they are definitely pretty rich and beautifully saturated. The 1920 x 1080 resolution coupled with the Intel UHD Graphics 6630 graphics card provides a wonderful platform for productivity tasks and video editing.

Moreover, the HP 27 Pavilion is also great for 3D modelling, animations, and rendering. Although the displays on the Surface Studio 2 and iMac 27 are much richer, the HP 27 Pavilion doesn’t do bad either.

Packed with a 10th generation Intel Core i7-10700T processor, the HP 27 Pavilion allows you to perform every task smooth and swift. The processor has an intel turbo boost of up to 4.5 GHz that makes things even better. The graphics card allows you to 4K stream all your favourite content while enjoying the best quality.

The HP 27 Pavilion features dual storage options to accommodate all your video editing material. Featuring 512 Gb of SSD along with 1 TB of HDD, the HP 27 Pavilion has enough storage to keep your workspace flowing. Moreover, you get up to 16 GB of RAM, which will keep things running smoothly and swift.

Overall, it is a wonderful and much cheaper alternative to the iMac and Surface Studio 2, but you’ll have to compromise on a lot of features. This PC is ideal for creative workers and has all the specs to serve users well.


  • Sleek design
  • Powerful and fast performance
  • Gorgeous display
  • B&O Play Audio tuning


  • Lacks Wi-Fi 6 (has Wi-Fi 5 instead)
  • Height not adjustable

Lenovo Legion Tower 5

The Lenovo Legion Tower 5 is the final option on our list of the best desktop computers for video editing. This is an affordable, worthwhile, and upgradeable PC. This mid-range desktop offers decent performance but fails to stand out from the crowd.

The Lenovo Legion Tower 5 rocks a traditional boxy design and is light enough to move around easily. The RGB lighting through the tempered glass panel looks absolutely gorgeous and gives the PC a futuristic design.

The Lenovo Legion Tower 5 features an 11th Generation Intel Core i5-11500 processor featuring 6 cores and 12 threads. This gives you smooth and crisp performance as the processor can handle multitasking pretty well and can greatly benefit your video editing work. For graphics, the Legion Tower 5 houses the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super which provides a wonderful graphics experience and handles all the pixels pretty well.

The Intel Core i5-11500 has up to 32 GB of high-bandwidth RAM, allowing the smooth running of multiple applications and tasks. Moreover, the storage options are great as you get up to 1 TB SSD and 2 TB HDD, providing ample space for your work. Adding to storage, this desktop offers multiple connectivity options with loads of USB ports, HDMI ports, and DisplayPort.

Overall, the Lenovo Legion Tower 5 serves as a decent yet not spectacular desktop for video editing. It is a more affordable option, and you can enjoy entry-level work on it.


  • Great performance
  • Value for money
  • It can be upgraded easily


  • Fewer USB ports
  • Not the best build quality

Buyers Guide

Before you proceed to buy a desktop computer for video editing, it is essential you understand what features you must prioritize and consider before making a final choice.

This segment will highlight the features and specs you must focus on while buying a desktop computer best for video editing. Professional video editing has its own requirements. Therefore, it is important to make sure your computer meets those requirements. 


Although not every video editing desktop computer comes with a monitor, the ones that do have a monitor can make a difference. Having the right monitor can entirely change the experience for you and make everything look so much better.

The resolution most widely available these days is 4K. 4K is defined as Ultra-High definition with a resolution of 33840 x 2160 pixels. A decent monitor can greatly affect your video editing and image quality and can stand as the main difference between two high-end computers.

Graphics Card

A great graphics card can greatly affect any graphics or animation-related work. Depending on the video editing work you perform, a high-end graphics card is essential for high-intensity graphics work.

Before making a choice on which computer to buy, make sure your computer meets the graphics card requirements recommended by your video editing software. This will allow a smooth and swift experience, and you’ll be able to put out a more efficient performance.


Coming to storage, you get to choose between two types of storage drives. These are the Solid State Drives (SSD) and the Hard Disk Drives (HDD). A Solid State drive usually puts out a better performance compared to a Hard Disk Drive. The best option to go with is to equip a computer with multiple solid-state drives, each deputized for specific tasks.


Video editing can take up a lot of storage which is why the storage space on your computer must be up to the mark. Having up to 1 TB of storage is recommended if you want to take on video editing professionally. The video clips and snippets can utilize a lot of storage space which is why you must make sure your computer has adequate storage to accommodate your work.


The CPU, or processor, known as the brain of a computer, is extremely essential for a top video editing desktop computer. A good processor is vital for video editing as it lets you perform highly intensive tasks without any lags or crashes. This can help you get your work done more efficiently and can save you a lot of time. A slow processor can make things super frustrating as you’ll experience lags throughout your work on a project.

A CPU can determine how fast you can get your editing work done. A CPU comes into action while encoding and exporting videos. Moreover, it will also help generate video previews. Therefore, a good CPU is super important for video editing and is something you cannot just look over.


Most of the video editing software these days utilizes a lot of RAM. Higher RAM will allow your computer to function smoothly and more efficiently. The higher the resolution of your video footage, the higher the RAM requirement.

If you are dealing with 4K displays and footage, you should consider equipping a computer with at least 32 GB of RAM. The higher the RAM, the better the performance. So go for the highest RAM you can afford.


No matter what specs you search for, in the end, it all comes down to your budget and price range. If I’m being honest, most of the high-end video editing computers do not come cheap, and you have to be ready to spend a lot of money.

However, that does not exclude the fact that there are more affordable options out there. There are multiple computers in a more affordable range that get the job done perfectly even though they have lower specs compared to the very high-end models. You must spend your money wisely and invest in a computer that makes your money worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a gaming PC good for video editing?

A high-end gaming PC will always have the most powerful specs to support intensive games. They’ll always have a powerful processor, a robust GPU, and plenty of RAM. Moreover, gaming PCs will also have wonderful displays to allow users to enjoy their gaming experience. Gaming PCs can be great for video editing, depending on which PC you use and the specs and features it houses.

Why is my video editing computer lagging?

Lags can happen for multiple reasons, mostly because your hardware is out of date and does not meet the minimum requirements of an app or software. You can fix lags by quickly restarting, dividing projects into portions, defragmenting your hard drive, and upgrading your components.

What computer specs do I need for video editing?

For a professional video editing computer, you’re going to need a very powerful processor, a great graphics card, and lots of RAM. A faster CPU will help make encoding and transcoding much faster for you.

A powerful graphics card is extremely necessary if you plan on editing UHD videos or adding various complex effects to videos. A fast multi-core processor can speed up your work by miles and help provide a more efficient outcome.

On top of that, the more the RAM, the smoother your computer will run and manage tasks. The preferred RAM for video editing is 16 GB.

Is Core i5 good for video editing?

The Core i5 may be able to handle editing work quite well, but any higher task such as rendering may cause it to struggle unless it’s the highest core i5 model. With the current core i5 models you have available, video editing should work well, but only to a limit.

Wrapping It Up

Our in-depth review of the best desktop computers for video editing has come to an end. The ideal computer for video editing must match all the requirements of your video editing software.

Each computer on our list has been tested and reviewed. Therefore, these computers are guaranteed to provide the best results. We recommend our readers refer to our buyers’ guide, as it will help you understand what features to prioritize while shopping for the best desktop computer for video editing.

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