9 Best Pink PC Cases For Gamers in 2024 (Pink Computer RIG)

In the modern world, customization is everything. It allows one to express themselves. From computer cases to phone cases to cars to pretty much anything, we all want to leave a mark that truly represents our individuality and inner personality. Customization is our way of expressing our creativity, our way of leaving our mark. The pink PC case is by far the most demanded PC case by gamers. This bright, bubbly color turns any boring case into a cute and edgy case; one people are bound to drool over!

If you want to set trends, a pink computer case is as unique as it gets! Besides being a visual treat, the PC case needs to be functional as well. It should provide essential options to house high-end gaming or streaming hardware.

Today, we’re reviewing the best pink cases available in the market without feeling overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of options available. We have narrowed it down for you into different categories so that you can pick and choose according to your personal preference. Keep reading our article to help you find the best pink cases that fulfil your aesthetic dreams and all your functional dreams.


Best Pink Cases

Following are some of the best cases that we have picked out, just for you:

Apevia Crusader-F-PK

Mid Tower Gaming Case
MaterialTempered Glass
Cooling MethodAir
Motherboard CompatibilityATX
Item Weight13 Pounds

Apevia Crusader is the best overall pink PC case with the best airflow. Apevia has created a lot of splurge-worthy computer cases, but standing tall amongst all of them is the Crusader. The design is a contemporary solid steel pink ATX mid-tower computer gaming case with one tempered glass window. We love that Apevia has gone for a tint in their window, allowing for a tasteful display of the internal parts.

 If you want to have excellent airflow, the Crusader is the right choice for you. It has a special mesh case with a solid airflow and a ton of RGB. RGB is the latest rage these days. The case comes with four pre-installed RGB case fans allowing for greater airflow. The fans are bright and have lots of pretty colors but are quite loud, which can irritate some users. There is a light toggle button on the front of the I/O panel that lets you cycle through 16 different effects for the pre-installed fans. Thirty total play options include RGB, Breathing, Single Color, Light Off and many more.

Despite having a high airflow, the case is not very builder friendly. You have little room, making installing components quite the hassle. GPU clearance is 350 mm. The CPU cooler can go up to 165mm in height, and you can install a 360mm radiator on the front and a 240mm AIO on top.

It supports ATX/Micro ATX/ITX motherboard, and its front I/O comes with two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 port with HD audio ports and improved cable management. Overall, the Crusader is a quality case, but its fans are loud. On the other hand, it has great airflow and is very attractive and affordable. The fact that it’s also cheap is just the cherry on top!


  • 4 120mm RGB fans included
  • Supports up to 3 360mm radiators
  • Pink accent with black painted anterior


  • No power supply included
  • No front thermometer
  • Loud

Vetroo A03 Pink PC Case

Best ATX Gaming PC Case
MaterialTempered Glass
Cooling MethodAir
Fan Size120 Millimeters
Item Weight13.75 Pounds

The Vetroo A03 comes with an eye-catching design and has a mesh and tempered glass panel. The mesh front panel and top dust filter provide more airflow and better cooling, which is very important for all PC setups. Better cooling allows for better performance and avoids a system shutdown or damage. In addition, the hinged transparent tempered side glass panel is easy to remove without any tools for users that don’t like it.

Great airflow and cooling are of utmost importance for any PC system, and the Vetroo A03 comes with pre-installed 3 pcs ARGB/PWM fans. The pre-installed 3 pcs 120mm ARGB and PWM fans in the front allow for greater airflow and cooling and colourful lights, making it quite an attractive design. Furthermore, it supports up to 6 pcs fans simultaneously and has enough room for a 240mm/360 mm water cooler. This ensures that your case is always cool.

The controller is equipped with 5V 3Pin addressable RGB and 12V 4Pin PWM interface. It can be connected to synchronize RGB lighting and PWM of fans. With various colors to choose from, it’s truly every PC user’s dream come true.

The case has sufficient internal space and is compatible with ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ATX motherboard. In addition, it supports CPU coolers up to 165mm tall and GPU up to 350mm long, allowing you to install the GPU horizontally and vertically with a VGA holder.

The front I/O panel is multifunctional with two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 with HD Audio/Reset/Power providing you great flexibility for various mobile audio accessories. In addition, it can support 2 Pcs 3.5′ HDD and 2 Pcs 2.5′ SSD drive bays and has an improved cable management system which includes two-wire combs behind the motherboard tray to aid in cable management and keeping your case neater and cleaner.


  • Better cooling
  • Good design
  • Removable case fan


  • Vertical mounting GPU
  • Different shades of pink throughout the model. Not consistency in colour.

Apevia Predator-PK

Best Mid Tower Gaming Case
Cooling MethodAir
Fan Size120 Millimeters
Motherboard CompatabilityATX

The Apevia Predator is a sight for sore eyes! It is a beautiful and stylish contemporary mid-tower computer gaming case with a honeycomb structure on the front grill and is one of the most functional chassis in our list of products. It has a smoked tempered glass window on the left side and a gorgeous removable mesh front panel. The honeycomb structure allows a peek through the pre-installed 4 RGB fans with inner and outer rings, which glow make it quite an attractive case. The removable mesh allows for easy cleaning and access to the RGB fans.

I/O panel has an LED button allowing you to play through 16 lighting modes. Choose any colour your heart desires. There are 30 play-through options, including RGB, Breathing, Single Color, Light Off, and much more.

It supports standard ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ATX motherboards. The front panel has USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and HD Audio ports with improved cable management. There is room for up to six 120mm fans and supports up to 240mm radiators in the top and front. The case also supports video cards up to 350mm in length and CPU coolers up to 160mm in height.


  • Four pre-installed RGB fans
  • Removable mesh at front for cleaning
  • Three 3.5’ Drive and two 2.5’ Drive support


  • Outdated fan connector
  • It lacks a USB 3.1 Gen 2 port on the I/O panel

Apevia Matrix-PK

Tempered Glass PC Case
MaterialTempered Glass
Cooling MethodAir
Fan Size120 Millimeters
Motherboard CompatabilityATX

The Apevia Matrix is the best pink case and has a stylish RGB front panel with big slots on the side to provide better airflow. You’ll find two fans on the front, one at the top and one on the back resulting in an ideal airflow. The case is very spacious and hosts a GPU up to 350mm in length and a heatsink of up to 160mm in height. Water cooling support is beyond average and has enough room for two 240mm radiators at the front and the top, so worrying about the case becoming hot is the last of your worries.

The case comes with a tempered glass window on the left, providing a sleek and stylish design. It supports standard ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards, and the front I/O panel features one USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, and two HD Audio ports with improved cable management. In addition, it supports video cards up to 350mm in length.

The supplied fans use Molex cables; they spin at full speed the entire time, providing a not so silent experience. If you want a quiet affair, we suggest getting the Arctic P12 PWM five-pack with this case.


  • Two internal 2.5’ bays
  • Additional VGA length allowance


  • Cable management is nonexistent
  • The reset switch is right next to the LED switch
  • Noisy

InWin A1

Pink Mini-ITX Tower Case
Cooling MethodAir
Motherboard CompatabilityMini ITX
Case TypeTower

InWin has a higher price segment, but they deliver what they offer in specs. It’s not just a great deal, but it has all the options in a small package. The A1 features a tinted transparent stand, and the ARGB lights pierce through to create a beautiful lighting experience. You can personalize it however you like. Its square structure provides easy installation and can house powerful hardware.

It comes with two complimentary Sirius loop ASL120 fans. The matte black structure is fitted with dual radiant ARGB loops. The circular RGB outline is presented on both sides of the fan, so lighting is present no matter how the fans are placed.

The cherry on top with the InWin A1 is a built-in 650W PSU and 80 Plus Gold. The PSU is prebuilt within the A1 with already managed cables and is accommodated with two GPU connectors PCI E 6+2 pin for a high-end graphics card. You need to be experienced in cable management and the installation of hardware to assemble this gaming rig. Airflow is restricted; we suggest adding fans to the bottom for better airflow. Storage options are also limited due to the size of the case.

With a convenient wireless charging station which is now WPC Qi 1.2 certified, it now emits a power of 10W to strengthen the charging capacity to Qi-enabled mobile devices and gaming mice.


  • Prebuilt InWin 650W 80 Plus Gold PSU
  • RGB implementation with two RGB fans
  • Fully transparent look
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • NO built-in RGB
  • No built-in Optical drive area

Apevia Aura-S-PK

Pink Mid Tower Gaming Case
ColorAura Pink-Spectra
Cooling MethodAir
Motherboard CompatabilityATX
Item Dimensions LxWxH15.75 x 8 x 18 inches
Case TypeMid Tower

The Apevia Aura is a contemporary solid steel pink ATX Mid Tower computer gaming Case. It comes with four pre-installed RGB fans, controlled via a special clicky flick switch on the front. It has a unique way of restarting and powering up. The case comes with two tempered glass, which allows you to peek through. You’ll be able to see the RGB fans lightning inside.

The RGB looks mesmerizing inside the smoked glass but addressing it via the MOBO software or BIOS is impossible. Instead, a button on the front end of the chassis allows you to manage the RGB. The tempered glass on the front blocks air; if the design had been replaced by mesh, the airflow would have been much better, but it still looks great.

It supports ATX/Micro ATX/ITX motherboard and USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and HD Audio ports. The design supports VGA up to 350mm in length and a heatsink of up to 165mm in height. You can play through 16 lighting modes via the front I/O panel RGB light switch button with 30 total play through options.


  • Versatile cooling options
  • Removable storage drive bays
  • Bold and modern aesthetics


  • PSU compartment lacks space
  • No dust filters

Thermaltake AH T200 Pink

Helicopter Style Pink PC Case
MaterialTempered Glass
Hard Disk Form Factor3.5 Inches
Cooling MethodWater, Air
Motherboard CompatibilityMicro ATX

The Thermaltake AH T200 Pink is by far the coolest designed case ever! It presents with the iconic air force styled architecture and is truly every collector’s dream. It can up your style game by a 100! With a helicopter styled open frame and two high quality 5mm thick tempered glass window panels on the left and right side, you can have a much clearer view of PC gaming.

Clear windows design allows the user to fully display and admire all the components of the liquid cooling systems. In addition, the tempered glass s thicker and more scratch resistant when compared to standard acrylic, which is a win.

The top front I/O features ports with two USB 3.0, one USB 2.0 and one Type C. The AH T200 Pink can support a CPU cooler of up to 150mm in height, VGA up to 320mm in length and a power supply of up to 180mm.


  • Lots of space
  • Large case
  • High quality


  • Does not support CD drive installation
  • No pre-installed fans

WJCOOLMAN Vitality Bomb

PC Gaming Case for Girl
MaterialTempered Glass, Alloy Steel, Plastic, Acrylic
Cooling MethodAir
Fan Size200 Millimeters
Item Weight11.79 Pounds

The WJCOOLMAN Vitality Bomb is truly a unique case! Its unique style is sure to win your heart over. With a softer tone and using elf as an inspiration, this pink case for girls is truly worth every penny. The style of the case is displayed in pink and white colors. The fuselage structure uses 1.2 mm steel to provide a stable structure, and the top is made of acrylic to allow you to see inside the case. The front side has a 200mm RGB chassis fan.

A total of four fans can be installed inside the computer space. The top fan is compatible with 240 water cooling. There are four hard disk slots at the bottom of the case, which supports the tool-free installation. The motherboard supports Mini ITX and Micro ATX. The height limit of the radiator is 165mm, and the length of the graphics card is up to 320mm.

One unique feature of this case is sled type footpads to reduce vibration frequency generated by the desktop. The power supply is also placed down to reduce resonance noise allowing for a quiet experience.


  • Well designed
  • Good airflow


  • Needs space adjustment
  • No Type C cable


Micro-ATX Pink Gaming Case
MaterialTempered Glass
Cooling MethodAir
Fan Size120 Millimeters
Motherboard CompatabilityMicro ATX

For those looking for a compact case but who don’t want to switch to a full ITX system, the Apevia PRODIGY is the case for you. It features an airflow design and comes with three pre-installed RGB fans at the front and the back with inner and outer rings that glow. It can support up to six fans in total.

On the side, we have a tempered glass side panel and a cutout in the PSU. The top is vented and is covered with a dust filter which is removable if you wish to install a fan or an AIO for better airflow. The front I/O has one USB 3.0, two USB 2.0 ports, a dual audio jack and an RGB control button and supports Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards.

There is room for a GPU of up to 350mm in length, a CPU cooler up to 165mm in height. It can also house dual radiators up to 240mm both on the front and at the top. Play through 16 lighting modes via the top I/O panel using the LED button. There is a total of 30 different play through options.


  • Designed with a handlebar for easier transportation
  • GPU clearance for high-end graphics card


  • RGB fan connectors are outdated
  • Standoff screws and cable ties are not included

Features To Consider

Color Accent: Some cases have pink accents with black interiors, and some are pink from the interior to the exterior. It depends on your preference. Many cases are available, all pink from interior to exterior, to make all your pink dreams come true. Unfortunately, the pink PC case demand is very high, and they sell out fast, so this is a problem you could run into.


Most PC cases come with a front panel or PCI express extension. You want to buy a case that is compatible with your peripherals. If you use USB Type-C or USB 3.1, look for the chassis supporting them.

Hardware Clearance

Big gaming components require space for their electronic board, heat sinks, and airflow. Make sure that the PC case you are buying has enough space to house all your components.


The PC cases come with pre-installed fans, and the size of the fan, noise level, RGB, color are some of the features you want to consider.  Some cases come with quiet fans, while other cases can be noisy. You want to look for options that meet your criteria.

Cable Management

If you are a streamer or gamer, you enjoy flaunting your gaming rig to the world, and we all know that no one likes messy cables. Chassis come with unique ways to manage cables to ensure a mess-free setup that is aesthetically pleasing to you and your viewers and followers.


What is the best pink PC?

The best pink PC case, without a doubt, is the Apevia Crusader F PK. It looks like a character out of Pokémon and has a great design that allows for large airflow from three sides. Apart from this, the case is very spacious, and you can fit the largest GPU available in the market. The CPU clearance is also high and allows any high-end air-based cooler inside it.

Can you spray Pink paint a computer case?

Yes! You can. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Purchase a white PC case.
  2. Sand down the layers.
  3. If you wish to leave certain areas unpainted, apply some tape to those areas.
  4. Spray the PC case with very thin layers of paint.
  5. Allow each coat to dry for 15-120 minutes.
  6. Repeat the process until the desired consistency is reached.

Pink fans against a light PC case

You can mix and match fans as you like. LL120 have decent fans. You can combine RGB fans with either a white or transparent PC case to reflect the pink light. This will create a unique aesthetic. You can edit the color settings of these fans and achieve consistent pink instead of rainbow colors.


We have reviewed a total of 9 products from mid-tower to mini ITX cases. If you are looking to build something unique and eye-catching, we recommend you go for a significant case that allows you room for customization. While the smaller cases have lots of space, you won’t get much creative freedom or aesthetic exposure. Some users might only prioritize looks, while some might look for better features.

RGB is the latest rage these days and is an important part of gamers streaming their gaming sessions. With the options we have provided for you, you are bound to pick one that fits your needs. The pink color is rare, but manufacturers have gone out of their way to bring products into the market that are aesthetically pleasing and perfect performance-wise. We hope our review will help you decide on a PC case that meets all your aesthetic and functional needs to help you build the dream machine you were looking to develop.

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