Best Silent PC Case For Quit PC Build in 2024

For years, cases that pretend to be quiet have been around, but they have become more common, and for good reason. For those who just need a quiet Computer to not interfere with their gaming experience, the quiet PC is the only PC for those who choose not to wake up those with whom they work.

Silent PC cases are useful, so it’s only natural if you need assistance selecting the right type of case for yourself since they aren’t inexpensive. To make it easier for you, we’ve conducted research to help you choose the best Silent PC cases.

If you are on the go we recommend that you take a look at the be quiet! Silent Base 601 one of our best picks. It has vents for noise dampening which provide excellent permeability for air.


Best Silent PC Case List

Silent PC casesFeaturesCheck price
Fractal Design Define S  It is optimally designed for silent computing.Check price
be quiet! Pure Base 600  Repositionable HDD slots and a removable ODD cage.Check price
Corsair Carbide Series 100R  Fans can power on overdrive when performance requires it.Check price
be quiet! Silent Base 601  3-Step fan controller caters for up to three fans.Check price
Deep Silence 5 Full Tower E-ATX  Huge open space with completely removable modular drive cages for direct airflow path.Check price

1. Fractal Design Define R5

Mid Tower Computer Case
BrandFractal Design
Cooling MethodWater, Air
Fan Size140 Millimeters
Motherboard CompatabilityATX
Case TypeMid Tower

First on our list is the Fractal Design Define R5. For the entire length of the side panel, the window on the Define R5 stretches, the entire better for showing off the device inside. There’s a full-height magnetic dust filter behind the front panel for the three customizable 120-mm or 140-mm fan mounts. Radiators can be mounted and are as wide as 360 mm. All traces of 5.25″ bays from the Define S were expunged by Fractal.

It also has its ModuVent device on top of the Fractal case. To reveal mounts for radiators or fans, these three foam-backed plastic panels can pop off as needed. They help to dampen machine noise when left in place. Three 120-mm or 140-mm fans and a radiator up to 420 mm long can be mounted underneath the top panel with ModuVents removed.

For the power supply and the bottom fan mount, the bottom of the case houses a dust filter. This filter is pulled out of the case from behind. The front and bottom air intakes are protected by dust filters. Instead of concentrating on a straightforward straight airflow path and uncompromising water cooling support, the modernized internal layout of the specified s lacks the optical drive bays.


  • Sleek, unfussy exterior
  • Keeps noise down to a minimum
  • Outstanding liquid-cooling potential
  • Good quality Dynamic GP14 fans


  • No built in fan controller
  • No external drive bay

2. be quiet! Pure Base 600

Mid-Tower ATX, 2 Pre-Installed Fans
BrandBe quiet!
Cooling MethodWater, Air
Motherboard CompatabilityATX
Case TypeMini-Tower

Next on our list is the be quiet! Pure Base 600.Pure Base 600 is truly multi-talented, providing at an affordable price a great deal of versatility and features. This case, with high installation versatility and efficient cooling efficiency, sets new standards in its performance class. Smart usability and quiet operation allow you to understand almost any device configuration you want for your ATX or micro ATX PC.

With repositionable HDD slots and a removable ODD cage, it has a highly flexible construction. The addition of water cooling radiators is tailored for liquid cooling with three specially built areas of up to 360mm. It has an adjustable top cover vent that can be closed for total silence, partially open or completely open for further air exhaust, with the additional option of installing a radiator. With integrated damping material on top, side and front, it is fully sound-isolated.

For device part selection, Case provides a broad range of possibilities. Three repositionable HDD slots allow installation of even the biggest graphics cards. An array of upgrades for quiet airflow includes two pre-installed Pure Wings 2 fans. It has sleeved bearings of high quality. The design permits up to four additional cooling fans to be installed.


  • Clean layout.
  • Fans are quiet and work well.
  • It has 5.25″ front drive bays.


  • Rubber grommet get in the way of any installed drive.

3. Corsair Carbide Series 100R

Silent Edition Quiet Mid Tower Case
Cooling MethodAir
Motherboard CompatabilityATX
Case TypeFull Tower

Next up, we have the Corsair Carbide Series 100R. It is Simple, elegant, and sharp. The 100R Silent Version is both professional enough for the office and customizable enough for any home PC design, with a mesh-free front panel and smooth, understated lines.

To minimise visible fan noise, the side panels are insulated with noise-isolating materials. You are being placed in charge by the key to silent PC design. Keep the three-speed fan controller at its lowest setting for silent operation. Take it up a notch or two for on-demand cooling when it’s time to drive your machine hard. When output needs it the fans can also power overdrive.

There are two additional 120mm fan mounts in the standard 100R in the roof, but ships with only the rear exhaust fan. The front fascia is solid, so air flow to the front would be much more minimal, although vents along the sides and along the bottom of the front panel provide a way for some cool air to enter, assisted by some simple non-removable dust filtering material.

The simplicity starts with the installation of tool-free 3.5 ‘and 5.25’ drives, and all four hard drive trays provide support for solid-state drives so that you can mix and match your needs. Dual USB 3.0 front panel ports on the outside allow you access to the new high-speed portable hard drives and flash drives quickly and easily.


  • Panel and buttons are well positioned
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Front water “AIO” install is very quiet


  • CPU access Hole is not large enough for the ATX

4. be quiet! Silent Base 601

Mid-Tower ATX Computer Case
BrandBe quiet!
ColorWindow Black
MaterialTempered Glass
Cooling MethodAir
Motherboard CompatabilityATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Case TypeMid Tower

Next up we have the be quiet! Silent Base 601 which is also one of our top picks. It’s fast and easy to create a PC within Silent Base 601 as the layout is fully traditional. The filters for dust are quickly removable. The front and bottom of the dust filters are mounted.

It has a revolutionary airflow at the front and top with enhanced angled, noise-dampening air vents. It has extra-thick high-grade 10 mm dampening pads. Two pre-installed 140mm fans from Pure Wings. For easy installation of fans or radiators, it has a detachable fan bracket at the end. The radiators for water cooling go up to 360mm in length. It has removable side panels released with the push of a button and no screws are needed. An optional side window is open, made of tinted and tempered glass.

Be quiet! Silent Base 601 measures 240 x 514 x 532 and weighs approximately 10 kg and supports up to seven 3.5″ or 14 2.5″ drives and up to seven ATX motherboards. You can notice the normal ports on the front, such as USB 3.0, USB 2.0, 3.5 mm HD audio jacks and a 3-step fan controller.

With full quiet, the noise dampening vents provide outstanding air permeability. For up to three fans, the 3 phase fan controller caters. It includes quick and safe detachment of the side panels with push pins. You can mount the power supply conveniently from the back of the box. The side panel consists of filtered and tinted glass.


  • Solid build quality.
  • Side panels lift off vertically.
  • Full length dust filters on the front and bottom.
  • Low noise levels during regular operation.


  • A controller can only manage three fans.
  • I/O panel does not have USB Type C.

5. Deep Silence 5 Full Tower E-ATX

Mid Tower ATX Case
Item Dimensions LxWxH17.95 x 20.47 x 8.15 inches
MaterialSteel, plastic
Item Weight20.5 Pounds

The last Silent PC case in our list is the Deep Silence 5 Full Tower E-ATX. With a great deal of mass around the perimeter, decoupled drive mounts super thick metalwork and dense sound proofing materials, it operates ultimately in silence. Large open space with fully removable modular direct airflow path drives cages. It includes 8 HDD sleds for fast swapping and 6 SSD cages.

They have got slim radiators ready. Without opening the box, the front fan brackets are easy to clean and dust filters that swing out. A 6 x 3-pin fan controller and 3 high-quality rifle bearing fans are included. It has a heavy Full Duty Tower that is shaped like an ultra-thick metalwork tank. For skilled users who need power, endurance, and quiet while running their programmes for hours, it is an excellent option.

It has one slim top radiator of 280 mm (max thickness 35 mm) and one thick front radiator of 240 mm. For improved airflow, top panel air covers can be removed; 6 x 3-pin fan controller and 3 high quality rifle bearing fans included.

Two very quiet 140mm Nanoxia fans are preinstalled behind the second door. The flap can be opened by simply pressing the frame, which gives access to the dust filters and fans that can be removed and cleaned very quickly. Magnets in the doors include quick closing and fast opening, as with all Deep Silence situations.


  • The 3 Nanoxia pre-installed fans are quiet and ideal for airflow.
  • All the cables for the front IO and fan are numbered and simple to mount.
  • All the screws are packed, and according to their application, they are numbered.
  • The case is kept quiet by the anti-vibration mounts and sound dampening foam.


  • Cable issues


Here are the best PC cases for builds under $500. This article examines numerous types of silent PC enclosures and describes their features. Based on your unique demands, this review will assist you in selecting the appropriate case type for you. Advantages and disadvantages of each feature are discussed in depth, as well as a comprehensive rundown of each benefit.

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