[Fixed] Microsoft Teams Voicemail Not Working 2024

Microsoft Teams includes a feature called Voicemail where users can share digital records and leave voice messages when other users are unavailable. The receiver can retrieve these messages from the digital mailbox.

Occasionally, Microsoft Teams voicemails might not function as planned. Users may occasionally have difficulties, such as voicemails not appearing in the app or individuals being unable to record messages, among others. It’s not always easy to troubleshoot voicemail difficulties with Teams, but we hope the suggestions below will be helpful for you.

I’ve been in a similar situation myself, and after doing some research and trying out various fixes, I was able to resolve this problem completely. If you’ve reached this guide with the same problem, you’ve come to the right place. The problem is quite minor, and the solution is extremely simple. After going through this guide, you will be able to resolve your voicemail problem in a heartbeat.

So, stick with me till the end and follow each procedure carefully to get to the solution. Without further to do, let’s dig right into it.


Fix Microsoft Teams Voicemail Not Working

The voicemail may or may not be shown in your Teams program, depending on the voicemail settings. When utilizing Exchange Mode, the mailbox location is crucial to how the voicemail is transmitted.

Voicemail on Teams may cease working if your Mail flow rules change for any reason. By following the instructions below, you may easily resolve this annoying problem.

The ways to resolve a voicemail issue with Microsoft Teams are as follows:

Verify Your Voicemail Settings

Start by looking at your Team’s voicemail preferences. Any alterations or modifications to the voicemail settings may prevent voicemail from working. Compare your voicemail settings to the ones listed below to ensure they are proper.

The steps to changing voicemail settings are as follows:

  1. You may access calls by clicking your profile picture, Settings, and then Calls.
  2. Make sure your voicemail is turned on under the call answering rules. If this is not the case, the app will not send missed calls to voicemail. 
  3. After that, verify all of your voicemail settings by clicking Configure voicemail. (You may customize your voicemail greeting message, choose the language of the greeting, and more)
  4. Pay close attention to your present Call answer rules. For instance, if your contacts are unable to leave voicemails, you could have activated the option to play your greeting before the connection is disconnected. Perhaps the caller is not permitted to leave a message on record after all.

Tip: Double check the name and phone number of the recipient if you configured Teams to transfer the call to them. Make sure there are no mistakes.

Check Your Exchange Mailbox Settings

The location of your Exchange mailbox significantly influences the way that Teams sends your messages.

Use this fix if your voicemails appear in the inbox but not in Teams. Contact your IT administrator if you don’t have access to these settings (Exchange Admin Center) for more help.

Just a brief reminder that Teams members with on-premises Exchange mailboxes are still able to use the voicemail functionality and get their voicemails in Outlook. They won’t be able to listen to or access their voicemails using the Teams app, though.

Therefore, if this is your current setup, you ought to be able to access Outlook to listen to your voicemails. However, the system won’t send your voicemails to Outlook if you’re using an Exchange Online mailbox in a hybrid scenario.

You can use the following methods to modify Exchange Mailbox Settings:

  1. Verify if hosted voicemails are supported by the user account. Run the command Set-CsUser -HostedVoicemail $True when PowerShell is connected to Teams.
  2. Review your connection rules for Exchange Online. Pay close attention to the spam rules for signature items and verify the parameters as they are now configured.
  3. Please refrain from sending voicemail emails using signature products. They often alter your emails. The voicemails won’t display appropriately in Teams as a consequence.

To find out more about configuring Cloud Voice Mail, check the Exchange Connectors and go to Microsoft’s Support website. Visit Microsoft’s Support website for additional details on how Exchange and Microsoft Teams work together.

Hopefully, Teams now has access to voicemail alerts. If not, proceed to the next fix.

Check Out the Mail Flow Rules

You could be having problems with Teams voicemail because of your voicemail flow rules. For instance, you (or your IT administrator) could have configured a setting to automatically flag emails with audio files as spam or junk mail. If this is the case, you won’t ever get voicemails in your mailbox.

Disable any such restrictions and see whether your Teams voicemail troubles are resolved. Visit Microsoft’s Support website for further details, where the firm explains why Teams voicemails are not delivered on hybrid phone systems.


How do I turn on voicemail in Team Admin Center?

From the Microsoft Teams admin center, go to Voice > Voicemail policies. Click Add, switch the features on or off in accordance with your needs, and then save the adjustments.

Where are Microsoft Teams voicemails stored?

Voicemails from Microsoft Teams are saved in the recipient’s Exchange inbox. When using the online exchange mode, you can store the voicemails on the local machine for offline access.

Why can’t I hear voicemail on Teams?

Your voicemail setting prevents you from hearing voicemails on teams. To enable the setting, click on your profile picture > Settings > Calls. Activate the voicemail option under the call answering rules.

How do I get my voicemail on Teams?

Go to the Calls button in the menu on the left side of your screen. From the menu options at the top of the Calls section, choose Voicemail.

How do you set up voicemail on Microsoft teams?

You can set up voicemail by following the steps below:

  • Within the Teams application, click on your profile photo. Go to the menu and choose Settings.
  • Select Calls from the Settings menu, then select Configure Voicemail.
  • You may now customise your voicemail settings using a variety of choices (record a voicemail, out of office greetings, etc.)

How do I turn on voicemail for team admin?

Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Voice > Voicemail policies in the Microsoft Teams admin center’s left menu.
  • Choose Add.
  • The features that you wish to employ with your voicemail policy can be turned on or off.
  • Choose Save.

How do I activate Microsoft Teams voicemail?

You can activate voicemail by following the steps below:

  • Within the Teams application, click on your profile photo. Go to the menu and choose Settings.
  • Select Calls from the Settings menu, then select Configure Voicemail.
  • You may now customise your voicemail settings using a variety of choices (record a voicemail, out of office greetings, etc.)

How do I download voice messages from Teams?

It’s quite easy: just click the three dots next to the file name. then select “Download.” Wait a bit during the download. When it’s done, the notification for the download at the bottom of your screen will go, and a file icon will appear in place of the download arrow from the prior notification.

Wrapping It Up

The Teams application’s voicemail function is a convenient way to leave a voice message for a coworker or group of colleagues when you can’t reach them directly. For voicemail, teams employ mailbox services.

The user may have the Teams voicemail not working issue for a number of reasons. You cannot utilize this function if your voicemail setting is disabled. Check your voicemail settings in the app if you’re having trouble with Teams’ voicemail.

Don’t forget to verify your connection and spam filters in Exchange Online as well. If you don’t have access to the admin center, get help from your IT administrator.

Hopefully, you will have found the answer you were looking for in this article. We wish you all the best.

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