4 Ways to Fix Microsoft Teams Not Showing All Contacts

Microsoft Teams is a brilliant platform that provides a basis for communication. Users can build up an online community, share thoughts and ideas, and so much more. You can use a user’s contact information to add them to Teams and private groups. Microsoft teams are very convenient and serve as the basis for a strong online community.

However, at times, users may experience problems with their contacts. You might be here because you were unable to find specific contacts on your list. This issue is quite common, and users constantly complain about it. The problem could disturb all your workflow as you won’t be able to communicate properly with that specific person.

Regardless of all that, there is a solution to every problem. The solution is extremely simple, and I promise you’ll get a hold of it in no time.

In this article, I will show you how you can fix the Microsoft Teams not showing all contacts problem. So, stick with me till the end, and you’ll know exactly how to deal with this problem.


Fixes For Microsoft Team Not Showing All Contacts

The following are some definitive fixes that will help you overcome your problem. If one fix fails to work, move on to the next one.

Some Quick Fixes

The following are some quick fixes you can try. These fixes will work most of the time, and you won’t have to go any deeper. If the quick fixes fail to work, move on to the other proper fixes.

  1. Check the web application. Check to see if your contacts are present when you launch Teams on the web.
  2. Alternatively, you may go to Calls and get a list of all your contacts there.
  3. After signing out of Teams, wait a few while, and then sign back in. See whether your contacts are now shown.

Import Contacts from Outlook

When contacts are not synced with Outlook, MS Teams frequently has trouble locating your contact information. Therefore, ensure that Teams and your Outlook Address Book are properly linked. Import your contacts from Outlook once more if the synchronization process is halted.

The steps to re-import your Outlook contacts are as follows:

  1. First of all, open Outlook and then choose the Address Book.
  2. Click on all contacts after selecting the first one.
  3. Next, you must click on File. Once done, select Add to contacts.
  4. To verify your list and ensure that every contact has been correctly synchronized, click on the Outlook contacts.
  5. Once done, launch Teams and find your way to the Calls/Contacts List.

Remember that it can take several hours for the contacts to sync. In exceptional circumstances, the entire synchronizing procedure might take up to 24 hours.

Another way to add contacts to Teams using Outlook is as follows:

By selecting the People button in Outlook, which is located next to the Meeting symbol, you may access the Global Address Book. Go to Find and choose Global Address Book. Select everyone from the list of users and then click Add to contacts.

You can choose certain people if you don’t need to import all the contacts. It’s also crucial to remember that only the contacts in your contacts folder’s root will be synchronized with Microsoft Teams.

Organizations may set and enforce certain restrictions on how users can use Microsoft Teams to find and get in touch with other users inside the company. We call this a scoped search. Whether it’s enabled, turn it off and check to see if Teams can now find your contacts.

The following section outlines how to disable Scoped Search on Teams:

  1. Open the admin center for Microsoft Teams.
  2. Next, you must select Ord-wide settings and then click on team settings.
  3. Go to Search and choose Teams utilizing an Exchange address book policy to navigate to scope directory search.
  4. Turn it on to see the outcomes.

Remember that applying the changes can take a few hours.

Add Phone Number to Contacts

Another approach to guarantee that Teams syncs all of your contacts are to include a phone number. Keep in mind that this tactic is effective whether or not your contact is connected to a firm. Teams cannot synchronize contacts without a phone number.


How do I see all my contacts in Microsoft Teams?

Open the team’s settings page and select the “Contacts” tab under “People” to view all of your contacts in Microsoft Teams. This will show you a list of all the team members you are connected to, together with their contact details and any messages they have sent or received.

How do I manage contacts in Microsoft Teams?

Click to create a new contact group under the Chat tab of Microsoft Teams’ Contacts section. To create a contact group, enter its name and click Create. You can include a number before the group name so that your new contact group will show up in the Numeric-Alpha order.

Why is Outlook not syncing with Teams?

Teams and Outlook were not designed to function effectively together. Outlook is a desktop application made specifically for organizing contacts, emails, calendars, and tasks. A web-based platform for cooperation called Teams was created specifically for managing groups of individuals.

Microsoft Teams and Outlook don’t always function well together since they were designed for distinct purposes. For instance, Teams supports rich text formatting in emails, but Outlook does not. Teams also do not enable task management tools like deadlines or progress monitoring.

Why is my Microsoft Teams not syncing?

Your Teams may not be synchronized for a number of reasons. The most frequent cause is that different Teams could use different versions of the Microsoft Teams application. By navigating to the Settings page and selecting the Updates option, you can determine if your Teams are up to date. Using the Update Teams option on the Settings page, you may update your Teams if they are out of date.

How do I sync my Outlook contacts with Microsoft Teams?

The process of synchronizing Outlook contacts with Teams can vary based on your particular configuration. Thus, there is no universal solution to this problem.

However, there are a few suggestions on how to sync Outlook contacts with Teams, such as utilizing a third-party program like SyncMyContacts, setting up Team Foundation Server (TFS) settings to sync your contact information automatically, or using an online service like ContactSync from Outlook.com.

Why are my Teams meetings not showing up in Outlook?

There is a function in Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 that allows meeting recordings to be kept in the cloud. The recordings are also kept on the Exchange Server if you’re utilizing one. The recordings are saved on your PC if you use a Google Calendar.

How do I restore my contacts?

There are several methods for recovering your contacts:

  1. You may recover your contacts from the iCloud backup if you have an iCloud account.
  2. You may recover your contacts from the Google account backup if you have a Google account.
  3. You may recover your contacts from the Microsoft account backup if you have a Microsoft account.

Why is my Auto sync not working?

An Auto sync not working might be caused by a number of different things. For example, the device you are attempting to sync with could not be registered with the app. The device you are attempting to sync with could not be online, which is another option. Try shutting off Wi-Fi and then turning it back on if your phone or tablet isn’t connected to the internet and you’re having difficulties synchronizing.

Why is my sync experiencing problems?

There are a few potential causes of your sync experiencing issues. You might be utilizing an older version of the program, for example. Make sure to upgrade the program to the most recent version if you’ve just installed it. Another option is that the performance of your computer or network connection is subpar. Ensure that your network is reliable and that your device is connected to the internet.

Some Final Words

By reaching this segment of the text, you now know exactly what to do when Microsoft Teams fails to display all contacts. As we have highlighted in this article, you can use three methods to fix this problem. By re-syncing the contacts with Outlook’s Address Book, turning off scoped Search, and adding a phone number to your Teams contact, you can fix MS Teams not showing all contacts. The solution is extremely simple.

You can now get back to using Teams to interact with people, make private groups, and share ideas. Teams offer a brilliant online community platform and allow users to share their thoughts and ideas with the world.

Hopefully, this article will have been of help to you, and your issue will have been resolved. We wish you all the best.

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