The Best Kindle Reading Lights in 2024 – [Update List]

Reading is a great way to escape the everyday concerns of the world. It allows you to travel to another world. For a change, your imagination takes over and the only thing that matters is the plot of the book. It is extraordinary how you can envisage the setting as if you were seeing it through your eyes.

The experience of reading books is truly one of a kind. For those of you who bury your nose in books at odd hours of the day, you might find that lighting conditions are not always suitable to ensure comfort when reading. The good news is there are various books lights available that make this problem go away.


Why Would You Need a Kindle Reading Light?

You might think that your room light is satisfactory for enjoying a good read. Some of you might even like reading in dim light. However, reading in unsatisfactory lighting conditions is known to cause headaches and eye strain.

In most cases, artificial light present in houses does not deliver the brightness needed to read comfortably. Moreover, just because you like reading at night doesn’t mean your partner should have to sleep with the lights on, right?

This is where a book light comes in handy. Most book lights have been manufactured keeping in mind the required brightness levels one needs to reduce eye strain when reading. Similarly, since they are compact and only light up the parameter around the book, your partner’s comfort is also taken care of.

Best Kindle Reading Lights List

Here are the top five book lights that have succeeded in satisfying customers and leaving a mark.

1. Energizer Clip on Book Light

Kindle & Book Reading Lamp
  • The size of the book light is 205 x 23 x 47 mm.
  • There are three brightness levels included.
  • It has AAA batteries with over 800 mAh capacity.
  • The product weighs 2.4 ounces.

One of the first things you will notice about this book light is its sophisticated and delicate design. The black matte exterior gives it a posh look that will go well regardless of what book you are reading. The use of the black color and intricate design help this book light look more like a showpiece, which might fare well with those that look for style.

The best thing about this book light has to be its Triade Powerup mechanism. Rather than limiting the charging of the product to one source, this product can be powered in three ways. You can charge it via your laptop or from your computer or car. To ensure this, a USB cable has been included in the package.

Apart from this, a plug or an AC adaptor can also be used. This has been a massive source of convenience for users who find it difficult to look for a single type of power source.

Additionally, this product delivers multiple modes of brightness. The included three modes ensure that you can alter the brightness of the light from low to normal to high as the situation changes. The size of the product is also optimum to guarantee durability and ease of traveling.

The kindle light is also equipped with a lifetime replacement warranty. This is an evidence of the durability of the product. After all, why would a company vouch for something it knows will eventually break? This added to the sturdy exterior shows that the kindle light is quite durable. Hence, the investment is bound to be cost-effective in the long run.

2. Vekkia Bookmark Book Light

Reading Lights for Books in Bed
  • There are four brightness level modes in the reading light.
  • You can clip it to a paperback and a Kindle alike.
  • The package includes a light and a magnetic clip.
  • An LED indicator tells you when the light is fully charged.
  • The dimensions are 7.9 x 2 x 0.4 inches

This reading light features a warm bulb. Compared to cool light bulbs, such bulbs are preferred for nights. It ensures that your brain is not over-stimulated and prepares you for a good night’s sleep. Thus, not only does this light deliver a great reading experience, but it also guarantees your health via a proper sleep.

A unique feature of this light is the fact that it can bend complete 360 degrees. This is ensured by the use of a rubber-coated exterior that provides the product with the flexibility needed. This is bound to be much more convenient than constantly clipping the light in and out after every few pages.

To make sure you don’t cause inconvenience to others, this light is equipped with different brightness settings. Each of these settings is chosen to ensure that the light is not too bright for your eyes, thereby protecting you from eye strain and headaches. Furthermore, this light is made to look like a bookmark, so not only will it shine its light on your book, but it can also be used to remember where you left your reading adventure.

The bookmark function is not just ensured by the design but also by the light weight of the product. The weight makes carrying the light, while it is attached to the book, a piece of cake. One of the biggest hassles of using rechargeable lights is that they take forever to charge. They also charge in one specific way. This kindle light has been successful in avoiding both these flaws.

The charging time of this light is merely 30 minutes. Also, you can charge this light using your computer, laptop, phone charger adapter, and portable charger. Together, this makes recharging the light less of a hassle. Once fully charged, you can use it for up to 4 hours without any interruptions. Hence, it is perfect for long reading sessions.

3. PERFECTDAY 12 LED Book Light

Rechargeable Reading Light
  • The product is accompanied by a one-year warranty and a 30-day guarantee.
  • It can be charged with a computer, laptop, or portable charger.
  • It comes with four brightness settings.
  • Each element is high quality to ensure durability.

The book light is quite different from other options in the market. For starters, it is equipped with a 3000K LED technology. Most other brands offer 7000K blue light. Compared to a high-intensity blue light, a 3000K warm light is much easier on your eyes, thereby ensuring a comfortable reading experience.

However, at the same time, an enhanced brightness is delivered to allow you to read late at night. This has been guaranteed by delivering 28 lumens of brightness rather than 12 lumens.

The kindle light claims that you can take it wherever you go. We can vouch for this claim. After all, the lamp is quite small and light. You barely feel the added weight when you attach the product to a book. Moreover, you can make the curved light flat and use it as a bookmark once you are done reading.

While other book lights feature wires and cables sticking out of them for charging purposes, this book light has been able to avoid these things with the help of its built-in USB cable. Also, the neck of the light is coated with a soft rubber and is made from a bendable metal. Both of these elements give the neck the flexibility needed to change the direction of the light as you please. At the same time, the entire product stays in place with the help of a strong clip.

To make this light kid-friendly, manufacturers have included four brightness settings. Each of these settings gives a soft light. This feature has been achieved with the help of an optical diffuser lens. Also, the rechargeable batteries have 30% extra capacity to provide a long operation time. This is the reason why the book light can easily last for eight hours after a one-hour charging time.

4. MAIAGO LED Reading Light

Flexible Reading Lamp
  • The book light is equipped with 4 modes of brightness.
  • It has a brightness of 8 lumens.
  • The color temperature is 6500K.
  • It comes with a light indicator.
  • The major material used in its construction is plastic.

One of the first things you will notice is how slim the book light is. The manufacturers have truly taken the promise of delivering a slim exterior to a whole new level. With a thickness less than 9 mm, this book light has ensured its usability as a bookmark. This feature makes it a contender of some of the other premium book lights. At the price demanded, this feature feels like a bonus.

Moreover, the body of the book light is made keeping in mind the requirements of the user. This is why you can bend the light in any direction, owing to the 360-degree flexibility included in the construction. Hence, regardless of which direction you want the light to shine, you will be able to achieve it.

To make sure you don’t have to keep holding onto the light as you try to enjoy your book, this lamp comes with a sturdy clip that easily attaches to both paperback books and Kindles. All you need to do is clip the light onto your book, and you are done! Compared to a book light that stands on its own, the inclusion of a clip base helps save space and make the product usable in different settings.

Another feature we liked about this book light was that you don’t need to invest in any extra cable. The book light has a USB interface design, which translates to its ability to charge via any USB port. Also, the fact that it merely takes 30 minutes for the product to be fully charged is a great time-saving feature compared to other lights that take hours to do the same.

5. Mofek Blue Light Blocking Reading Light

Rechargeable Amber Book Light
  • The brightness is 8 lumens.
  • The color temperature is 8500K.
  • The book light is equipped with a money-back guarantee.
  • The weight of the product is 2.4 ounces.
  • Its dimensions are 8.8 x 2.3 x 0.5 inches.

Compared to some of the other book lights in the market, this one is quite cheap. While normally that comes with a trade-off in terms of quality, that is not the case with this book light. Instead, a lot of users have found the quality of this product to be excellent which makes good value for money.

The manufacturers of this book light believe in delivering a light which is comfortable for the eye. Such eye care is guaranteed by the use of soft light instead of a harsh one. Hence, when you use this light, you don’t feel as if you are being blinded by the intensity of the light. This, in turn, reduces the chances of your eyes being negatively affected by the act of reading.

Rather than having AAA batteries, this book light can be recharged with the help of a USB. Whether it be a power bank, PC or laptop, this light can connect to them all without the need for an extra cable. This is bound to be convenient for those who are forgetful about carrying chargers and cables.

Since charging is quite a hassle, this product has taken measures to reduce this hassle. Apart from multiple methods of charging, the charge time is limited to 30 minutes after which you can use the light for 4-8 hours, depending on the brightness level. To alert you to the charging status, an LED indication is included. Also, once the product is fully charged, it automatically stops charging. This ensures the durability of the battery.

Features to Consider

One simple search online and you will find a seemingly never-ending supply of book lights. This raises a question – are all these products worth purchasing? The answer to this is that they are not. It is very important to select your book light wisely.

Here are a few features you must consider before selecting a book light.


The most important feature of all in a book light is the brightness it delivers. There is an intricate balance that the given book light must achieve. It needs to have a light which is bright enough to ensure your eyes don’t get strained from reading. At the same time, you don’t want the light to be too bright as it makes reading a painful process. After all, you wouldn’t want to squint while reading, would you?

For those of you who like to read just before going to bed, try to look for warm-colored lights. This is because cool-colored lights are known to stimulate the brain, which may make it harder for you to fall asleep later on.

To ensure that your book light can serve a purpose throughout the day, opt for products which offer an array of brightness settings. This way, you can select a level that suits the time of the day.


Reading isn’t an act that is limited to a place. Some read when commuting. Some read in their break during office hours or school hours. If you are such a soul, you must look for a book light that offers portability. Such book lights must be extremely lightweight and sturdy to make sure they are able to bear the rough handling.


This isn’t a feature everyone considers, but the truth is that your accessories say a lot about you and your personality. We live in a society where such items are considered to be an extension of oneself. To make sure people don’t ogle your book light as you use it in public, consider the aesthetic appeal of the product. Does it go well with the rest of your persona? Is it standing out awkwardly? Will it garner unwanted attention? All of these questions matter.

Additional Features and Style

Just like there are a variety of genres, there are quite a few book light styles in the market. You must filter down your desired style to reduce your options. Available styles include those with flexible necks, those which attach to e-readers, those which are made to be attached to paperbacks, etc.

Moreover, apart from delivering the basic function of providing you with light, a book light can also have other additional features. If you can afford it, these features are bound to be helpful. For instance, a shut-off timer turns on the light after a given time period to guarantee you don’t fall asleep with the product on.

Charging Time and Power Source

You will also have to make a decision about whether you want a book light with a rechargeable battery or removable AAA batteries. Each of these power sources has their perks and flaws. Select them on the basis of your need. For instance, if you don’t think you will always be at proximity to a power source, a rechargeable battery-powered book light will be a good choice.

Additionally, check how long the light lasts once charged. In case of rechargeable batteries, inquire about the charging time. These factors govern how convenient and usable the product will be.


All five products mentioned are high quality and are worth the purchase. Among them, we loved the LuminoLite product the most. This is because its performance was exemplary and it is extremely comfortable on the eyes.

This doesn’t mean that other products are not worth trying. Each of them succeeds in delivering a great set of features. Your choice can differ from ours. Select whichever you think suits your needs and read away!

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