Best Motherboards For i7 6700k in 2024 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Whether you have an Intel i7 6700k processor you bought it to build your own gaming station catered to your needs, then the next step for you is to purchase a motherboard that is compatible with your processor. The thing about motherboards is that they are highly versatile. With the increase in competition in the industry, there is a diverse variety of them available in the market at present.

So when deciding which motherboard to opt for out of all for your Intel Core i7 6700k processor, you need to be certain that it is the right one and is for sure compatible with it.

If you are a professional, then choosing one shouldn’t be a problem for you. But if you are doing this for the first time, you need help, and we are here to provide it to you.


Motherboards For i7 6700k List

Today in this guide, we will be reviewing the best motherboard for the Intel Core i7 6700k in the market. Not only that, but we also have a detailed buyer’s guide which explains each feature so even the first time buyers can understand what they need to meet their needs. So without any further due, let us jump into the reviews.


gaming mousepad Motherboards MAXIMUS VIII
CPU SocketLGA 1151
RAM Memory TechnologyDDR4
Chipset TypeIntel Z170
Graphics Card InterfacePCI-Express x16
Total HDMI Ports1

The ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO is one of the most popular gaming motherboards among gamers. The motherboard comes with the LGA 1151 socket and the Z170 chipset, making it perfectly compatible with the i7-6700k. With the dual-channel DIMM slots, the motherboard can support 4 DDR4 RAM, which makes it a good fit for individuals to enhance their multitasking experience.

Furthermore, the motherboard is equipped with the Asus 5 way optimization feature, which automatically auto-tunes the motherboard and the heat sink to sync with the overclocking profiles you have in place. Also, the heat sink comes with customizable RGB lighting, which allows you to personalize it based on your personal preferences.

2. Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4

Best DDR4 Motherboards
CPU SocketLGA 1151
RAM Memory TechnologyDDR4
Chipset TypeIntel Z170
Memory Speed2133 MHz

Asus motherboards are quite popular among high-end users, which is why you will find them on most of our best motherboard lists. The Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4 is rated by the professionals to be one of the best ones in the market in terms of Intel core processors. The LGA 1151 processor socket and the Z170-A chipset makes the motherboard compatible with the i6-6700k processor.

Furthermore, the processor comes with the ATX standard form factor with dual DIMM slots that are capable of supporting DDR4 dual-channel RAMs. Also, with the 5-way optimization feature, the motherboard will automatically adjust with your overclocking profiles, giving you the ultimate gaming experience.

Also, you get to enjoy fast M.2 slots and USB 3.1 boost power transfer for an enhanced experience. The motherboard does come with a user-guide that clearly explains every feature and function in detail.

3. Gigabyte LGA1151 GA-Z170X

Intel Z170 ATX DDR4 Motherboards
CPU SocketLGA 1151
RAM Memory TechnologyDDR4
Chipset TypeIntel Z170
RAM Memory Size64 GB

The Gigabyte LGA1151 GA-Z170X is another great motherboard in the market with the LGA 1151 socket and Z170X chipset, making it fully compatible with the 6th generation Intel Core processors, including the i7-6700k.

Equipped with the standard ATX form factor, the motherboard comes with 4 DIMM slots that support dual-memory DDR4 RAMs allowing you to expand your memory for multitasking and heavy processing.

Other than that, the motherboard comes with 1x PCI-Express 3.0 x16 Slots, 1x PCI-Express 3.0 x8, 1x PCI-Express 3.0 x4, and 2x PCI-Express 3.0 x1, allowing you to connect graphics cards, optical drives, and other peripheral devices to your motherboard.

Furthermore, it comes with 3 SATA ports for ultra-fast storage devices and a built-in 7.1 channel audio system, which makes it great for gaming. Plus, with the USB 3.1 ports, you can enjoy fast transfer speed, keeping interrupted experiences at bay.

4. ASRock H110M-DGS

ASRock Motherboard Micro ATX
CPU SocketLGA 1151
RAM Memory TechnologyDDR4
Chipset TypeIntel H110
RAM Memory Size32 GB

The ASRock H110M-DGS a great motherboard with the LGA 1151 socket and the H110 chipset, which makes it compatible with the Intel Core i7-6700k processor. The motherboard has a mini ATX form factor, which means that it comes with only two DIMM slots that support dual-channel DDR4 RAM, making it suitable for individuals who need limited storage.

Other than that, the motherboard is equipped with 1x PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slot, 1x PCI Express 2.0 x1 slot, and multiple other connectivity ports, including a mouse, keyboard, and USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports.

Furthermore, it comes with a built-in LAN, audio jacks, and DVI-D port for display. Overall, the motherboard offers great connectivity even with the compact design.


ATX Motherboard with onboard AC Wifi
CPU SocketLGA 1151
RAM Memory TechnologyDDR4
Chipset TypeIntel Z270
Memory Speed2133 MHz

If you are looking for a motherboard that comes with onboard WI-FI, then the ASUS ROG STRIX Z270E is one of the best options for you on the list. The motherboard is equipped with the LGA 1151 socket and the latest Z270 chipset, which makes it compatible with the Intel Core i7-6700k processor and provides you with ultra-fast and powerful performance.

Furthermore, the motherboard comes with a 5-way optimization feature that automatically auto tunes your system based on your overclocking profiles. Plus, with the multiple built-in connectivity ports, including the M.2, USB 3.1, and SATA memory ports, you can enjoy immense connectivity without needing an additional connecting device.

Also, the safe slot feature protects the metal frame and adds to the durability of the motherboard, making it a worthwhile investment.

How To Choose a New Motherboard?

Choosing the right motherboard isn’t only about choosing the one with the most powerful features and specs. Isn’t that what the definition of best is in our minds? But that doesn’t work in the case of motherboards.

Similar to how you need a specific cable to charge your phone and laptop, components of a PC requires specific slots to connect with one another. Those slots are present on the motherboard, which is why in order to choose the right motherboard, you need to consider the following elements;

1. CPU Socket and Chipset

Firstly, you need to consider whether the socket and the chipset of the CPU match with the ones on the motherboard. Both components need to have compatible sockets and chipsets in order to connect. In the case of Intel processors, you need a motherboard with the LGA 1151 processor socket. Other than that, make sure that the chipset is Z170, Z270, or H110 for compatibility purposes.

2. Slots

Other than the processor, there are a number of other hardware components that you need to add to your system, which is to be connected directly to the motherboard. Based on the number of slots available, motherboards come in three common sizes naming; micro, mini, and standard. So check out the slots to make sure the motherboard will be able to meet your needs.

3. Price

Lastly, you need to figure out whether the motherboard you need will fall in your budget range or not. Remember, price isn’t always the deciding element, but when it comes to additional features, you might need to pay extra few bucks to enjoy the additional perks.

Features To Consider For i7 6700k

Like all other components, it is very important to consider the features of a motherboard, or you may call them specs when deciding which out of all would be best suited for you. For professionals, this must be a piece of cake as they know exactly what they want, but the process can be a bit intimidating for first-time buyers.

But not to worry, because all the features that you see on the box aren’t as important as you think. Some of it is just gibberish added by the manufacturer. So to distinguish the important ones from the unimportant ones, here is the list of features that you need to consider when making a rational decision whether a motherboard would be suitable for you or not. 

  1. Form Factor – Firstly, you need to consider the form factor, which determines the size of the motherboard and the number of slots available. The most common type of form factor is ATX, and it comes in various sizes. So you can opt for the one that you prefer.
  2. Chipset and Socket – Next is the chipset and the socket. For the Intel Core i7-6700k, you need an LGA 1151 socket and the Z170, Z270, or H110 chipset for compatibility purposes.
  3. Memory – Next thing you need to consider is the type and the amount of memory your motherboard can support. We suggest that you look for a motherboard with DDR4 memory slots and that support up to 64 GB memory as it makes it future proof.
  4. Slots – Apart from the high-end tech, there are other hardware components that you need to add to your motherboard as well, such as graphics cards, optical drives, storage drives, peripheral devices, and more. So for that, you need multiple different types of slots, so make sure that the motherboard has your required slots.
  5. Additional Features – Motherboards these days come with additional built-in specs that make them high-end. The most common ones are on-board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology along with audio systems.
  6. Overclocking – Lastly, you need to check whether the motherboard will support your processor’s overclocking. As the i7-6700k can be overclocked, so if you wish to, then get a motherboard that supports it.


What Chipset is the i7 6700k?

The Intel Core i7-6700k is a quad-core chipset launched in 2015 by Intel. The chipset based on skylake microarchitecture delivers unparalleled performance to your microprocessor and runs at the base frequency of 4 GHz, making it perfect for heavy gaming and main-stream usage.

What is the best motherboard for the I7 6700K?

There are some great motherboards in the market, and the best one for each user depends on his personal set of requirements. But in terms of powerful performance, ultra-fast speed, and overclocking feature, the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII is the best motherboard for the i7-6700k processor.

The reason is that the ‘k’ in the processor model means that one can overclock the processor; therefore, you need a powerful motherboard that can support overclocking.

Will the i7 6700k bottleneck GTX 1080?

There is no straightforward answer to that as it depends on the settings you set in place. Since the GTX 1080 is the latest and one of the most powerful GPUs at present, therefore, when paired with the Intel Core i7-6700k, it might bottleneck the GPU when at maximum settings. But there isn’t anything to worry about as you will be able to enjoy a powerful gaming experience without any problem.

Does the I7 6700k work on Z270’s?

Yes, the Z270 chipset is perfectly compatible with the Intel Core i7-6700k processor. But other than that, the best thing about the Z270 is that it is future proof which means even the latest generation of Intel processors is compatible with the chipset, making it a great investment.

Does i7 6700k Have Hyper-Threading?

Yes, the Intel Core i7-6700k comes with Hyper-Threading, which allows it to run at the base frequency of 4GHZ. But that is not all. The k in the model name represents the quad-core processor’s overclocking feature, which means it overclocks the core on-demand to 4.2 GHz to deliver maximum performance.

Final Words

Buying a motherboard can be a bit daunting, but you should be good to go with the information at your disposal. The key to buying the most suitable motherboard for yourself is to make a list of all your requirements and make sure that the motherboard is equipped to provide that to you.

In the case of Intel Core i7 6700k, it shouldn’t be that hard since the motherboards these days are powerful and flexible in terms of performance.

All the motherboards mentioned above are great in one way or the other and perfectly compatible with the i7-6700k. So go through their review, check out their specs and compared them with your needs, and choose the one that best suits your needs. Good Luck, we hope that you find the motherboard that you came here looking for!

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