How To Add Signature in Outlook 365 – 2024 Guide

If you’ve reached this article with the intention of learning how to create and add signatures to Outlook 365, you have arrived at the perfect place. Our email signatures serve as our digital business cards in addition to displaying our contact information. The readers will get a positive image of your professionalism through the signatures.

An Outlook email signature is the best way to grab the recipient’s attention and boost your company’s reputation. A compelling signature encourages the reader to get in touch with you or visit your blog, website, and social media pages.

A person’s or organization’s text, photos, and links make up the table of contents of an email signature. A name, work title, and phone number are the most typical information to include in an email signature. However, a lot of people don’t utilize signatures, and others think that adding them to Outlook is a very difficult task.

After going through this article, you’ll learn how easy it is to create and add signatures to Outlook. The process is extremely simple, and you’ll have it mastered in no time. So, without further to do, let’s get you hooked up with a signature on Outlook 365.


Create Signature in Outlook 365

When using Outlook 365 or the Web, you may change your email signature by heading to the Compose and reply area of the additional settings. Multiple signatures can be added to a single account using Outlook Web. You can change the wording of your Signature and include images and links.

It is simple to create new signatures, and they may be adjusted quickly. The steps below will help you learn the process of adding a signature to Outlook:

The steps to establish an email signature in Office 365 are as follows:

  1. First of all, launch the web and visit Outlook.
  2. Next, you’ll have to sign in to your Outlook account.
  3. On the ribbon at the top, you’ll see a gear icon. Clicking on it will launch the Settings.
  4. In Settings, you must click on View all Outlook Settings.
  5. Next, you must find your way to Compose and Reply from the Mail section.
  6. Over here, go on and click on New Signature if you already have another signature.
  7. Next, you must provide a signature name.
  8. You must now type in your required information and attach some additional links and pictures.
  9. Select the option stating Automatically include my Signature on new messages I create check box if you want your Signature to show at the bottom of every new email message.
  10. Select the option Automatically include my Signature on messages I forward or reply to check box if you want your Signature to display on messages that you forward or reply to.
  11. To finish the signature creation process, go ahead and click on Save.

You can use the following methods to add your Signature later if you generated one but decided against having it appear on all outgoing messages automatically:

  1. Select “New message” from your web inbox.
  2. After finishing your message, click the More Options icon.
  3. Next, you must select the Insert Signature on the compose pane.

Create and Add Signature in Office 365

When creating a new email, select the Insert signature option to attach a signature. You may also choose a default signature for all new messages, replies, and forwards. Additionally, numerous signature configurations are available for messages, responses, and forwards.

Email signatures can be created up manually or automatically. To learn the procedure, keep reading the text.

The steps to add signatures in Office 365 emails are as follows:

  1. First of all, you must find your way to your Outlook web mailbox.
  2. Next, go ahead and click on the New message button.
  3. Find the three horizontal dots () on the top and click on them.
  4. Next, you’ll have to turn the Insert Signature option On.
  5. Once done, go ahead and select your Signature.

The email will include your Signature at the bottom. You may also choose a default signature for brand-new messages, replies, and forwards. You should follow the steps listed below to activate the automated signature feature.

The procedure to choose the default signature for messages, replies, and forwards is as follows:

  1. Find the Settings icon on the ribbon and click on it.
  2. Next, go ahead and click on View all Outlook Settings.
  3. Once done, find your way to Compose and Reply through the Mail Section.
  4. Go down the page and find the Select Default Signature option.
  5. Over here, you can select signatures using the drop-down menu for replies, forwards, and new messages.

Following the establishment of a default signature, your Signature will appear at the bottom of each new message and reply.

You may also use the Outlook desktop client and the Outlook mobile app. Both of them have signature characteristics that are quite helpful while working on various devices. Check read the paragraph below to learn how to make and add a signature on applications and smartphones.

Create and Edit Signature in Outlook App

You may generate and add signatures in Outlook desktop programs from the Mail settings in Options. Additionally, the Outlook desktop client enables adding signatures manually and automatically. Additionally, the Outlook mobile application’s Signature settings allow for the creation of signatures.

The signature settings for the Outlook desktop client and mobile applications are dissimilar and do not sync. Take a look at the article to understand more about the procedure.

The methods for creating a signature in Outlook applications are as follows:            

  1. First, you must launch the Outlook Application.
  2. Next, find your way to File.
  3. After that, go ahead and open the Options menu.
  4. Inside the menu, click on the Mail option.
  5. Next, find the Signatures button and click on it.
  6. You must now click the New button. This will enable you to add a signature.
  7. Go on and type in a name for your Signature.
  8. Select OK to confirm the signature name.
  9. You must now provide your Signature information.
  10. Click on OK to confirm and save new settings.

The default signature setting is also available under the “New Messages” and “Replies/Forward” options. Use the methods below to manually add the Signature.

The steps to manually add signatures on Outlook applications are as follows:

  1. First of all, you’ll have to create a New email.
  2. Next, go ahead and select Signatures using the Message tab.
  3. Find your Signature and select it.

You must make a fresh signature using the mobile application in order to continue utilizing the signature function on mobile. For information about them, see the article.

Here’s the procedure for how to add a signature to Outlook for mobile:

  1. First of all, launch the Outlook Mobile application.
  2. Next, find your way to Settings.
  3. Inside settings, go on and select Signature.
  4. You must now type in or paste your Signature.

Your email signature is automatically inserted at the bottom of each new message you write.


How to create signatures in classic Outlook on the web?

If you want to add an email signature while using the old or classic version of Outlook on the web, go to Settings > Options > Mail > Layout > Email Signature.

Where is the signature option in Office 365?

Go to Settings > View all Outlook Settings > Mail > Compose and reply to access the signature option.

Why can’t I create a signature in Outlook 365?

Your Outlook profile may be corrupt, which prevents you from creating a signature in Outlook 365.

Wrapping It Up

Email Signatures on Outlook can come in very handy and are essential for adding professionalism to your emails. In addition to providing our contact details, our email signatures also operate as our digital business cards. The signatures will provide the readers with a good impression of your professionalism.

Although email signatures have multiple benefits, sometimes users can face problems in creating and adding signatures to their Emails. I’ve outlined the simplest ways to add a signature to your Outlook 365 account in this post, and I think you’re doing a great job of being exceptionally professional and making a wonderful first impression.

The process of adding a signature is extremely simple, and after going through this guide, you should have it mastered and under your control. Hopefully, you will have found this article helpful. We wish you all the best.

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