7 Ways To Fix “Spotify Playback Paused” Error On Discord

Essential functions of Spotify, such as playing music, are free, but you can upgrade to Spotify premium if you wish to gain access to other app services. So not only are you enjoying music, but you also get the chance to get exposure to different content and meet new people from all across the world.

Now that we are familiar with Spotify, let us talk about another hot app in demand: Discord. Discord is a free app, and it enables your voice, video, and text people to allow you to talk and hang out with your friends or people in your community or other communities.

Now, let us come to the main topic that we are here to discuss, which is the error that arises on Discord. Most of you might be well aware that when you listen to songs on Spotify and simultaneously use Discord to communicate with your friends, Spotify gets paused. This can be highly annoying, especially if you are in the middle of a gaming session while listening to your favorite tunes.

This error occurs when your music is being transmitted through the mic you are using. This can be due to a faulty mic or an error in the settings. So whether this is done intentionally or unintentionally, it is against the policies of both apps because they think you are transmitting audio to people who have not paid to listen to the music available on the app.


How To Fix The “Spotify Playback Paused” Error On Discord?

Here are a few ways you can fix this error:

1. Buy A Better Mic

So, this issue that arises is mainly linked with the mic you are using. If the cause is due to a faulty mic, touching up your settings will not help. Faulty mics transmit everything that you do on your computer. This does not only apply to your Spotify music; everything on your computer that is making a sound will be transmitted through your mic, ranging from YouTube videos to gaming audio.

This is going to irritate you, but it is also going to affect other people who are in the same voice channel as you. The transmission is of poor quality, which makes it worse. So, you want to upgrade to a high-quality mic.

2. Turn On Push To Talk

This unique feature exists in almost every communication app on the market. There are two input modes. You can choose “Push to talk” or “Open mic.” As is evident from the name, an open mic is when your mic is open. It can pick up any audio within a suitable range.

Push to talk is another option. This is the opposite of Open mic. It lets you choose a bind through which you will transmit your voice. Whenever you turn this setting on, you can talk to your friends. If you do not want them to hear you anymore, you can turn the setting off. To do this:

  • On the bottom left of your screen, press the settings button.
  • Click on Voice and Video.
  • Click on Push to Talk.
  • Set the bind to whatever is easy for you.

Now, chat with your friends uninterruptedly.

Discord has some pretty cool features, and one of these is the status. If your Spotify is linked with your Discord account, your friends will be able to see the status that you are listening to Spotify. They will also be able to see what you are listening to, and they can even click on that, and the same song will start playing on their app.

So, as a result, Spotify starts being paused after 30 seconds. To avoid this, unlink your account. All you have to do is:

  • Open Settings.
  • Click on Connections.
  • You will see a cross sign. Click on that to unlink Spotify.
  • A window will pop up. Click on disconnect.

4. Tweak Your Mic Settings

Your mic is the main culprit when it comes to audio being transmitted. You can play around in the settings to help improve audio quality. Even if you have a cheap mic, you can still make the audio somewhat better. But in your case, we want our mic to stop transmitting audio other than our own. So, to do this:

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Voice and Video.
  • Adjust your sensitivity.
  • Click on “Automatically determine input sensitivity.”
  • This will set the sensitivity for you. However, if you prefer to acheieve this manually, you can set it to the desired level.

How To Fix The Discord “Spotify Playback Paused” Voice Settings Error Message

If you were ever using Discord and came across the “Spotify Playback Paused” error and then were directed to the Voice Settings, we feel you are not alone. It can be irritating to see this window pop up without apparent reason. However, fear not. We have just the solution for you! Keep reading to see how you can fix this error in a jiffy!

One of the easiest ways to fix this error is to unlink your app in the first place. This will block any conflicts, and you will listen to your music without interruptions. However, if unlinking your app is not your fort, we have something other in store for you.

  • Open “User Settings.”
  • Click “Voice and Video.”
  • Click on the “Audio Subsystem” heading.
  • Now, disable “Use Legacy Audio Subsystem.”
  • This will cause your Discord to restart, and your issue should be fixed.

Spotify becomes paused when users are transmitting over Discord, either by going live voice chat or screen sharing. This is Discord’s way of preventing the app users from streaming music to entire clans of users. Apart from the solution above, you can also try using Push to Talk or adjusting the Voice Sensitivity to prevent your mic from activating.

Can You Listen To Spotify And Discord At The Same Time?

Lots of people use Discord to communicate with friends or other community members while playing their favourite and desired video games. Every time you add music to your voice chats on Discords, you make the experience way more entertaining. Unfortunately, you can not listen to Spotify and Discord simultaneously.

If Discord senses any voice activity for more than 30 seconds, your Spotify listen-along feature will stop playing songs. This is done basically to adhere to the Spotify terms of the agreement. Discord is an excellent app and is extremely popular among gamers. They mainly use it to chat. On the other hand, Spotify is a popular online music streaming service. You can enjoy both hands in hand but listening to both simultaneously, I am afraid, is not possible.

How To Fix Discord Spotify Listen Along Not Working

The Listen Along is a great feature of the app. There is no doubt about that. However, an error might sometimes pop up depending on the user, the device, or the particular account in use. The plus side is that these issues are relatively easy to fix. Follow the steps below to help with this issue:

Make Sure To Get Spotify Premium

The listen-along feature on Discord requires you to get a Spotify premium account, which applies to all the listeners. So, if this feature is not working, you want to make sure that all the listeners are upgraded to Spotify premium.

Make Sure There Is No Voice Activity

If Discord senses even the slightest kind of voice activity while a song is being played, listening along will stop working. This is basically due to the personal use policy of the app and the End User Agreement of Spotify.

Voice chatting, sharing a screen with someone, and going live all fall under the category of voice activity. So, in return, the listen-along feature will stop working. Switching to a text channel will prove beneficial for you. However, if you are not involved in any voice activity whatsoever and your mic picks up random sounds that are registered as voice activity, then you can fix that by:

  • To open settings, click on the gear icon.
  • Click on Voice and Video.
  • Under Input Mode, turn on Push to Talk.

Disable Crossfading

Crossfade is a feature on Spotify which eliminates silence between your tracks so that your music never stops playing. If you enable this feature, it might cause a hindrance in the playback for listeners when the songs change. All you have to do is turn off the crossfade to fix this issue.

Keep The Device Awake

If you use a mobile device instead of a PC, it might cause a problem. If your device goes to sleep during any inactivity and a song that is currently playing ends, the feature might stop. This happens as a result of Discord losing a connection with Spotify.

All you have to do is keep the device awake to avoid this. You can also change the sleeping timings on your mobile. Or use a PC to prevent all this hassle in the first place.

Select The Correct Device

If you use multiple devices on your Spotify account, Discord will get confused about picking the right one. Select a device from Spotify or play a song from Spotify to fix this. Discord will then automatically pick up the device needed for the listen-along feature.

Sync System Time

If your device’s system time is not in sync with the actual time, the audio will issue. Ensure that both the timings are in sync with each other for the feature to work.

Reconnect Your Spotify Account

If nothing works, you can try reconnecting your Spotify account. This will help fix your issue in some cases.

  • Click on the gear icon.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on the x next to Spotify.
  • Click on the Spotify icon.
  • Follow the instructions to add your account.

Use Third Party Music Bots

Using third-party music bots is an alternative to Spotify. You can add a music bot to a voice channel you create, and then you can play songs hassle-free using the appropriate commands.

How To Invite Friends To Listen Along On Discord

Discord is all the more fun with friends. For an immersive and entertaining experience, get your friends to join the app. Here is how you can invite your closest ones to listen along for a more fun experience:

  • Start playing music on Spotify.
  • Ensure that Discord is showing the correct music on your status.
  • Then, select the friend you wish to invite.
  • Click on the plus icon next to the text box.
  • You will receive a message preview.
  • Type in a comment if you wish to.
  • And then, click on Send Invite to send the invitation link to your friend.

Your friend will receive a message with a Join button. Once they click on that, they will be able to join you, and you can listen to music together. In the bottom left corner of the app, you will see how many friends are listening to the jams you have selected.

How To Connect Spotify With Discord

Connecting Spotify with Discord is all the more fun. Enjoy live stream gaming and video chatting while listening to your favourite tunes. To connect your Spotify with Discord:

  • Click on User Settings.
  • Go to Connections.
  • Locate the Spotify logo and click on it.
  • Confirm the connection.
  • Log in to Spotify.
  • Then, check to make sure that Spotify appears on your list of connected accounts. You will receive a success message.

Why Spotify Listens Along, Keeping Pause On Discord

This issue is a common one and is faced by users all alike. This is mainly due to the Terms and Agreement between Spotify and Discord. Discord will pause the listen-along playback if any music or voice activity is detected for 30 seconds. It can be you talking to someone, any noise in the surrounding or background, or other various sources.

So, if your mic is transmitting any voice or sound in particular for 30 seconds, Discord will pause the Spotify playback, and you will receive an error message.

This can happen either due to voice chat, screen share, or even you are going live.

How To Fix The Discord Spotify Playback Paused Error

This error mainly occurs when you are using the listen-along feature and Discord senses any sound activity for 30 seconds from your side. Discord will then pause the playback, and you will receive an error message.

Sometimes, you may not be speaking, and your microphone will pick up any noise from the background or surroundings. To fix this error:

  • Click on the gear icon.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on Voice and Video.
  • Click on Push to Talk located under Input mode.
  • Then, configure the push to talk button.

Now, your mic will not pick any voice up automatically, and you can press the push to talk key while speaking.


Why Is My Spotify Constantly Pausing?

Your Spotify keeps pausing because your mic detects noise or sound activity for 30 seconds. If you want to avoid this, try switching to push to talk to prevent this problem or read our article for further aid.

Do You Need Spotify Premium For Discord?

You do need Premium if you wish to use certain features like listen along or listen to other songs. However, if you only want to play a song or see what others around you are playing, then you do not need a premium account for that.

Final Thoughts

The listen-along feature on Spotify is excellent, and it allows you to listen to songs and use Discord simultaneously. It is truly a unique way of getting to know each other and connecting with friends and strangers. However, sometimes you will deal with some minor issues, and lucky for you, they are straightforward to fix. All you have to do is give our article a read!

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