My PS4 won’t turn ON Diagnosis – How to fix it? Complete Beginner’s Guide

So you’re back from school/work, and you want to play some PS4, but it won’t turn ON. Your PlayStation 4 may show the blue light of death, or you may not even hear a beep or the blinking light.

So now that you’re sitting on your couch and your PS4 won’t turn, although you have pressed the power button a thousand times, what should you right now?

In today’s episode of “How to” articles, we will show you how to fix your PS4 that won’t turn ON.


What caused this issue to occur? (PS4 won’t turn ON)

Several reasons may have caused this problem, ranging from power issues to software and hardware problems. It would be wise to leave the hardware issues to the professionals; you don’t want to mess up your PS4 further.

But, if there’s a software issue, it can be easily fixed through troubleshooting. If there’s a power supply issue, it can also be easily fixed by checking all the cables and sockets to see where the problem is coming from. You may have a problem with your power outlets, cords, surge protector; you need to identify the source of the problem and then resolve it to turn ON your PS4.

Some of the primary reasons that might have caused this problem of PS4 not turning ON are;

Power Button Failure

You may have noticed that whenever you buy a new console, the power button needs a slight touch to turn it ON. But, as time progresses, the power button becomes less touch-sensitive, and you need to push a bit harder to turn ON your console.

So there might be a chance that your PS4 isn’t turning ON because of a fault in the power button; make sure to fix the power button to resolve this issue. You can either fix it yourself if you’re professional enough or take it to a decent repairing shop to fix the power button.

Dust particles and Excessive Use

The accumulation of dust particles in your gaming console can also play a significant part in causing this issue. Clean your console frequently so there isn’t any dust buildup and you won’t face such kind of issue.

Another factor that leads to such a problem is the excessive use of the console, so avoid the excessive use of your console that might result in overheating and other serious issues.

Defective Cable connection

Another reason that might have caused this problem is the defective cable connection of your console. First, check all the cables, so there isn’t any cable that is loosely connected. Then, double-check all the wires and ensure that they are correctly connected to eliminate this issue.

Damage to the internal components

Another reason that might have caused your PS4 not to turn ON is damage to the internal components of the console. For example, you may have dropped your PS4, or you might have bumped it into something, or even something that fell on top of your console may have caused internal damage to your console.

Make sure to take a trip to your nearest repairing shop and get it checked by them to see if there’s an issue inside your PS4 which will eliminate this issue.

Roaches inside the power supply

As I discussed earlier, that you need to clean your PS4 to avoid any issues frequently. Roaches can play a grave role in harming your PS4 severely, so make sure to clean your PS4 and check the power supply for any roaches.

Any insects near the power supply or inside your console can seriously damage the power supply and the components inside your console, which may result in the death of your PS4. So make sure to clean your PS4 frequently so you don’t end up throwing your console in the garbage.

Power Surges and lightning

One of the biggest and most deadly reasons that might destroy your PS4 is power surges and lightning.  Ensure to switch off or disconnect all the cables from your console whenever there is a power surge or lightning because these two things can instantly destroy your console.

Bugs, Viruses, and Errors

Another reason that might have caused your PS4 not to turn ON is the entry of viruses and bugs into your gaming console. Make sure to keep your console as safe as possible from bugs and viruses because they might be the main reason behind your PS4 is not turning ON. 

Methods for resolving the problem of PS4 not turning ON

Several techniques can be used to fix your PS4 not turning ON; make sure to try every step as we will tell you. We hope that one of the methods may solve your issue; if none of the methods solve your problem, then you might think of repairing the internal components of your console.

Power Cycling

Power cycling is an important method that is used to solve this kind of issue in gaming consoles. First, you need to hold the power button until the LED lights stop blinking; even if your console is already off, you still need to hold the power button for about 30 seconds.

Now remove all the power cables from your console and wait for at least 20 minutes. Now, reconnect all the power cables to see if your issue has been resolved. 

Try different power cables and power outlet:

If power cycling didn’t resolve your issue, you can also try removing the current power cable and replace it with a new power cable. In addition, you can try plugging your power cable into another power outlet to see if it resolves your issue.

Sometimes, the power cables, outlets, or surge protectors are defective and cause this issue to occur, so make sure to double-check your power outlet and cables.

Clean the dust particles from your console

Dust buildup inside your console may have caused this issue to occur, so make sure to clean all the dust out of your console to see if it resolves the problem. Try using an air blower to take out the dust particles, and make sure to blow the air into the disk drives and other outlets that are at more risk of dust accumulation.

You can also open up your console to clean the inside components of your PS4. After cleaning the entire console, start your console to see if it has resolved the issue.

 Try inserting a disc into your PS4

This method is viral among PlayStation users; whenever the gaming console is not turning ON, you need to insert a gaming disc into your console. Your console automatically detects the gaming disc, and it turns ON by itself. All you need to do is turn ON your console, insert a disk into your PS4 until it turns ON by itself, and then remove the disk.

Start your console in Safe Mode

You can also try starting your console in Safe Mode, which might help in solving this issue.  The Safe Mode option of PS4 allows you to start your console with very few active functions; this can sometimes help solve many problems. To start your console in Safe Mode, you need to follow these steps;

  • Shut down your console.
  • Press and hold your console’s power button until you hear the beep twice, and then release it.
  • Connect your PS4 controller via a USB cable.
  • Now press the PS button on your USB controller.
  • Select the Rebuild Database option, and wait till the process completes.

After following the above steps, starting your console in Safe Mode may have solved the issue. If it doesn’t solve your problem, try performing a factory reset or updating your system software, it might resolve your issue.

Remove the hard drive from your PS4

There might be a chance that there is some issue in your hard drive, making your PS4 unable to turn ON. First, try removing the hard drive from your console, and then start your PS4 normally; if it doesn’t work, try starting it in Safe Mode. 

If there’s an issue with your hard drive, your PS4 will either start normally or in Safe Mode. Shut down your console again and reinstall the hard drive at that point, which will solve the problem of your PS4 not turning ON.

Repairing the console

If you have tried all of the above methods, but your PS4 does not show any signs of life, it means that there is some serious issue with your console. There is a huge chance that one or some of the components inside your gaming console are damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. You can contact Sony support to have it fixed for you, or you can also take it to your nearest repairing shop to get it repaired.


  • How do you fix your PS4 when it doesn’t turn on?

Ans: You can try different troubleshooting methods like disconnecting and reconnecting the cables, power cycling, or inserting a disc in the disk drive to fix the problem of PS4 not turning ON.  

  • What causes a PS4 not to turn on?

Ans: Different reasons cause a PS4 not to turn ON.  Some of the significant reasons are dust buildup, faulty cables or connections, power-button failure, or physical damage.

  • How do I force start my PS4?

Ans:  You can force start your PS4 by starting it in Safe Mode. You can easily turn ON your PS4 in Safe Mode by holding the power button until the second beep. Then connect a controller via USB and press the PS button on the controller.

  • What is the PS4 blue light of death?

Ans: The PS4 blue light of death is an error noted by the gaming console. Blue light is continuously blinking in the console. Due to the blue light of death, your PS4 won’t turn ON or OFF right away, and there won’t be any video/audio output from the console. You can try different troubleshooting methods to resolve this issue.

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