4 Way to Fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn on

Consoles are not built the same way PCs are. When a PC breaks down, you can dismantle everything and get it fixed. However, the case is different when it comes to a console. You simply cannot open up your console, making our troubleshooting options very limited. Often, a hard reset is our go-to solution.

So, did you hard reset your console. And now it won’t turn on. Well, no need to worry. I have got the solution. In this article, I have jotted down a bunch of solutions for you to try and your console will be up and running in no time.


Why is my Nintendo Switch power button not working?

The issue is not with your power button, what is basically happening is that your Switch will not turn on. This could be due to some internal issues with the console’s hardware. For example, it is possible that there is not enough charge in your Switch to boot your console, or it could be that your console is stuck on a black screen.

Commonly, the battery of your Switch is drained by the time your hard reset completes because the entire process is extremely lengthy. The hard reset keeps the Switch functioning the whole time. So, most of the time, if your Switch will not turn on, the console’s battery is dead. You want to charge your console first for at least an hour. Your Switch should be ready to use after that.

If your Switch fails to charge, there could be a fault with the AC adapter. Check to make sure that everything is plugged in correctly and try again. Also, inspect the adapter for any cuts or tears or loose ends. Purchasing a new one in case of damage is the best option. Let your device charge properly, and it should be good to go.

How to fix Nintendo Switch won’t turn on after hard reset

It is disappointing when your Switch will not turn on, even after a hard reset. Mainly, it occurs due to a fault with the battery. Data corruption could also be responsible for it. The main culprit usually is the charging wire; you want to make sure there are no cuts or wear tear in the charging cord. Often, the console is completely drained of its battery. Leave it in charging mode for extended periods to get your console to switch back on.

Here are 4 solutions you can try to get your Switch back up and running:

1. Charge Your Nintendo Switch

As previously discussed, a hard reset will eat up most of your battery, so your Switch is likely out of battery, which is why it will not turn on. After 30 minutes of the hard reset, try turning it back on and charging it in the dock. A green light will be visible on the dock’s bottom left side of your console, meaning that it is working correctly. If the light does not come on, ensure that the dock is connected correctly. If your charging dock is connected correctly, but you fail to see the light, there might be a problem with your charging dock.

So, the first and foremost thing you want to charge your device adequately. Afterwards, check to ensure that your device is working.

2. Try a Different Charging Dock

If your Switch fails to turn on, it could be due to a faulty cable. You want to inspect the cable for any dirt, exposed wires, bent adapter or bent pins, or wear and tear. Purchase a new one in case of any damage.

You also want to keep in mind that using a non-Nintendo or any other third-party power cord to charge your console might cause it to malfunction. Likewise, do not use a third-party Nintendo Switch dock because it might fry your charging port. Instead, buy an official one from Nintendo’s website.

Your console and power connection can be in tiptop shape, but there can be an issue with your outlet or surge protector. In this case, try using a different socket.

3. Perform Another Reset

If you are 100% that there is nothing wrong with your console, that your battery is charging properly and that there are no issues with the charging port or dock, perform another reset. It should get the job done because, according to my research, it has worked for lots of people. Here are the steps to perform a reset:

  1. First, press and hold the Switch’s power button for 20 seconds.
  2. Now, release the power button.
  3. Wait for a couple of seconds.
  4. Then, turn the Switch on.

At this point, you should be able to see the screen. If not, please follow the next solution on our list. 

4. Remove the SD Card

It is possible that the data on your console could be corrupted, which could be why your Switch will not turn on. If you have a MicroSD card inserted in your Switch, take it out before turning your console on. Here is how you can remove your MicroSD card:

  1. Turn your console over on the opposite side.
  2. Open the kickstand.
  3. Take out the MicroSD card.
  4. Press the power button.

You should see the Nintendo logo by now. If not, then I am afraid there is something wrong with the hardware on your console. I would suggest you contact Nintendo in the case or get a new console.

Final Thoughts

Consoles are made to last a long time; however, a few unfortunate situations arise. If your console does not turn on, I suggest that the first and foremost solution you try is to let your Switch charge unbothered and then move on to the other solutions. If your Switch fails to work even after all this effort, it is wise to contact a professional to get it fixed or simply buy a new one. Hopefully, this article solved your issue.

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