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Fortnite, a battle-royale online video game released by Epic Games in 2017, available on platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and several Android devices. Although being released in 2017, it did not gain that much fame. But later in 2018, it had grown a family of 200 million users from around the world on different platforms.

Thanks to some of the famous streamers like Ninja, Shroud, Bugha, and Tfue, Fortnite climbed the ladder to the top in being one of the most famous video-game around the world, beating the likes of PUBG and other battle-royale video games. Fortnite features two game modes, the Battle Royale and Save The World mode.

The Battle-royale is the most popular mode, in which players either individually, in a duo, or four-player squads play against each other, involving up to 100 players in a single game.    

Most of us have played Fortnite every now and then, and some of us are still giving an average of 5 hours of daily playing time on this excellent battle royale game. If you’re playing Fortnite every single day, but you just can’t find the right tactics to deal with your enemies and be the last man standing, then this article is the perfect place for you.

We will build a master plan for you, which will help you win matches and clutch like a pro, making you the best Fortnite player in your neighborhood. This plan of ours will be divided into three parts; Defense, Offense, and various helpful tips and tricks.

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Following this master plan will take your gaming skills to another level, leaving your friends in utter shock. So let’s cut the long talk and dive straight into the first part of our master plan.

Fortnite Guide



Practice your building skills

Building is one of the most cruical things in Fortnite, and the building aspect makes Fortnite quite different from other multiplayer games. Most beginners think that excellent shooting skills will get you to win matches, but that’s not the truth; an enemy with superior building skills will give you a hard time landing even a single bullet on him.

Right after you land, try to gather resources as much as you can, so you can build numerous ramps and walls while you’re in a fight. You will need to harvest wood, stone, and metal collected from different vehicles, trees, and buildings using your pickaxe.

Mastering the building technique will give you an overall advantage over your enemy because you can quickly get to higher ground than your enemy, easily create a cover for yourself, and even push your enemy away.

Avoid leaving clues for other players.

There are zero chances of you winning a game in Fortnite without proper tactics because this is a strategic game and your opponents are way more intelligent than you might think.

One of the most common blunders that Fortnite players make is leaving behind buildings and chopping down trees from top to bottom. If you’re leaving behind buildings and chopping down trees completely, you are basically leaving signs for your enemies to sneak up on you.

A player with the slightest knowledge about Fortnite will look out for enemies whenever he sees a building being left behind or entirely demolished trees because the enemy knows that someone has traveled on this path before him/her. They can either sneak up on you or even snipe from a long distance while you’re not even aware of the enemy.

Work on your movement

You will need to work on your movement to succeed in the world of Fortnite; your movement technique plays a significant role in your gaming style. You will need to master the three main types of movements in Fortnite, crouching, jumping, and zigzag running. These three things will make sure to keep you alive and give you more chances of winning.

Crouching helps you to sneak up on your enemy while he has no idea. If you’re crouching on your enemy, you’ll make minimum noise, stay undetected and eventually catch him unguarded.

The second type of movement is jumping or hopping around; it should be used while engaged in a firefight; jumping here and there will make it very hard for your enemy to land a bullet on you. It won’t disturb your aim, so you can quickly shoot down your enemy.

The last type of movement is zigzag running; make sure that you never run straight again. There might be several snipers on a higher ground waiting for you, or even some enemies camping in your way, so make sure to have a zigzag movement and even jump around while you’re running, which will make it hard for snipers and campers to shoot you down.

Collect Resources

As we discussed earlier, building is one of the most essential aspects of Fortnite, and you’ll need to master the art of building to take down your enemies because just shooting skills won’t do it. As soon as you land, try to collect as many resources as you can because you’ll need them to build walls and ramps while you’re in a fight, and therefore, make sure to collect extra wood and brick than you usually do. 

When you take down your first enemy, you’ll notice a significant amount of decrease in your resources because you built several walls and ramps to take cover and get to higher ground. Therefore, make sure to collect resources constantly, so you never run out of brick and wood while you’re in a fight, or you will be left without any cover.


Master your aim

Aiming is as essential as building in the Fortnite Battle royale, building walls will create a cover and keep you safe, but you’ll have to be offensive to get rid of the enemy at some point. After all, Fortnite is a shooting game where you’ll need to shoot at your enemy to get him killed. So, you’ll need to work hard in practicing your aim to become an excellent player.

People who have spent hundreds of hours on different shooting games will have a hard time aiming at their opponents because handling guns in Fortnite is entirely dissimilar. Therefore, you’ll need to work very hard on your aim to become an exceptional Fortnite player and win more matches.

Master every type of gun

Another essential thing that will make you a better player at Fortnite is having a balanced loadout with every type of gun. Never make the mistake of picking up the same weapon in every game and using it all the time, this might help you handle that gun particularly well, but that’s going to hinder your combat skills.

Try to carry different weapons, like a shotgun, assault rifle, and bolt-action sniper rifle. Try to use different guns in different situations, like a shotgun in short-range, a sniper in long-range, and an assault rifle in medium-range, so you can master guns in different situations, which will make you one of the best players in Fortnite.

If you’re in a long-range fight with an enemy who’s using an assault rifle, and you have a sniper, you’ll have the advantage, and you will be able to take him down without any problem.

Dropping in semi-crowded areas

If you’re new to this game, and you’re dropping in hot spots for loot and taking fights in the first seconds of the game, you’ll probably die within the first minute of the match.

This won’t help you get better at Fortnite; because you don’t even have the time to pick up a decent weapon, you might get lucky by shooting here and there and killing an enemy or two, but you’ll never learn anything. Make sure to drop in semi-crowded areas where you have enough time to grab some decent weapons, shields, and even resources.

Now that you have grabbed all the necessary stuff, taking on an enemy will be a lot easier, and you will be able to use your tactics properly, like building walls and ramps and handling different guns, which will help you improve your gaming skills. 

Upgrade your weapons

If you have played Fortnite for a week or two, there’s a great chance that you already have a favorite gun in the game, whether that be a shotgun or an assault rifle. You can increase the effectiveness of that particular gun by upgrading it with gold bars.

Upgrading your favorite weapons will make them even more powerful and give you an advantage over your opponents. This will help you take down your enemies more efficiently, and you can lead your squad to victory. You can collect more gold bars by completing bounties, looting your opponents, searching furniture and boxes, and completing side quests. 

Collect more gold and upgrade your favorite weapons to make them more lethal than the opponent’s regular weapons. Your opponents will stand no chance while they’re facing your upgraded weapons because they’ll deal more damage and be more efficient.  

Tips and Tricks

Sensitivity of your Controls

Sensitivity plays a vital role in shooting games, and very few people use Fortnite’s standard sensitivity settings. Most users prefer higher sensitivity settings, while some prefer lower sensitivity settings, it entirely depends on you. But, if you notice that you aren’t hitting the sweet spots when you’re engaged in a fight, then you should probably modify your sensitivity settings.

Most users like to use lower sensitivities while playing shooting games; you should also try it out to find the perfect sensitivity for your playstyle because lowering the sensitivity might help you find the sweet spot you’re looking for.

You can easily alter the sensitivity settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top-right corner, where you will see controller sensitivities. Apply some changes, and come back to practice a little by shooting at different objects, notice the changes in your aim and find the perfect sensitivity settings for yourself.

Use a high-end headset.

Another tip that will help you get better at Fortnite is always using a high-end headset while you’re playing. Fortnite has outstanding audio, and you can hear the footsteps if someone is near you. Using a high-end headset will help you depict where the sounds are coming from, whether the enemy is below you, above you, or near you in any direction, which can help you strike first at your enemy.

Listen to the nearby sounds carefully and react quickly because the enemy might be very close; depict where the sound is coming from, locate your enemy, and strike first. A person playing without a headset will have literally no idea if an enemy is close to him/her. He or she will notice after seeing audio-visual indicators on the map.

In contrast, a user with a high-end headset will just sit back in a corner and wait for the footsteps to get closer so he can take him down.

Review your own gameplay 

There’s only one way of getting better at something, and that’s learning from your own mistakes. The same goes for Fortnite; whenever you die, don’t get frustrated and shout at people; sit back and use the replay feature to see how the enemy tried to kill you.

Watch the replay a few times and ask yourself what you could’ve done to avoid getting killed. Analyze your own gameplay and try to figure out the mistakes that eventually got you killed, learn from those mistakes, and try to avoid them in the next games.

Learning from your own mistakes and avoiding them in the future will definitely make you a much better player at Fortnite.

Follow a bunch of Fortnite streamers.

Another tip to get better at Fortnite is to follow many popular Fortnite streamers like Ninja, Tfue, Myth, and many others. Watch their videos or streams daily and try to imitate their gaming style, watch how they handle pressure situations, how they shoot, how they build, and many other helpful techniques.

Following many streamers won’t make you a better Fortnite player overnight, but imitating their playing style will significantly improve your own playing style. You might not even deliver like your favorite streamer did in a particular situation, but at least you will know that you’re on the right path and trying to learn.

Practice is the key to winning, and if you’re determined to learn, eventually, you’ll learn how to clutch like your favorite streamer and be a better player at Fortnite.

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