How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop – Procedure Explained

Who hasn’t heard about the Nintendo Switch? Even since Nintendo Switch was released in 2017, it has completely changed the gaming world. Acting as a gaming console you can take with you on the go, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t just limit your gaming specifically to your room in front of your TV.

Although connecting your Switch with a TV is quite an easy task, sometimes your TV might not be up to date to allow you to play Switch games through your PC. Other than that, your TV might now always be free for you to play games. If this is frustrating for you and you are wondering if you can somehow magically connect your Nintendo Switch to your Laptop, you have come to the right place.

Here in this guide, we have everything you will need to know to run your Nintendo Switch on your Laptop. So let us get started.


Nintendo Switch Preview

The Nintendo Switch is a portable gaming console developed by Nintendo. Released back in March 2017, Nintendo completely changed the gaming community, providing gamers with a platform to use in front of their TV in the living room, or take with them on the go. Known for its popular games like ‘Super Mario 3D world’ and “Monster Hunter Rise,” the Switch provides a wonderful gaming experience to its audience.

Is It Possible To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop?

If you wonder if there is a direct way to connect your Switch with a laptop through an HDMI cable and stream your games on it, I don’t want to burst your bubble, but it is not that simple. The only means through with you can connect a Nintendo Switch to another device is through a Nintendo Dock. This provides HDMI-Output to devices like TVs which can display all the Data.

The problem here is that the Laptop and the Dock contain only an HDMI-output port, meaning they can provide data or screen view to other devices like television but cannot that the input data they receive through an HDMI.

Therefore, it is not possible to directly connect your Switch with a Laptop. But do not worry yet, as we have something cooking for you. YES, there is a way through which you can work yourself around and start streaming your Switch gameplay on your Laptop. So, stick with us and learn how you can use this feature to your advantage. Let’s dig in.

Requirements For Connecting Nintendo Switch To Laptop

You will be needing the following equipment to get your Switch streaming on your Laptop.

Nintendo Dock

The Nintendo dock is a gadget that comes with your Switch. It allows you to connect the Nintendo Switch with a TV or a monitor. You will need a Dock in this procedure, so if you don’t have one or have lost or maybe broken it, you better get a new one.

Video Capture Card

A Capture Card captures On-screen content and converts it for playback as a high-quality Video file or Live streaming. Capture Cards provides you with the best streaming facilities and is compatible with gaming consoles like PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Along with those, you can also use the capture card for PCs and Macs.

The recommended capture cards in the market are “Elgato by Corsair.” Hook yourself with whichever is compatible with your Laptop.

Video Capture Software

You will also have to download video capturing software to stream the videos on your Laptop Screen. One of the most popular software is the OBS Studio, as it supports most operating systems and is completely free of cost. You can also get Video Capturing software that is compatible with your Capture card, like Elgato.

HDMI Cable

You can use any HDMI cable you have available at home, although it is recommended to use a high-quality HDMI cable. This will connect your Switch and Laptop with a Capture card.

Other than all of the equipment mentioned above, you will obviously be needing a Laptop to stream your Switch gameplay.

Process Of Connecting Nintendo Switch To Laptop

Now that you have everything set up in place let us move on to the actual procedure of setting your Switch up for streaming on your Laptop. Remember to perform each step correctly and in the manner stated to make it work.

Step 1: First, go ahead and connect your Nintendo Switch to your Dock. To do that, plug the cable of the Dock in the Switch connector (Type C)

Step 2: If your Nintendo Switch is already connected with any Screen device, go ahead and disconnect it.

Step 3: Plug-In the HDMI cable of the Switch into the HDMI port of the Video Capture Card.

Step 4: Next, you have to open the video capture software you had downloaded and power off the Switch using the home button.

Step 5: While docked, power On the Nintendo Switch.

Step 6: Through a USB cable, connect your Laptop with the Video Capture Card. Soon you will find your Nintendo Switch screen being displayed on your Laptop.

Step 7: Once that is done, go ahead and turn your game on in full resolution. Now your gameplay will start displaying on your Laptop.

CONGRATULATIONS. You have now connected your Nintendo switch with your Laptop screen. You can now endlessly play games on a big screen without having to worry about anyone or anything messing up your gaming time.

Connecting Nintendo Switch to Computer

If you do not own a Laptop and are wondering if it is possible to connect your Nintendo Switch to a computer, the answer is YES. You can connect your Switch with a Computer through a capture card the same way you can connect it with a laptop. So rewind back to those steps to secure your Switch with a Computer.

Alternative Methods

If your Laptop is still not able to stream your Switch gameplay after going through all the steps, here’s what you can do.

Sometimes your Laptop might not be compatible with to Stream Nintendo switch. So it’s high time you start considering upgrading your Laptop if you want to enjoy the perks of streaming your Switch on it.

You can also install Nintendo games on your Laptop somehow. This will allow you to take advantage of playing Nintendo games on a big screen without having to go through all the trouble. You can Download or Buy games from multiple platforms and enjoy those games through the luxury of your Laptop or PC.

Video on How to connect Nintendo switch with laptop


With all the above stated, you should know what it takes and link your Switch to a Laptop screen. Of course, you will have to make an investment for a Video Capture Card to be able to perform this feature, but it’s totally going to be worth it for all the passionate gamers out there. Remember to follow each and every step carefully to make everything work right.

We hope you would have found this guide helpful, and now you can enjoy playing your Switch on a bigger screen without having to worry about the TV being occupied. So go on and get your Switch linked up with your Laptop and head into your Nintendo gaming world.

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