Which is The Best Mouse Grip – Palm Vs Claw Vs Fingertip

You might be buzzed with a simple question: why is it important to know the details of any mouse grip? Well, a simple answer to that is that it best determines how you control what happens on the screen. Having the right grip on mouse can be important to maximizing your aim. It can help you with speed and other movements of all kind.

When gaming with a mouse, it is important to be comfortable and have a proper control of everything around. Everyone goes for a different control over keyboard and mouse use for making quick movements and aiming.

Rookies are usually not particular with mouse handling. But any hardcore pro happens to be quite specific with mouse handling – taking care of speed, potential aiming, distanced movements etc.

Palm GripClaw GripFingertip
Entire hand rests on mousePalm on mouse, fingers curledFingertips only, no palm contact
More controlMore dexterityMost dexterity, least control
Great with scroll wheelsBetter for rapid clicksBetter for speed and precision
More arm and elbow controlMore wrist controlMore finger control
Great for trackingGreat for flickingGreat for rapid movement
Aim with armAim with wristAim with fingers and wrist
Better for lower DPIBetter for higher DPIBetter for higher DPI

There are three main styles of mouse grip – palm, claw and finger. Here I’m going to give you a review of all these three types of mouse grip and how each of these has got it’s own list of pros and cons. Based on that, you can then decide if you need to change your current grip style or you are already on the best one.

Best Mouse Grip

Palm Grip

Like the name applies, the entire palm is laying on top of the mouse with very minimal space between the mouse and your hand. It is the most natural and commonly used grip.

Here we have seven points of contact – five fingers are in touch with the mouse, the inside of the palm and its very outer boundary closer to the wrist. The fingers are in 1-3-1 position – thumb on one side, pinky finger on the other and the rest three in middle, on top of the mouse having buttons fully under control at will.

This is the most convenient and stable grip overall. Since fingers easily control, you get no finger strains. Some people believe that having the insides of your palm touching the mouse is going to increase the friction which will definitely get them a problem in moving. It might be true, but in order to avoid that, you have to go into an uncomfortable position by keeping your palm raised up preventing it from touching the base of the mouse and so, you are likely to get muscle strain or fatigue.

Besides vertical aiming is also difficult because you have to move your entire arm. Also, for the same reason of having to move your entire arm, it lacks flexibility and thus, less suitable when rapid repeated movements are required.

Claw Grip

With this grip, your hand looks like a claw. Your palm is pushed into the backside of the mouse, grasping its sides with your thumb and pinky, index and middle fingers arched and then pointed down to the buttons. The overall view of this grip gives you a claw-like image.

We have six points of contact in this type of grip – all those of a palm grip except for the inside of the palm which is not at all touched with the mouse. In a claw grip, you are not resting your whole hand on the mouse unlike palm grip which allows for much faster movements, placing less weight on the mouse.

Index and middle fingers control clicking of the button which can be very useful for better aiming and quick speed. Since the two fingers are highly arch pretty much all the time in this type of grip, there is a high possibility of gamers catching finger strain.

Fingertips Grip

This is by far the most difficult grip to master. Only tips of the five fingers are in contact with the mouse, the palm is totally arched up.

Looking at other grips, fingertips method comparatively facilitates quicker motions and responses. When it comes to games requiring quick motions, it helps deliver faster and efficient results. Though this method is rarely used, hardcore pro gamers use mostly use this type of grip throughout. Small size mouse is best use for such grip.

Though it is great for small adjustments, still fingertips grip is comparatively unstable and difficult for larger movements.

Now these are three main different types of mouse grip that prove to be helpful in different situations. But what grip shifts anyone the best, is not decided based on their specifications – rather, the gamers need to decide it themselves as to which grip is going to take them to the best position, the one with which they are the most comfortable.

If you want to improve your gaming skills with the help of any mouse grip, I suggest you practice all three of them starting from the basic palm grip. Start by using your entire hand and then slowly getting your skills improve, but do not jump from palm grip directly to the fingertips grip because it is a bit too difficult to master. Go slower but practice a lot.

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