Mouse Cursor Disappeared on Windows 11 (7 Ways To Fix)

Mouse cursor disappearance on Windows 11 has affected many users and is a very common issue. No one can doubt the importance of a mouse to your computer.

From handling office work to playing hardcore games, the mouse makes everything so much easier and more accessible. It can get extremely frustrating when the cursor disappears or stops moving. Users may think their mouse is broken in such circumstances. But I would recommend you to reconsider as the problem could be something else.

So, before you throw away your mouse, first try to see if you can fix it. Users started facing this issue in large amounts when they updated their operating system to Windows 11.

Guessing from that, your issue may be caused by outdated drivers, or it could be something else. There’s nothing to worry about as we’ll simplify each and everything for you.

This article provides some definitive, working fixes to get your mouse cursor back on screen. So stick with me till the end, and you’ll get rid of the problem in no time.


How to Fix Mouse Cursor Disappearance on Windows 11

To fix your mouse cursor issue on Windows 11, I have compiled the ultimate fixes for you. I recommend you to try each fix one after the other until you find the fix that works for you. Reach each step carefully to get the best results. So, without further to do, let’s dig right into it.

Unhide The Mouse Pointer

While typing, your mouse cursor may occasionally disappear from the screen. It occurs as a result of some strange mouse setting. To resolve this problem, unhide the cursor in the settings.

Follow the steps below to unhide the mouse pointer from the settings:

  1. Click on the Windows Key and R Key simultaneously to open the run command.
  2. Inside the box, type in Control Mouse and then click on Enter.
  3. As your cursor won’t be working, utilize the arrow keys to switch between the tabs.
  4. Using the Tab button, navigate your way to the Hide Pointer While Typing.
  5. Using the Spacebar, go ahead and untick this option.
  6. Next, you have to navigate to the Apply button using your arrow keys. Once there, click on enter and then select OK.
  7. Next, you must restart your computer. You can do this by pressing on Alt + F4 to launch the shutdown menu.

After restarting your computer, check to see if the issue has been resolved. If the issue persists, move on to the next step.

Press the function keys on your keyboard.

When using Windows 11, several people advise using the function keys to restore the visibility of the cursor. To begin, hit the F1 through F12 buttons. Try these other quick cuts if it does not resolve the problem: Fn + 3; Fn + 5; Fn + 9; and Fn + 11.

Reconnect Your Mouse to A Different USB Port

A damaged or malfunctioning USB port is likely to be the reason for your Windows computer’s mouse cursor repeatedly disappearing. Utilize a different port to change the connection. You may also test the mouse on a different computer. Your mouse’s operation will be guaranteed as a result.

Update Mouse Drivers

The latest operating system, Windows 11, makes it essential to verify that all drivers are updated to prevent compatibility problems. In other words, the lack of a mouse pointer on your computer screen might be caused by outdated or faulty drivers.

Follow the steps below to learn how to update your mouse drivers on windows 11:

  1. Start by hitting Windows + X keys, then pick Device Manager with the down arrow key and hit Enter.
  2. It should launch the Devices Manager window. To concentrate on a window, press the Tab key. To access mice and other pointing devices, press the down arrow key.
  3. Use the right key to expand the settings. Choose your mouse by using the down arrow key.
  4. After that, to access a drop-down menu, press Shift + F10.
  5. Next, choose Update driver using the down arrow key and then press “Enter.”
  6. A window ought to open. Choose Search automatically for drivers. Your mouse driver will immediately be updated by Windows 11.

Restart your computer after finishing all of the things to see if the problem has been fixed.

Reinstall Mouse Drivers

Even after updating the mouse driver, Windows 11 still does not show the mouse pointer. The driver is probably corrupt. To fix the problem, uninstall and then reinstall the driver.

Follow the steps below to reinstall your Mouse drivers:

  1. By pressing Windows + X, the Windows menu will be shown.
  2. Use the down arrow key to get to Device Manager. Next, press Enter. 
  3. To switch between the choices, use the Tab key first, then the down arrow key.
  4. Mice and other pointing devices may be expanded by using the right arrow key.
  5. By pressing Shift and F10, you may access your driver’s drop-down menu.
  6. To access the uninstall window, press the right arrow key.
  7. Make sure Uninstall Driver is selected, then press Enter.

Following the driver uninstallation, restart your computer. The driver will be set up by Windows automatically. Check to see whether the problem is still present. If affirmative, go to the next solution.

Change Batteries on the Bluetooth Mouse

Do you use a Bluetooth mouse? Most likely, the battery in your mouse is dead. Try changing the batteries and then check if the problem resolves or not.

Additionally, if your mouse’s dongle receiver is damaged, you won’t be able to see the mouse pointer on the screen. Verify whether or not it is operating correctly.

Reset the Mouse Pointer Scheme to Default

After upgrading Windows, you can experience a mouse pointer disappearance problem if you have the mouse pointer scheme configured in a variety of styles. To prevent this, set the pointer scheme to default or none.

Follow the steps below to reset your Mouse Pointer scheme back to default:

  1. Launch the default search menu by pressing the Windows + S keys.
  2. Type in mouse settings and then hit Enter. 
  3. In order to access Additional mouse options, keep pressing the Tab button. The mouse properties window will open as a new window.
  4. Utilize the Tab key to navigate between tabs.
  5. Press the Tab key again after moving to the pointers tab. You’ll be able to access the Scheme menu.
  6. Switch between the tabs by using the Tab key.
  7. Use the down arrow key to choose the scheme as none.
  8. Next, you must click Apply and then OK to save the changes you just made. 

Once you have this fix in place, your cursor disappearing problem will go away.

These are the fixes you need to take if your computer’s mouse pointer is missing in Windows 11. Check out the next part, though, if you’re using a laptop and experiencing the same problem.

Fix Mouse Cursor Disappeared on Windows 11 Laptop

If you’re a laptop user and you’ve been experiencing the mouse cursor disappearance issue on Windows 11, this segment is for you. Multiple reasons could cause this issue.

On a Windows 11 laptop, the mouse pointer won’t appear if the physical key to turn off the touchpad is pressed. You may see this problem if the touchpad isn’t enabled in Windows settings or if you’re using the laptop as a tablet.

I’ve discovered several effective methods you can employ to solve this problem. Just follow my instructions, and you’ll quickly fix the Windows 11 mouse pointer problem on your laptop.

Enable the Touchpad from Settings

In contrast to desktop computers, laptops include a touchpad as a feature. It serves as a substitute for the computer mouse. It’s possible that the touchpad is deactivated if you’re having trouble using it.

These days, Windows gives users the option to enable or disable the touchpad as desired. You can use the keyboard to turn on your touchpad if you can’t use your mouse or touchpad.

Follow the steps below to Enable the Touchpad from Settings:

  1. First, launch the Settings App by pressing Windows + I keys.
  2. A window ought to open. To concentrate on the left window, use the Tab key. Next, select Bluetooth & Devices using the down arrow key and click Enter.
  3. Next, go ahead and hit the Tab key, choose Devices, and then press Enter to continue. Once done, Navigate to Touchpad and hit Enter.
  4. You will see a window open. Toggle the button by using the Tab key. Lastly, press the Spacebar to turn it on.

After finishing that, check your screen to see if the pointer is present using the touchpad. If the issue still persists, jump ahead to the next solution.

Turn On Internal Pointing Device Using BIOS

You may have a variety of touchpad difficulties if the Internal Pointing Device (IPD) setting in the BIOS is deactivated. This may also include a mouse pointer missing issue.

This may usually occur following the purchase of a new laptop. When you change the setting, the mouse cursor will appear directly on the screen.

The steps to enable the internal pointing device are as follows:

  1. While turning on your laptop, continuously press the Del button. With it, you may access BIOS.
  2. In the BIOS, look for the Internal pointing device configuration.
  3. Put that option on “enable.” Your touchpad would be turned off by disabling it and vice versa.
  4. Restart the computer after saving the modifications.
  5. After making these changes to your laptop’s setup, your mouse pointer ought to appear once again.

If the issue still hasn’t been resolved, go ahead and try out the next solution.

Disable Tablet Mode

A hybrid device’s mouse pointer is often disabled when in tablet mode. It changes to tablet mode when your keyboard is removed. In order to use the mouse again, you must turn off tablet mode. In a similar manner, reconnect your keyboard before restarting your computer to turn off tablet mode.

The following is how to turn off tablet mode:

  1. To begin, press Alt and F4. The dialogue window for shutdown appears.
  2. Now navigate to Restart using the down arrow key. Once there, click on Enter.
  3. Check to see whether the mouse pointer shows on your screen once you’ve finished restarting your device.

Hopefully, you will have found the perfect solution for your case by going through all the procedures explained. Now you can get back to using your mouse for more productivity and efficiency.


Why is my mouse pointer not showing?

Your mouse pointer may not be showing due to multiple reasons. The main cause could be outdated or corrupted drivers. Other reasons could be problems with your settings. You can easily have them fixed by going through this guide.

How to Bring the cursor back on my laptop?

The simplest way you can bring the cursor back on your laptop is by pressing fn+F3, fn+F5, fn+F9, and fn+F11. Using these keys, you should be able to recover your cursor.

Why is my mouse not working on my laptop, Windows 11?

There might be a number of reasons why your mouse pointer is hidden. Drivers that are out-of-date or damaged may be the major culprits. Other causes can include issues with your settings. By using this tutorial, you may quickly have them corrected.

How do I fix my cursor disappearing in Windows 11?

You can fix the cursor disappearance issue on Windows 11 through a number of fixes based on why you’re facing this error. Most commonly, updating your drivers can resolve this issue.

Other than that, changing various settings will help you get rid of the problem. TO find the best solution, check out the guide above, and you’ll get rid of the problem in no time.

Wrapping It Up

Although the mouse cursor disappearing issue might be frustrating as hell, it is only a minor problem and can be resolved with ease. Inappropriate settings and outdated drivers are the main cause, and making a few changes will help bring back your cursor.

This guide contains definitive fixes that are guaranteed to help resolve your issue. Follow each procedure carefully in a step-by-step manner to get the best results.

If the issue still persists, you can have a professional check it out, or maybe, there’s something wrong with your mouse. Hopefully, this article will have solved your mouse cursor disappearing problem. We wish you all the best.

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