How Much Is My PC Worth? Pricing PC Correctly

Building your own PC is an investment that, besides serving its basic purpose of doing your computer work, is likely to get you a payback some time later. There is always room in market for used items.

At some point, you might want to sell your PC or simply wonder its worth. Knowing the market resale value of any computer build can come in handy anytime. In this article, we will help you assess your PC’s worth and some things to consider in the process of putting it up for sale.


Reasons Why You Might Need to Know a PC’s Worth

Question regarding how much your PC would worth may pop up inside your head anytime. Sometimes you do intend to sell it for whatever reasons, other times you may only want to know whether is worth to sell your PC for a right price or is it better to use it yourself or maybe upgrade a little simply because it has got the potential. Now either the case, it is important to know what your PC actually would worth.

How much is my desktop PC worth? Pricing Your PC Correctly

While pricing your own computer, of course you don’t want to give it away for a price less than it deserves. Neither would you name a price that makes the buyers flinch.

Price Your PC the Right Way

Advancements in Technology have been continuously happening since ages now, and computers, too, are a part of it. Although mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets have replaced computers to some point (decreasing their price as well), but PCs are still used by people who are into heavy tasks like gaming, graphic designing, high-end video editing etc.

Each new advancement in Technology comes at a higher price, which is why people may prefer buying an old PC and then customize it as per their needs. Therefore, before your list your PC for sale, you must know what it would really worth. If you have customized your hardware over the time, it can greatly maximize your PC’s value.

Checking the Hardware Components

Some buyers might want to get your whole set of PC, others might only pick what they need and leave the rest. Therefore, the first thing you do is assess your PC’s specs.

Have a look at your hardware component, their overall age, how well the parts perform, how latest they are and it will help you set a good handsome price for your PC.

Since there is so much room for customization in PCs, your hardware build greatly affects the resale price. The more recent and latest your components are, the better the amount you are most likely to get. Also, take into consideration the overall age of your hardware, the physical condition, the performance level, prior usage level, and warranty status etc. before putting it up for sale.

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How Fast Does PC Hardware Depreciate?

Since Technology keeps coming up with new designs, upgraded features, the value of nearly anything decreases over time. Something that was popular and appreciated half a decade back, may not run the latest enhanced features as efficiently today. Therefore, of course what you paid for it back in the day, may not be anywhere close to its resale price today.

Hardware, too, depreciates over time. CPU capabilities and hard drive spaces keep increasing almost every other year, market gets flooded with upgraded graphic cards faster than any other component, RAM compatibility and other connectivity options are also put up for upgrading.

Given the list above and many other factors, the resale value of any hardware is more likely to decrease over time. For example, a Ti variant of any GPU is more likely to bring down the value of the non-Ti version of a graphic card. Similarly, when a higher RAM is launched, the price significantly increases and brings the former ones lower in value.

It is assumed that a typical PC goes down in by half the amount you paid for it. But also, some data shows that the hardware components are more likely to lose value by 10 percent with each passing year. Anyway, either the case, your PC may obsolete within a decade or so.

Besides, the usage level of your PC build also affects its resale price. The heavier its use, the lower its resale value goes. But the good news is that customizing your PC build can save you from losing a great amount. Even so that sometimes even the small, cheap upgrades can leave a remarkable, significant change on the resale price.

PC Worth Calculators

Before putting up your PC for sale, do check different PC worth Calculators available online that will help you determine a proper value for your build. Fill in your computers specs on websites like GadgetValue, PCPricer etc. to get an estimated value for your computer.

Appraise a Computer

Online tools may not always give you the desired information, therefore, it is always good to ask a local computer seller. Apart from using online calculators, ask around the market value of your hardware build and find your PC’s proper resale price. Compare your PC’s specs’ price value online on other websites such as ebay, Amazon etc as well.

Since computers built for high-performance tasks such as gaming, video editing, graphic designing and other such work are usually customized with better quality processors, high-performing graphic cards, more memory space, better motherboards, they can get you a higher price compared to a typical PC used for regular works.

When Is the Right Time to Sell Your PC?

First you must be completely sure about selling your PC because if you need it some time later, you definitely don’t want to regret selling it afterwards. When sure, you don’t need the PC or its components, it is best to sell them for what its worth as soon as possible, otherwise it will lose value over time.

You may keep it for some time only if there is a chance of your build or its components climbing up sale value. Sometimes when there’s a potential shortage, things are possibly likely to be sold for a higher price. But it rarely happens in the computers world, therefore, it is best to make a good amount for it as soon as possible.

Based on the information above, assess your computer and its hardware components and do let us know below in the comments.

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