Best Dual WAN Router For Small Businesses In 2024

The internet has become a necessity. Without a stable internet connection, everyone fails to get through with their day-to-day tasks due to the modern world’s immense dependency on the World Wide Web.

Every device today, ranging from our computers and smartphones to temperature system and home appliances are connected to the internet in some way or the other to enhance their functionality.

dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi router

In today’s modern world, the time without the internet is the time wasted by businesses and individuals.

The individuals might find a way around the downtime, but businesses, on the other hand, can suffer an immense loss due to prolonger downtime, which is why they need to invest in multiple internet connections from different Internet Service Providers to ensure that they stay connected to the internet at all times.

But the question is, since a business is getting two or more internet connections, does it need to also invest in multiple routers? Wouldn’t that double the cost?

Of course, it will, which is why instead of investing in multiple routers, you need a dual WAN router that allows you to run two different connections through the same wireless signal to ensure 100% reliable and working connectivity. If you are into gaming check these gaming modem also.


What is a Dual-WAN Router?

Most people often tend to question, what is a dual WAN router? As the name suggests, it is a special type of router equipped with technology that allows it to run two different WAN networks at a time. Now, WAN stands for Wide Area network. It is the internet connection that your service provider provides you with.

A dual WAN router allows you to have two different internet connections from two different service providers connected to a signal router, which then translates the radio signal into a wireless signal to create a WAN and allow you other devices to connect to the internet wirelessly.

Best Dual WAN Routers List

Do you need one for your business? Luckily, you have landed at the right spot because we are going to be reviewing the best dual-WAN routers in the market.

1. Ubiquiti Networks Router

3-port Router For business
BrandUbiquiti Networks
Frequency Band ClassSingle-Band
Wireless Type802.11n
Number of Ports4

The Ubiquiti Networks Router is a multi-WAN router that comes with three Gigabit routing ports that allow you to connect three different IPS to the router to enjoy diverse connections at all times.

The router is capable of routing one million packets per second, which means that you get to enjoy a fast and reliable internet connection at all times.

Overall, the router comes with a durable metal casing, which is not only secure and damage-proof but also lets out the excess heat through the vents to give a fan-less and noiseless working environment to you. But remember that it doesn’t come with in-built Wi-Fi, so you will have to invest in Wi-Fi antennas separately in order to develop a wireless connection.

Best Dual-WAN Router Reviews
Frequency Band ClassSingle-Band
Data Transfer Rate150 Mb/Sec
Number of Ports4

Peplink Balance 20 Dual-WAN Router is a highly advanced and optimized router for businesses looking to keep an eye on their employees’ internet usage and regulate the traffic.

The router comes with dual-WAN technology, which provides you with an automatic failover mechanism and enhances the overall speed, reliability, and performance of the internet connection.

Other than that, the router gives your complete control over your connection. You can adjust the bandwidth speed, WAN connections, firewall settings, and PoE through configuration values. You can also track all the URLs, block them, and route the traffic on a priority basis.

3. Linksys Business Dual WAN Gigabit VPN Router

Business Dual WAN VPN Router
Frequency Band ClassSingle-Band
Data Transfer Rate110 Mb/Sec
Number of Ports6

The Linksys Business Dual WAN Gigabit VPN Router is one of the best routers in the market for organizations looking for a device that is packed with a wide range of advanced features to meet their needs. The router comes with dual-WAN ports, either working with the failover mode or the load balancing mode.

Not only that, but it also comes with a built-in firewall that helps keep the security levels up and prevent hackers from getting into your network.

Furthermore, it also comes with an easy setup VPN connection, which allows your employees to connect to it via their personal devices. You can also filter the URL to administer the traffic and keep an eye on your employees’ usage.

4. Zyxel ZyWALL (USG) UTM Firewall Router

Best WAN Router For Business
Frequency Band ClassDual-Band
Wireless Type802.11a/b/g/n
Number of Ports4

The Zyxel ZyWALL (USG) UTM Firewall Router is a comprehensive suite with updated technology and security features that make it well-suited for small offices and homes looking for a dual-network.

The router comes with 5 Ethernet Gigabyte ports, up to 10 devices connectivity option, and a fast speed of 100 Mbps over the VPN, 400 Mbps over the FW, and 50 Mbps for the UTM sessions for up to 50,000 times.

The good thing is that the router comes with integrated antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spam, content filtering, intrusion detection, and next-generation application intelligence from Kaspersky, TrendMicro, and other industry leaders that ensure a high-level of security and safety of the connection.

Also, with the 20 IPSec Tunnels and 5 SSL Upgradable to 15, one can enjoy a secure ad robust VPN connection site to site.

5. Synology RT2600ac Wi-Fi router

dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi router
Frequency Band ClassDual-Band
Wireless Type802.11ac
Frequency5 GHz

If you are looking for a device that comes with built-in Wi-Fi and saves you the extra trouble, then we suggest that you go with the Synology RT2600ac Wi-Fi router. It is packed with a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, which allows it to run fast and cover the area of 3,000 square feet, making it best suited for large organizations looking for a one-time investment.

The router is equipped with powerful 4×4 802.11ac wave two radios with MU-MIMO to deliver up to 2.53 GHz of wireless speed and keep your devices running all throughout the day.

With the dual-WAN technology, it delivers both failover and balancing mode to provide optimum support and easy transition between the networks without affecting the range’s speed.

6. Cisco Systems Gigabit VPN Router

Cisco Gigabit VPN Router Review
ConnectionsEthernet, Wired, USB
Operating SystemCisco IOS
Support Bluetooth802.11a/b/g/n
Number of Ports4

The Cisco Systems Gigabit VPN Router is a highly advanced 14 port router that is equipped with high-end premium features that enhance not only its performance but also its reliability, speed, and connectivity aspects. The router comes with an SPI firewall, which is paired with hardware encryption that provides high-end security and keeps the hackers out of your systems.

Also, to enhance its functionality, it is packed with connecting technology that allows you to connect employees at multiple locations to a single network using the in-built router’s VPN. You can also manage large data files using the USB ports, which suggest 3G and 4G modems to enhanced performance.

7. Draytek Vigor 2926

Draytek Vigor 2926 Review
ConnectionsEthernet, Wired, USB
Frequency230 MHz
Support Bluetooth802.11a/b/g/n
Built-in Storage128 MB

Draytek Vigor 2926 is a highly technical dual-wan router that is designed to provide the users with maximum performance by maintaining the connection and enhancing the speed and reliability. The dual-connection technology delivers features such as balancing, failover, centralized management portal, and flexible LAN management system.

The unique and stylish design of the router helps it stand out from the others on the list. It comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB ports, and a single Gigabit LAN1 port. It comes with a powerful processor with a clock speed of 230 MHz and in-built storage of 128 MB. With the several ventilation cuts in the design, you can expect this router to run smoothly all throughout the day.

8. Mikrotik CCR1009 Cloud Core Router 

Best Router whith Passive Cooling
Operating SystemRouterOS
Data Transfer Rate100 Mb/sec
Voltage24 Volts

Mikrotik CCR1009 Cloud Core Routers is a highly customizable and flexible router designed by MikroTik, which is a popular networking company known for its products in the enterprise market. The router is packed with technologically advanced features to meet the needs of small to medium businesses.

The router comes with dual-WAN technology that provides you with the bandwidth balancing and failover mode to manage your ISP. This model also comes without switch chips, which allow the Ethernet ports to work individually and connect directly to the CPU for a fast and more reliable connection.

Benefits and Uses of Multi-Wan Routers

When talking about dual WAN routers, you must wonder what benefits the equipment has to offer compared to a signal WAN router. Questions like, why should I invest in it, what uses and benefits it has to offer, or whether it is worth the investment or not might be an uprising in your mind.

Well, for starters, there is a reason dual WAN routers are becoming popular among both businesses and homeowners. Rationally speaking, it is for sure because they have a number of benefits to offer, which makes them worth the investment.

For instance, their main purpose is to allow you to run two different internet connections at a time via the same router. This means you will have one signal, but you can connect to either of the ISP and enjoy access to the internet.

Other than that, the advanced dual WAN routers come with a uniform balance handling mechanism as well. This means that they even use the bandwidth provided by both the ISP to ensure that you don’t run out of one in case the other one stops working due to maintenance issues from the ISP side.

It also comes with a network redundancy feature, which means that in case your one WAN link fails, you will still have access to the network using the second WAN link, which will keep you connected until the first WAN is operation again. One device, two services! Cool, right?

Most business owners think since setting up a dual WAN router is quite a complex task, so why not invest in two individual routers and have a different internet connection plugged in them. That would work, but that would require double the maintenance and, of course, double the initial buying or renting cost for your business to afford.

Investing in a dual WAN router allows you to minimize your cost, and maintenance to a signal device is save hundreds of dollars.

Overall, investing in dual WAN routers increase your internet reliability, speed, security, and load balancing. In short, it simply enhances the performance of the router and gives it superpowers. So get yours now and enjoy uninterrupted access to the internet at all times.


1. How dual WAN router works?

Dual WAN routers work in two different ways. The first mode is known as failover. This means that you will have two ISP connected to the router, and when one fails, the other jumps in to save the way. In short, it acts as the backup.

The second mode is called the load balancing mode. In this mode, both the connections are used simultaneously based on the channel to bandwidth ratio to run side by side at the same time.

2. What is a Dual-WAN Router?

As the name suggests, a dual WAN router is a device that comes with two WAN ports that allow you to connect two different internet connections from two different ISP to your router. This ensures load balancing, fast, and reliable internet connection. In case one WAN goes down, the other steps in as a backup to provide uninterrupted experience.

3. How do I connect two WAN routers?

 To connect two WAN routers, you need two Ethernet cables. Take the first Ethernet cable and plug on the end to the LAN port and the other to the first router. Now, take the second Ethernet cable and plug the LAN end in the port on the first router and the second end of the cable to the WAN port of the second router. This will allow you to build a LAN to WAN network using two routers.

4. Is WAN faster than LAN?

The reliability and speed of the WAN depend on the WAN service used, whereas the LAN depends on the router. Therefore, if you compare the transportation of the data packet between the two, then LAN is faster than WAN since it comes with a shorter distance and enhanced reliability.

5. What is dual-WAN load balancing?

Dual-WAN load balancing is a mechanism set in place within the dual WAN routers, which allow them to utilize bandwidth from the two WAN connections based on a specific channel to bandwidth ratio. It means that it runs both the connections simultaneously and avoids overloading on a single connection to enhance the performance and speed.

Final Words

Investing in a dual WAN router for your business or home allows you to stay connected with the internet even if one of your ISP goes down. Some businesses might not be affected by the downtime, but if you are an online business, a marketing agency, or a multi-service firm, then you can’t depend on one internet connection to provide its service 24/7.

So getting two would help prevent downtime and the financial loss caused to the business because of it. So choose the one that best suits your needs and get it right away to enjoy fast, reliable, and advanced internet connection.

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