10 Best Laptop Locks in 2024 [Buying Guide]

Anything that you buy, the first thing that comes into your mind is the safety of that property. Same is the case with electronic gadgets whether they are smartphones or laptops. You don’t want your laptop to be stolen at a café or at your workplace that contains all of your important and private data. You have to make sure that your laptop is safe and secure.

Most of the people carry laptops with themselves anywhere they go whether that are business meetings or family trips because laptops are very portable, carrying a laptop to busy places means more chances of it stolen.

To keep your laptop safe from thieves, we recommend you to buy a suitable laptop cable lock for it. Most of the people would think that using a laptop lock is a bit weird but it is the only way to keep your property and data safe.


Best locks for laptops

These security cable lock compatible for laptops, iMac & other Devices. Have a look and choose your best pick.

1. Kensington Cable Lock for Laptops

Kensington Laptop Lock Review
  • Keyless 4-wheel combination
  • Attaches to laptops, desktops, TVs
  • Warranty for 2 years
  • Cable: 6 ft. long

The Kensington Combination Cable Lock is a super tough laptop lock that ensures to keep your laptop safe and secure. If you’re worried about your laptop being stolen at your workplace or any other public place, this laptop cable lock is the perfect gadget for you. Its six-foot sturdy cable and a keyless 4-wheel combination with up to 10,000 combinations provide maximum protection. 

You’ll be surprised to know that this gadget can lock more devices than just your laptop; it works with desktop TVs, monitors, docking stations, hard drives and other portable devices.

Its keyless 4-wheel combination locking system makes it an excellent choice for people who worry about losing their keys and its 10,000 combinations makes it impossible for thieves to guess your combination.

This laptop lock may not be compatible with devices released in 2016 or newer. Make sure to check its compatibility with your device before purchasing it.

2. AboveTek Portable Laptop Lock

Computer Monitor And Mac Book Laptop
  • Keyed Lock (2 Keys Included)
  • 2 Anchor Plates With 3M Adhesive
  • Extremely durable & cut-resistant Cable
  • High quality stainless steel lock
  • Anti Theft Hardware Protection

The AboveTekNotebook Laptop Lock is another keyed combination lock with up to 6-foot cable and more than 10,000 combinations making its place to our list of laptop locks. Its super strong 6-foot cable is impossible to cut and provides maximum protection for your laptop or any other device.

Mostly compatible with iPad, MacBook and other tablets. The tablets or laptops you want to keep safe with this lock should feature the security slot otherwise it won’t work.

Its keyless combination feature makes it a top priority for those people who are scared of losing their keys. Moreover, its 10,000 combinations make it impossible for others to open the lock.

The manufacturer of this laptop lock offers different sizes of gaskets with this lock. If the gap between the computer keyhole and lock head does not fit with your gasket, you can choose a gasket of a suitable thickness.

3. I3C Laptop Computer Lock

Lock for iPad Tablet Laptop MacBook
  • Lock For All Notebooks and Tablets
  • For all laptops that have Kensington slot
  • Super strong stainless steel Head Lock
  • Rotated in 360 degree
  • length of 6.5ft
  • 2 unique metal Key

The I3C Laptop Computer Lock is another outstanding lock that has made our list because of its excellent features. It features a 6.5 foot super strong cable that is cut resistant, in addition to that, the lock head is made of stainless steel that ensures maximum safety of your gadgets. It does not feature a keyless unlocking system; you’ll need to unlock it with the help of a key.

The anchor plate of this lock makes it compatible with all the tablets and smartphones. You can easily lock a device with the help of anchor plate. This excellent lock is also compatible with every laptop, its standard Kensington lock can fit in every laptop that features a Kensington lock.

Its compatibility with all tablets and laptops makes it an excellent choice for users around the world. If your laptop or tablet does not feature the standard Kensington lock, you simply need to attach the anchor plate to your device and the other end around an immovable object.

4. RUBAN Security Cable (PC/Laptop) Lock

Security Cable PC & Laptop
  • 6.2 Feet Universal Security Cable
  • Best For slot size of 0.28″ * 0.12″
  • 18 months warranty
  • Works with most notebooks, desktops
  • Affordable computer lock

The RUBAN Notebook Lock and Security Cable is another excellent and strong laptop lock. Its 6.2-foot sturdy cable is tremendously strong and cut resistant providing maximum security. It does not feature a keyless combination locking system; it comes with two lock keys that’ll help you unlock the lock.

Compatible with most of the laptops, desktops, and notebooks that come with standard security slots. This laptop lock also works with your device if the size of its security slot is 0.28”*0.12”.

The first thing you should do is to check the compatibility of this lock with your laptop because it is not compatible with Dell 2016 and newer models. It is also not compatible with some of the HP, Lenovo, Apple and Acer models.

If your device is not compatible with this laptop lock, you can simply buy another laptop lock that comes with a glue-on locking mount to give you the security you need.

5. Maclocks Security Keyed Lock for MacBook Air

Security Laptop Lock For MacbookAir
  • Security cable lock adapter for MacBook Air
  • Constructed of stainless steel
  • Features Keylock; Cable length – 6 feet
  • Security Lock Slot Adapter & Key Lock for MacBook Air
  • Not Compatible with the Non-Touch Bar Models

The Maclocks MBALDGZ01KL Laptop Lock is especially to keep your MacBook Air safe from being stolen. This laptop lock is probably the smallest lock you’ve ever seen. It features a sturdy cable of 6ft that is super strong and its lock head is made up of stainless steel that provides maximum security.

This strong and well-built lock is the perfect laptop lock for your posh MacBook Air. It does not feature a keyless unlocking system; you need to unlock it with a key. This laptop lock is so well-built and ultra-lightweight that it can even fit in your pocket. This lock ensures maximum security and does not alter any functionality of your MacBook Air.

6. Kensington Desktop Computer Locking Kit

Computer and Peripherals Locking Kit
  • Desktop computer locking kit
  • 8’ cut-resistant, high-carbon steel cable
  • Cable trap secures a wired keyboard and mouse
  • Patented Hidden Pin Technology
  • Multi-Piece Security
  • 2 Year Warranty

The Kensington K64615US is the perfect lock for your laptops, TVs, monitors, computers, and even its peripherals. It features an outstanding 8-foot super-strong and cut-resistant cable that promises maximum protection for your gadgets.

The 8-foot cable is made up of carbon steel that is further covered in a protective sleeve making it impossible to even damage it. Its sturdy cable features two adapters that protect your devices while the traps that can be used to secure a wired mouse or keyboard.

This lock is compatible with those devices that feature the standard Kensington security slot. Even if your device does not feature the standard security slot, the anchor plate of this lock sticks to any flat surface of your device to keep it safe. The lock head is tested to be super strong and impossible to tamper with.

It features patented hidden pin technology that makes sure that the tubular lock cannot be tampered by thieves.

7. Kensington Desk Mount Cable Locks

Desk Mount Cable Lock
  • Desk Mount Cable Lock
  • Works on Any Surface
  • Built-in Kensington Security Slot
  • Secure anchor to any work surface

The Kensington Laptop lock is possibly the best gadget for those people who are in need of some safety measures in their workplace.  If you’re worried about your laptop being stolen at your workplace, this steel constructed cable lock will provide the protection you need. It works with any device that features a standard Kensington security slot.

Furthermore, the Desk mount anchor attaches to any surface making it more convenient for you. Its steel construction ensures that it is cut-resistant and not tampered with.

It features a built-in Kensington security slot which means it is compatible with every device that has a standard Kensington security slot. You can easily attach the desk mount cable anchor with the 2 one-way security screws, but if screwing is not an option at your workplace, then you can use the super sturdy industrial mounting tape. Its full street construction and tamper-resistant features make it one of the best and suitable laptop locks for your gadgets.

8. Kensington Universal AC Lock & Charge Station

Laptop AC Lock & Charge Station
  • Universal Tablet and Laptop AC Lock
  • Charge up to 12 AC-powered devices 
  • Kensington keyed cable locks for Device protection
  • Built-in Cable Management System
  • Adjustable Slot Dividers
  • 1 year and lifetime technical support

The Kensington Laptop Lock and Charge Station is one of my favorite gadgets on this list. This device not only protects your laptop or tablet but charges it too. It is capable of charging up to 12 AC-powered devices that include MacBook, iPad, Chromebook, and much more.

The security door on the front ensures to keep your devices safe and can be unlocked using keys. It features the standard Kensington keyed cable locks. It is made up of an excellent and strong metal frame that is capable of bearing the daily demands of an employee.

This gadget is probably my favorite too because it can store and charge your devices at the same time which is quite handy for people who like to work on the go. The metal frame offers 12 well-spaced outlets that protect the cage from voltage spikes. The cable management inside the cage is also very well managed to avoid disorder.

How to use a Laptop Lock

As we discussed earlier, laptop locks are the only way to keep your device and sensitive data safe. The laptop locks are very similar to physical locks or bicycle locks. All you need to do is simply insert the universal lock of your laptop and you’re good to go.

This laptop lock turns your portable gadget into an immovable object. You need to insert one end into the security slot of your laptop and wrap the other end around an immovable or heavy object. This will help you protect your laptop from being stolen.

The first thing that you need to make sure before buying a laptop lock is the compatibility of the lock with your laptop. You need to check the sides or back of the laptop for the universal security slot. It may show some similarity to a headphone jack.

The universal security slot or hole also has a symbol of the lock next to it so you can easily figure it out. Make sure that the USS is compatible with the lock that you’re trying to buy or your money goes in vain.

Now that you’ve brought a laptop cable lock, try it out in your home to see how it works. Wrap the metal chain of the lock around a heavy object that is difficult to move, now insert the laptop lock through the chain to form a loop and insert the other end of the lock into the universal security slot of your laptop. Your laptop is now safe and secure.

There are two types of laptop locks; a key unlocking lock and a punching key or numerical numbers lock. The key unlocking system lock is easy to use; you can easily unlock the laptop lock with the help of a key. The other laptop-lock can be unlocked using the combination of numbers that you’ve chosen.

In our opinion, the second laptop lock is more secure because it is almost impossible for others to guess your combination and you don’t need to worry about losing your laptop lock key.

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