Best Water Cooling Kits For Overclocking in 2024 [Guide]

A water cooling kit is an All-in-One gadget that makes sure to reduce the temperature of your PC and ensure maximum performance; these kits are perfect for overclockers and severe gaming enthusiasts. These water cooling kits come with all the hardware that you’re going to need to connect to your CPU; it also has additional tubes for your other hardware like an aftermarket graphics card or other stuff.

Before buying a water cooling kit, make sure to check its compatibility with your system, although most of the kits are compatible with almost every CPU. Suppose you’re buying a water cooling kit for the first time. In that case, it can be very overwhelming because introducing water or other liquid-based cooling systems to your system is hazardous.

Cooling kits that come with low-quality hardware increase the chances of a leak in the CPU, which can be horrible. You will need to make sure that you’re buying the most excellent water cooling kit that comes with all the necessary high-quality compatible hardware.

For that purpose, our team has spent several hours on the internet to find the best water cooling kits available in the market, that too at reasonable prices offering more value for money. We have spared you from spending several hours or even days just to find the perfect water cooling kit.


Water Cooling Kits List

Here are some of the finest water cooling kits that you can buy; these kits are trustworthy, and the equipment is premium, so you don’t need to worry about leaks or other disasters in your cooling setup.

1. Corsair Hydro XH305i

Best  Water Cooling Kit
Cooling MethodWater, Fan
Compatible DevicesDesktop
Noise Level40 dB

The Corsair Hydro X series XH305i water cooling kit is one of our favorite kits because it comes with everything you need to build your own cooling system. This custom cooling kit comes with more than 10 items that contain 3 QL120 RGB fans, RGB CPU water block, XD5 Pump Reservoir, XR5 360mm Radiator, tubes, and cords, and all the material and tools that you’re going to need to assemble this premium water cooling kit. 

The RGB CPU water block comprises nickel-plated copper and 70 extremely efficient micro cooling fins that keep the temperature down. The 3 QL120 RGB fans feature 34 RGB LEDs that create exciting lighting and effects with exceptionally efficient cooling.

The Corsair XH305i offers an excellent cooling performance that too with a hushed operation; the Corsair iCUE software lets you easily control your cooling loop. It can also intelligently adjust the fan speeds according to your system’s thermals and also customize the RGB lighting effects for the different parts.

The radiator, pump reservoir, CPU water block, and almost every included part are made up of premium quality stuff that offers excellent cooling performance with no worries of leaks or any other disasters. 

Corsair has really worked hard to produce this beautiful and excellent water cooling kit; it makes sure to offer an outstanding performance that too in a very reasonable price. This kit also comes with a 3-year warranty on the radiator, block, pump and a 2-year warranty on the fittings, tubing, and coolants.  It is basically one of the best water cooling kits that offers a reasonable warranty time on its parts too.

2. Thermaltake Pacific C360

PETG Hard Tube Water Cooling Kit
Voltage5 Volts
Cooling MethodWater
Compatible DevicesDesktop

The Thermaltake Pacific C360 is another brilliant water cooling kit on our list that provides excellent cooling performance with easy-to-handle features. The C360 is compatible with Thermaltake’s RGB PLUS software, Alexa and Razer Chroma, where you can easily control your fan and pump speeds.

This water cooling kit comes with all the stuff you’re going to need to assemble, except the bending kit and heat gun. You will need to buy these two products separately to assemble your cooling kit. All the necessary items are made out of high-quality material, ensuring maximum performance with no chances of a setback. 

Some of the mentionable items in the C360 are; a 360mm radiator, CPU block, 3 ARGB Pure 12 fans, 1 liter of T1000 coolant, and other helpful stuff required to assemble the cooling loop. Previously, Thermaltake used to pick aluminum-zinc alloy for their radiator material which was not so efficient. Still, the C360 comes with a copper radiator and a copper CPU water block, ensuring no galvanic corrosion and much better performance. 

The Thermaltake C360 features 3 Pure 12 ARGB Sync fans that feature 9 super-airflow fan blades and a 16.8m color LED ring, giving an aesthetic vibe.  It also comes with the T1000 transparent coolant, a premixed solution that ensures outstanding heat transfer and protection against corrosion.

Overall, the Thermaltake Pacific C360 is an excellent water cooling kit that offers an exceptional cooling capability with vibrant RGB LEDs all over the loop. This cooling kit is perfect for gaming enthusiasts who prefer both cooling and aesthetics for their CPUs. Just make sure to buy a heat gun and a bending kit before purchasing this product because Thermaltake chose not to include these two items in their cooling kit.

3. EKWB EK-Quantum Power P360

Power 360 Water Cooling Kit
Cooling MethodWater
Maximum Rotational Speed2200 RPM

The EKWB Quantum Power P360 is one of our favorite and probably one of the best and premium water cooling kits available in the market. The items included in the box are made out of extremely high-quality material that offers stunning aesthetics and exceptional performance.

Although the price tag may repel most customers, we have to make it clear that the price tag is worth it. The outstanding performance, high-quality material, and aesthetics are really worth the money because you won’t find another cooling kit like this out there in the market.  

Some of the mentionable items in the cooling kit are; a Universal CPU block, a huge PE 360 radiator, 3 radiator fans with up to 500-2200rpm, 1 Water pump-reservoir combo, and several other helpful stuff to build your cooling loop.

The CPU water block, radiator, fans, and almost every item is made out of extremely high-quality material that ensures maximum heat dissipation and offer excellent performance for overclockers and serious gaming fans. The 3 radiator fans are exclusively designed with high-density fins which feature high-static pressure, which means that these fans will push more air into your radiator, that too very efficiently. 

The high-quality Quantum pump and reservoir combo feature a fully rounded design allowing installation practically anywhere within a 360-degree rotation. The P360 also comes with a 100ml EK-CryoFuel clear concentrate that needs to be mixed with water that prevents any residue in the cooling loop. 

It also comes with its own Dye pack, allowing users to transform their transparent coolant into personalized colors. A 2-meter tubing and several fittings, and other useful stuff are included in the box, so you don’t need to buy separate stuff to assemble the cooling loop. Overall, the design, performance, and quality are definitely worth the price tag, and this is probably one of the best cooling kits in the market.

4. CoolerMaster MasterLiquid Maker 240

Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler
BrandCooler Master
Cooling MethodWater
Compatible DevicesDesktop
Noise Level27 dB
Air Flow Capacity60.95 Cubic Feet Per Minute

Last but not least, the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid Maker 240 is another excellent liquid cooling kit that has made our list of best water cooling kits. CoolerMaster is known for its superb cooling kits, and this liquid cooling kit is the best example of it. It features a copper CPU block that produces powerful pressure for the liquid, getting rid of all the hot spots in the cooler. 

It also comes with a 240mm copper radiator that can be placed in most CPUs because of its compact size and offers exceptional performance. Moreover, the two 120mm MasterFan Pro RGB fans with modern negative-noise technology and ultra-low noise pump enable you to enjoy your gaming experience with extremely low disturbance.

The CoolerMaster 240 is probably one of the most silent cooling kits available on the market. Its exceptional performance also outperforms most of the liquid cooling kits in its price range.

A premium coolant by CoolerMaster is also included in the box that makes sure to dissipate all the heat, offer maximum performance and prevent any corrosion in the cooling loop. We didn’t like the coolant because it only comes in one color, i.e., pink, which does not blend with most of the CPUs.

You will also get a compact RGB LED controller out of the box that enables you easily control and adjust your RGB devices without the need of opening RGB software. 

Although the price range may not be that much low, its exceptional performance and excellent design make sure that your money does not go down the drain. You will be getting one of the best liquid cooling kits in the market.

Water Cooling Kit Buyer’s Guide

Buying a water cooling kit isn’t that easy as you will expect it to be; there are several things you need to keep in mind before buying a cooling kit. You can’t just buy a random kit, fit it in your CPU, and assume that everything will be fine.

Water Cooling Kit for overclocking Guide

First of all, water cooling kits aren’t that cheap, so it is better to do proper research and find the best kit for yourself that is worth the money spent. You need to check the items included in the box because most companies try to take out some things and try to sell them separately; make sure to buy a kit that offers every item that you’re going to need to assemble your cooling loop. Let’s see some of the things that you should consider before buying a water cooling kit.

How much are you willing to spend?

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that water cooling kits are not cheap; these kits contain items that are solely worth a lot of bucks. In our opinion, if your budget is high, try to spend more money and buy a high-end cooling kit because that’s going to help you a lot while you’re gaming or overclocking.

If you’re trying to save some bucks and opt to choose a lower-tier cooling kit, it may do the job, but you might risk your whole system with leaks and cracks because of poor-quality tubes and other items. 

So make sure to buy a water cooling kit that is not only cheap but also features high-quality items that you’re going to install in your CPU.

Availability of Items

As I mentioned earlier, most companies tend to take out an item or two from their cooling kit and sell it separately. When you’re looking for a new water cooling kit, you will notice that some of the kits lack a few necessary items required to build the loop. If you choose the best cooling kit for yourself but lack some essential items, you can buy those required items separately and complete the necessary items.

Some items may be more important for your loop, while some items may not be that much essential, it is entirely up to you which items you want to buy and which items you want to leave behind.

Sizes of the items

Another thing that you need to consider before buying a water cooling kit is the sizes of the items that are included in the box. Items like a radiator or a reservoir are very critical for your cooling loop; if the sizes of these items are not matching your demands, then you’re not spending money in the right place.

Make sure to choose those cooling kits whose radiator and reservoir sizes fit your requirements. Even if you buy a cooling kit whose items do not match the demands of your CPU, you can easily buy a better version of that product and add it to your cooling loop.


Which water cooling kit is the best?

The Thermaltake Pacific M360 Plus is the best water cooling kit.

Is Water Cooling worth it?

Ans: Water cooling kits were trendy back in the day because it is the best way to keep the temperature down, but with air coolers and All-in-One units releasing day-by-day, the water cooling kits aren’t cool anymore, pun intended.

Do you have to refill liquid cooling?

Ans: Yes, liquid coolers that you assembled from parts are needed to be refilled every six months, even though most of the coolants can last up to 10 months, but it is recommended to check every 6 months so that you don’t damage your loop. The AIO coolers, also known as the All-in-One cooling solution that already comes assembled from the company, do not need to be refilled.

Is Liquid Cooling better than air cooling?

Ans: Yes, liquid cooling is definitely better than air cooling. Although custom liquid cooling kits need a lot of time and energy to assemble, while AIOs are ready-to-go. But, a clean liquid cooling kit is always much superior and efficient than air cooling kits.


We have talked about different water/liquid cooling kits, and these are some of the best kits available out there in the market that offers more value for money. We have spent several hours finding these water cooling kits for you, so you don’t need to waste your time or fall into a scam.

All of the above water cooling kits offer exceptional performance, elegant designs, and an overall reasonable price. The items are made out of premium quality material, so you don’t need to worry about any breakage or leaks in the cooling loop.

We can’t decide which cooling kit is the best option because we don’t know anything about your CPU. You need to check the compatibility, price, and sizes of the items included in the cooling kits, and then check the space available in your CPU; pick the cooling kit that can be placed easily in your CPU so you don’t mess up the whole computer. 

You can buy any of the above cooling kits, and we promise you that we won’t let you down.

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